Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sun Times is In Like Flint!

The Chicago Sun Times the Working Man's Pal argues to strip a fired employee of his pension benefits, that evidently, the courts feel are his - a whopping $ 30,000 per annum.

The Chicago Sun Times, unlike the other local papers, ran some stories and Tom McNamee's 'Chicago Way' yesterday germed out of G. Flint Taylor's Lotto Ticket Team Boiler Room that screach ' The City Must Pay Us NOW - It's for the Taxpayers! Somebody Think about the Taxpayers, People!'

Let's see: a guy ( Burge) gets fired that everyone is suppossed to believe is Vlad the Impaler; he has a pension - well, that's got to go! Why? - because we're not supposed to like him? He - now , Flint get this part - HAS NOT BEEN CONVICTED OF ANYTHING! That was your job, Flint, to bring him to Justice. You have been at bat - How many times? Never mind. Since when? Well before most of the Sun Times Readers were born? Evidence, my man!

I am a prosaic guy. Ants come into my house, because I forgot to call Orkin; not because of systemic racism. I got ants ! Who do I sue? I'm just joshing boys - just kidding. Don't start contacting Andy Shaw.

The Sun Times touted the City of Chicago's former ahem, ahem, epidemiologist - to spin the financials on this latest one:

Instead, the city will pay more than that just to lawyers for Burge -- a total of $16 million -- to prepare the case for him, interview witnesses, etc., says the study prepared by Steven Whitman, the City of Chicago's former chief epidemiologist.

Why not the Orkin Man? Or, I could stop by Keegan's and grab a couple of Roofers from Eddie Carroll!

Isn't an epidemiologist a man of medicine concerned with non-communicable diseases and what not? 'We got us a Burge Bug! Call the Press Conference, Sasha!'

Burge is alleged to have tortured. Tons of allegations, but no proof. No courts ( Federal, State, County, Tennis, Prom) seem to be banging down Flint's door to bring the Florida ruffian into Justice's Death Grip.

Instead - Flint plays the dopes in the media like a Stradivarius - or maybe a Stratocaster.

Today The Tribune and the Daily Southtown reported on Chicago News - you know that stuff - State Budget; People of Aurora fighting an Abortion Mill; Casinos, Museums, Bank of America Layoffs & etc. But the Chicago Sun Times is on all burners to make sure G. Flint Taylor gets a pay-day.

Before the Sun Times became an appendage of Flint's Foragers, one needed to pick up the Socialist Worker and People's Weekly World to get Flint's Palms Up!

Dear Reader, do check out the last paragraph of the excerpt from Today's Official Flint Commentary - 'We (the Readers, dear Reader) should take all the news that Abdon Pallasch and Tom McNamee have been chicken - little-ing Taxpayers about recently with a 'pinch of salt.' Mercy sakes alive! Everything they have been reporting about the sky, rocketing down on our tiny ears, was crafted by the Flint's Foragers? Hmmmm!!! Sneedless to say. N'cest Pas?

We've already urged the city to do whatever it takes to find a way to cut off Burge's $2,500 monthly pension. Now we're urging the city to settle those cases, and settle them quickly, to close an ugly chapter in its history.
. . .
There is only a 3 percent chance that the city would win every lawsuit, the report estimated. But even in that best-case scenario, taxpayers would still be on the hook for $16 million in fees to Burge's lawyers.

Those numbers have to be taken with a grain of salt, since they come from the men's legal team. But we can't argue with the premise that the city is betting millions on what looks like a losing hand. A $7 million report by special prosecutors last year concluded that Burge tortured suspects but that it was too late to prosecute him.

Are Lawyers Not supposed to win cases in Court? Mulligans are for the Links - not the Justice System. Do-Overs are for little guys - kids.

And you want to be our Latex Salesmen?


Anonymous said...

How dare you attack a man like Flint, you are just a hack for the Mayor and his cronies.

pathickey said...

Heavens! Flint's the Bomb, the Dopest, a Stone Groove, a Hep-Cat, The Most! He keeps his pockets full of spendin' loot!

Flint's attackless! He's wearing Roger Baldwin's Skivvies! The Cat's Whiskers! The Oyster's ice-Skates!