Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tollway News and Blago Signs = Pat Quinn, Leave the Blago Name Up!

Pat Quinn – Leave the Name; Maybe People Will Remember and Vote Thoughtfully in the Future - as If! This was in the Tribune yesterday:

Should the Senate vote to remove Gov. Rod Blagojevich from office, Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn said Tuesday that he would immediately begin erasing some of the imprints his former running mate made on the state.

One target would be the signs displaying Blagojevich's name over state toll ways, which Quinn called a symbol of "pompous government."

"The signs will go down, and we'll probably have a ceremony to do it," Quinn told the Tribune. "I might even ask some toll payers to help us out."

Speaking in his Chicago office with the Senate impeachment trial blaring in the background, Quinn said he would end a period of "imperial governorship" that began under Republican Gov. George Ryan and was continued by Democrat Blagojevich.,0,2666469.story
Okay Here's me -

Dear Governor To Be Quinn,

A painting contractor will be needed to remove the name of Rod Blagojevich on all those Toll Booths, Signs, and Stations throughout the Highway System of this great State of Illinois. It will mean work and maybe some over-time for many painters. That could amount to some hundreds of thousands of dollars in time and material. Let’s save a couple of bucks.
More importantly, Illinois just might need a daily reminder of the man that 1,118,000 and change voters helped to put into the Office of the Governor. Let’s leave the name Rod Blagojevich up on State of Illinois property for a while – a good long while.

Governor To Be Quinn, you are a Fenwick man who trained with the Order of Preachers – the Dominicans – ‘The Dogs of the Lord ‘– in the Latin pun – founded by St. Dominic. It was Dominic who said, wear humility rather than fine clothes. Signage is not clothing but I think that you get the idea. The People of Illinois and the citizens of the world will know that you are the Governor, thanks be to God and some solid voting in the Illinois Senate. Therefore, make your first act as Governor a completely splendid act – ignore the fact that Rod Blagojevich’s name adorns anything but the contempt of the people of Illinois and the world.
Do not make the mistake of willfully spending tax-payers dollars to obliterate the name that has so shamed this State. Let it sit out there – for years if need be – as a cautionary sign to every person who registers to vote. Your act of humility will do more to promote your name as Governor than any number of layers of paint.Thanks for the use of the Hall!
Sincerely, Pat Hickey

Read the wonderful Tollway News for an accurate accounting of Governor Auntie Nixon's loot speedway! Click my post title to begin your journey.

Pat Quinn Leave Blago's name up there for a good long while and let everyone who tosses in $.80, $1.00, or $ 1.50 as well as those great plastic window Expressway Bandits remember the goof who looted Illinois.


Publia said...

Not to change the subject, you DeSade of the soup spoons, but best to hop on the Purple Line to my blog Wilmette and claim your tag!

pathickey said...
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pathickey said...


Every time I sojourn north of Madison Ave., let alone the City Limits, to stroll, amble, and bindle-stiff my way among the gentle souls who sip, as opposed to gulp coffee, I find that patrol cars cruise parallel to my gait and invariably DwOOOwooot the siren in signal of my obvious condition as an auslander by my raimant and coiture.

Nevertheless, I do love the stroll.

1-2 Touch LEFT in front of right; touch LEFT back to previous position
3-4 Touch LEFT in front of right; step LEFT to left side
5-6 Cross RIGHT behind left; step out left w/LEFT
7-8 Touch RIGHT in front of left; touch RIGHT back to previous position
9-10 Touch RIGHT in front of left; step RIGHT to right side
11-12 Cross LEFT behind right; step out right w/RIGHT
To coincide with the song’s beat, start dance with a timing step out with right foot. Execute this step only once at the beginning of the song. Repeat basic continuously until you perform aisle walk

Bluegrass Pundit said...

Illinois senate tells Rod Blagojevich to not let the door hit him in the butt on the way out

Personally, I am going to miss this guy. He epitomizes the worst of Democratic politics.