Friday, October 14, 2011

Don't Forget Forre$t Claypool, Fran, or is ForreSt Claypool Working for Free?

Sometimes being left out is a good thing. Being absent from a list of top salaried City Officials in a Sun Times red meat piece tossed to us helots in order to stoke up the time honored Pitch Fork and Torches Parades, is a perq for Forre$t Claypool - CTA BOSS.

Now, as far as I know, CTA buses and trains run in and through the great City of Chicago. Bus drivers and train engineers will not get pee breaks, on Boss Forre$t Claypool's watch! Penny wise, dollar Progressive.

You'll recall that following another electoral defeat, Forre$t Claypool was appointed to yet another high profile policy postion by Mayor Rahm Emanuel - Boss of the CTA. One report had it that the Rula Lenska ( What exactly can Forre$t do? Never mind; enjoy) of Chicago political life has an undisclosed salary with City and Sho 'Nuff!!! you can't find Claypool among the salaried, Garzas, Newmans, O'Briens, and Zielinksis on the City Salary Spreadsheets.

Today, Fran Spielman offers up the big salary Titans, but no Forre$t Claypool.

Even with 517 layoffs, $417 million in budget cuts and $220 million in higher taxes, fines and fees, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s first city budget rewards a handful of top mayoral aides.


Then we get the top cops, fireman, transportation, city services and a Hynes, which are all non-Progressive Shakman Exempt Targets.

Where's Forre$t?

I am given to understand that Forre$t rakes in at least $185,000 and change sans perquisites - there's always perquisites.

Why leave the poor lad unheralded, Fran?

Boss Claypool had no problem banning potty breaks and lunch from bus drivers. Now that's Progressive.

That's Forre$t in the City!

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