Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thank You, Mr. President! May We Have Another Slap? St. Xav's Thanks Obama Administration for Stripping Its Catholic Identity -and They Helped!

Notre Dame positioned itself as the gelding Catholic University, not only when it invited Planned Parenthood's 1st President of the United States to parse and get an Honorary Degree, but more so when it sic'd the cops on an elderly priest and others for saying a rosary for the unborn.

Not to be outdone, Georgetown University, purportedly a Jesuit University, took down the crucifixes and covered IHS with a shroud to please Planned Parenthood's 1st President of the United States.

Last April, Planned Parenthood's 1st President of the United States had his Labor Department strip Chicago's St. Xavier University ( the oldest college in Chicago) of its Catholic identity, because there were not enough Mercy Nuns on the Board.

That was done in order to clear the path for adjunct instructors, like Planned Parenthood's 1st President himself, to organize into a union.

In response, St. Xavier University invited Planned Parenthood's 1st President of the United States's former Chief Parser - Bob Gibbs.

The Catholic Church is anathema to Planned Parenthood's 1st President of the United States, because the Catholic Church refuses to say that Abortion is Ok and that Homosexual Marriage is not acceptable. Abortion and Homosexual Marriage is not Ok.

It is OK with too many politicians, who only get Catholic when it is St. Paddy's Day and they need to press the flesh, Vatican II cupcake clerics -priests who preach on Sundays about Gary loves Barry. or "Who's To Say" and goofy old nuns who work for Planned Parenthood, Hamas, and anything but their vocations.

Get this nonsense - St. Xavier was stripped of its Catholic Identity;yet, it will bend over backwards to help the very White House that has it in the cross-hairs

Robert Gibbs speaking at Chicago's Saint Xavier University Thursday. By Lynn Sweet on October 17, 2011 2:55 PM | No Comments
WASHINGTON--Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs hits Chicago on Thursday, to speak at
Saint Xavier University, 3700 W. 103rd St. Tickets are still available.

Gibbs, who is advising the Obama 2012 re-election campaign headquartered in Chicago, will be back behind a podium earlier in the day, in a press conference Saint Xavier is arranging. 9emphasis my own)
Gibbs joined the Obama operation during then state Sen. Barack Obama's 2004 general election campaign for the U.S. Senate. He is now on the speaking circuit and is a top surrogate for the Obama team.

Tickets for the 7 p.m. Gibbs talk start at $20. From Saint Xavier: "A limited number of $200 priority tickets are available, which include priority seating and admission to an exclusive post-lecture wine and cheese reception with Gibbs. Tickets may be purchased online at www.sxu.edu, keyword: voices or by calling (866) 468-3401."

Yet, Catholics for the most part are coming to understand that not only is President Obama and his folks no friend of Catholics, no friend of any people of faith.

Planned Parenthood stands only for killing unwanted children and everything else is mascara. Planned Parenthood paid good money to get Barack Obama elected and he is acting accordingly.

Catholics voted for President Obama. Catholics might want to re-think that vote.

In the past year, Obama's Justice Department has argued in court that defenders of traditional marriage — the most visible segment of which are observant Catholics and bishops — should be regarded in law as the equivalent of racists. His National Labor Relations Board has issued rulings against two Catholic schools, St. Xavier University in Chicago and Manhattan College in New York, saying that they are not sufficiently Catholic to warrant religious exemptions from federal labor law —a stunning breach of the precedent in which religious bodies, not government officials, decide who qualifies as a member of a particular church. Those rulings followed on the heels of a highly publicized crusade by Obama's Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to punish North Carolina's Belmont Abbey College for removing contraception coverage from its employee health plans, a move the Catholic school made to conform to church doctrine.

When someone kicks me in the nuts, I tend not to ask him over for a snack, an ice cold bottle of pop, a Netflix or two and another leggy wind-up and kick to the gents.

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