Friday, May 22, 2015

Big Shot Rahm and His Chicago Media Purse Puppies Deflect Failure on City Workers

“The video, I think, is there for all to see and make a judgment. … Rahm Emanuel on dozing cop video
Like every bully, sneak and politician, Rahm offers "BUT" with this ". . .You have to look at what the men and women in uniform throughout the city do all day" in order to smear and avoid a subsequent and well-earned ass-kicking from his betters. You know, weasel words.

Rahm Emanuel is a nasty little man, but a Big Shot.  A Big Shot is an inflated ego supported by sycophants and opportunists.  The opportunists will keep the video alive for a week or so, beefed up with bitchy commentary from the likes Mike Flannery, Dane Placko, Chuck Goudie and Carol Marin and sauced with threats to ruin the life of the man in the squad car who closed is eyes. That's the Chicago Way!

Kill the working stiff and make sure that Big Shots stiff us all.  Rahm is a Big Shot and change.

He is also the Mayor of the Cty of Chicago who promised one, all and sundry that he has learned his lessons and will no longer be a nasty little man and a Big Shot.  That was re-call election days and  night. When night passed, and he rubbed the sleep from his dark-rimmed eyes, his feet hit the floor and he strutted to City Hall the same nasty little man and Big Shot we all know him to be. The problem is that the City of Chicago's sophisticated finances are all over the rails.

So, when some cell-phone equipped citizen caught a Five-O dozing in his squad, Rahm had a golden opportunity to deflect outrage at another city worker, instead of doing his job. The pure gold of this opportunity lies in the fact that the police officer is white.

Rahm, like all good Progressives. detests working people.  Working people are Subjects, or Predicate Nominatives used as rhetorical devices, only.

Working people are The Masses, toilers, breadwinners, hard hats, rank and filers who populate neighborhoods and pay taxes used in and for communities where employment is about as common as the White Rhino - the animal, not Senator MARQUE KIRQUE.

Taking a page from the Richard M. Daley playbook, written for that particular  rare reader at the University of Chicago in the mid-1990's, working stiffs, hirelings, boyhood friends, breeders and unevolved Raoman Catholics. became the meat tossed to Chicago's toothlees media lions.

The minute Rahm appointed career gifter and job hopping milquetoast Forrest Claypool to run Chicago's buses and trains, that worthy told Chicago that its transit problems had to do with CTA employees taking a break to urinate.

Amalgamated Transit Workers Local 308 President Robert Kelly fought back and embarrassed the onion-skinned mayor and his stooge at the CTA.  Immediately, the nasty little man and Big Shot and his career grifter stooge from moss-back Illinois began a campaign to vilify Kelly - a working man.

They brought in no less a loud mouth than Pastor Pfleger and and old Black Panther Bobby Rush to paint Kelly as a racist, over paid white devil who hated children and recently released convicted youth.

With Chicago's soaring homicides, why blame it on a dozing cop?

Idiot media creatures make political hay off of stories that expose the hiring of a labor leaders kid, a napping cop, a Streets and San plumber getting paid overtime, or a meter reader fudging her ticket books.  Soon they find themselves appointed to political postings, or Government Watchdog leadership.

Chicago is blessed with hard-working investigative journalists, but they always seem to be harnessed with a Carol Marin, Dane Placko, or Chuck Goudie in the story's travois, which drags no further than where the Big Shots want it to land.

When Chicagoans toss the Tribune and the Sun Times, turn off ABC, NBC, CBS, WTTW and start taking the plight of our City very seriously and talk to cops, firemen, City Workers about the realities of our wasted talents and treasure, then it might be time to empty City, County and State government of the looters, the leaches and the Big Shots.

Until then, . . .boy how about those Cubbies? . . .can't wait to get my Riot Fest tickets . . .sweet!

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