Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Former Alaska Governor Palin Did Nothing to Keep Chicago's City Hall Open Yesterday

Yesterday was opening day for freshmen at Leo High School and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin could not be bothered to drop by and give the African American young men attending this venerable Catholic inner city high school a Howdy! Not only that Chicago City Hall was closed for business and Palin lifted not one finger to help.

Sarah Palin is the cause of all the problems President Obama has had since his historic election.

In Afghanistan, American troops face the Taliban, with whom we should be dialoging, but nowhere is Palin to be found.

When the late Michael Jackson was gulping down white gloved handfuls of crazy pills, did Palin intervene? 'Zounds - she did not!

Did she save Vick's Dogs? Nope.

MSNBC Chris "Milky" Matthews suggests with every breath in his thigh that Palin is ordering folks to strap on the shooting irons and attend Townhalls.

Sarah Palin is goading Americans to attend Townhalls in order that they may be infected by the H1N1 - Pig Puker Virus.

Every voice in electronic media devotes every level of volume in damning Palin, but her pernicious influence on the lives of all Americans continues unabated - like the nemesis of Sherlock Holmes, Professor James Moriarty The Napoleon of Crime, Sarah Palin is La jeune fille à l'agneau.

Yet, considered unlettered and unwholesome to Salonitas and their lap-dogs like David Brooks and Kathleen Parker, Palin weaves a web of calumny and intrigue with the dexterity of Kali -Palin's tawny and sinew-ed Diana-like arms snake in and out of every aspect of the Life American!

Woe unto this Land! Unscrubbed of Palin.

Only this morning, I counted the bills in the silver clip inscribed with the honorific -#1. Dad ( Father's Day 1999) and was shocked to see that I had ten dollars fewer than the previous morning.

Palin is Afoot in this Land of the Free! The Game's Afoot!



Tamara N. Holder said...

Darling, why are you writing about Sarah Palin? She's "so 2008." NEXT!

pathickey said...

Asked the same question of reigning TV pundits and they convinced me that this pernicious vamp is the root cause of the soapy build-up in Dad's shower; my inability to trim my eye-brows root ear/nostril hair; lost AAA batteries for the remote; poor quality Smallmouth activity in the mighty Kankakee, River; the hazy quality of Paladin Re-runs on ME-TV; Boris Yelstin's liver; G. Flint Taylor Seersucker Suit from Cox's or is that the other . . .never mind.

I appreciate, Dear Woman, your concern. As for your youthful -She's "so 2008." NEXT!

Remember,Child, we gave Saddam a pass in 1991 - when you were running track in Colorado.