Tuesday, January 12, 2010

McCain Goats Palin: McCain Lost the Election Because He Quit

I went bollocks to the bulwark for John McCain starting in the Spring of 2007, through his summer of discontent, into the Primaries and all the way to the election of Barack Obama. Barack Obama ran a disciplined and masterful campaign and really wanted to win.

Barack Obama won the Presidency and John McCain quit the race on Sept 19th 2008. He quit on TV. He was being asked about the collapse of the American Economy, when all the Maverick wanted to talk about was "Service before Self."

Sarah Palin was fighting to win. John McCain, the man that Commies could not torture and make him go home early and abandon his Mates in the Hanoi Hilton, spit out the bit.

My daughter won the race in the 3rd Congressional District as a McCain Delegate. I wrote many articles and hundreds of Blog posts. I made Speeches for John McCain. Rang doorbells; stuffed mailboxes in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. I was glad to do so - until the last few days.

John McCain has allowed his Campaign to smear Sarah Palin.

If John McCain's Campaign ( Steve Schmidt et al) had done one tenth of the Black Bag work on Barack Obama that they have been doing on Sarah Palin and with one one thousandth of the energy - John McCain would have been POTUS.

Schmidt cited an ethics report on the then-Alaska governor from her home state on an investigation into whether she had improperly used her government position.

I read this in Politco.com the other day. McCain Campaign Manager Steve Schmidt ( a bald guy who puts his glasses on his forehead like he was William Kunstler - Hey, There's that Billy Ayers Magic! McCain tossed that one too.) is helping water-eyed Mark Halperin - a genuine weenie - sell is loathsome book. It is a tell-all Reality TV epic about the Campaign - I read some excerpts. Not much. This sparrow hearted turd Halperin is no Ted White, let me tell you.

Schmidt tossed out this crappy and gutless charge against Sarah Palin.

“She went out and said, you know, ‘This report completely exonerates me,’” Schmidt said. “And in fact, it — it didn’t. You know it’s the equivalent of saying down is up and up is down. It was provably, demonstrably untrue.”

That is pure unadulterated bullshit. An Alaskan Ethics report is the Up from Down?

I expect Sarah Palin to be spit at by the clowns, louses and losers - John McCain joined them.

Schmidt is a paid political sneak and doing his job. John McCain is a disgrace. I am sorry I voted for him.

I worked very hard for John McCain. I'm a Democrat. I knew that on Sept. 19th 2008 John McCain no longer cared to win the nomination - it was all over his face. The Economy tanked as did McCain's 'fire' and his campaign decided to make Sarah Palin the goat.

Jonathon Martin is one of the barbecue journalists who love the Maverick they created and play out of both sides of their mouths.

I voted early for and against Democrats here in Chicago, Illinois, yesterday. I will vote for Sarah Palin. McCain is no different from John Kerry - two men who never really wanted to win -it seems to me.

John McCain keeps lousy company, as far as I can tell. Mr. Schmidt, Mr. Martin and Mr. Halperin are indistinguishable and while I honor John McCain's military service I am disgusted by his crawfish political style.

I genuinely like and admire Sarah Palin. She is a happy, centered and good person.

I will work for and possibly even vote for Sarah Palin, if she runs for President - I rather doubt that she will do so.

I turn the channel when John McCain shows up. He is now as appalling to me as MSNBC - The Tool Shed.

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