Saturday, February 02, 2008

John McCain: McCain Leads Romney in Illinois 2-1 - Ron Paul Supporters Demand to be Heard! Anonymously!

Ron Paul supporter An(atole) Nonimus - says that I stink, my books stink, my blog stinks, the Pope stinks, and the children will be better served with chips and Red Bull! Can't argue with that - nor care to . . .

Sad to say that I missed last night's rally in Villa Park. Nevertheless , the contingent from the neighborhood well-represented McCain's appeal to Independents and Democrats. Click my Post Title for the Chicago Tribune story.

Several packed vans and a couple of limosines darted up Rt. 294 to the event with middle class taxpayers ready to give John McCain the support that reflects his political surge in the polls and hearts of his contrymen.

I was inundated with goofy and toxic comments from anonymous posters claiming to represent Ron Paul.

You are known by the company you keep and Dr. Ron has some loopy acolytes. All anonymous posts were deleted - for the sake of the 'The Children.'

The more venomous the post, the more concern for 'the children' were in evidence.

Gold standard; gynecology; troop movements; empire-building; frozen dinners should be microwaved -alumninum foil or not;Zionist/Catholic/Mixed racers in World banking; McCain's valet in the Hanoi Hilton; and Custer died to save the God Standard were just a few of the fine thoughts deleted by me. Ron Paul Revolutionaries fumed.

Boy, and I thought the Albino Mafia ( Coulter, Hewitt, and 'Bite- A-Pig's Ass-Through -A- Picket Fence' Jeffrey) was loopy.

My buddy Pat Curley over at The Brainster notes the really goofy Journalist Greg Syzmanski doing truther posts on John McCain over at Townhall. Give them a look out of curiosity - Syzmanski links Harry Truman, the Papacy, Ron Paul, The Knights of Malta and John McCain into a New World Order idiot scheme that seems to jump right off of the rails of sanity. Here's asample of Pat Curley's report on the goofballs run at John McCain - an example of Greg Syzmanski's deep thoughts:

The corrupt alternative media, including the GCN and RBN networks and American Free Press newspaper, should "be dismantled piece by piece" and new stations and print outlets allowed to emerge -- outlets not afraid to discuss the Vatican-led New World Order and its many tentacles like the Knights of Malta.

Politics really scampers the bedbugs!


colecurtis said...

"Oh Yeah" Mistah Pat you know that I recognize that Title as well as the affiliations well. Their reach is far and wide and the brainster is right to associate Ron Paul with them. Ron Paul is mearly their puppet and from my understanding from data mining he will run on an Independent ticket once he is shut out on the Republican ticket contrary to what he claims. You need to add The New World Order, VNN Forum, CC&C and several other nasty players or tentacles as the brainster calls them to that list along with the Knights of Malta. Tell him if he needs any help to give me a shout."Oh and BTW" Mistah Pat Congrats on Being The One and Only Most Influential Blog in Illinois. you are like an onion Mistah Pati peel away a skin every day or so to reveal a beautiful soul.

pathickey said...

Why Miss Vicki!

I am proud to be an onion! I have the shape, the scent, the beauty, the long-lasting and tasty after-bite and the soil as my birthplace!

colecurtis said...

"Ah Mistah Pat"I prefer to think that your essence and memory remains long after you have left the room.

pathickey said...

Miss Vicki,
That is a metphorical sword that cuts two ways - back and through this here OnYown.