Friday, November 08, 2013

The Loud and Stupid Have Had the Floor Far Too Long - Dan Savage e.g.

 Overdue. Had to be done.

We have been far too nice to the people who make time stand-still: the vacuous, lite-enlightened, shifty, greedy, egomanical and the just plain too-stupid to be Governor.  Good manners and spineless moral dictates developed by ninnies with far too much time their hands preclude the time honored retort of  " What is wrong with you?  Just How Goddam Stupid Are You?  For Crissakes, You Just Can Not Shut up!  Now, have your opinions follow your ass out of here!" following any uncommonly stupid proposition or pronouncement (see any Editorial in any newspaper in Chicago, or catch Chicago Tonight on WTTW).

These dominating ideas used to come only from hopeless drunks after some cash windfall, any recently hired faculty member with a grudge about Homecomings, public librarians, Elks and Hyde Park indigents seeking unrestricted admission to the Newberry Library.

Now days,  this field of shameless edgy opinion contrarians crowds and dominates our inkspace, cyberspace, wirewaves and  legislatures.

Take for example this celebrated and  accomplished asshole -advice columnist, playwright, activist, arse-burglar and bullying  lecturer Dan Savage:

All wax and no wick.

Then we have this financially comfortable, mildly educated and spiritually bankrupt couple from Texas:

Two pacifists out of necessity in the battle of wits

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