Thursday, October 20, 2011

SXU Hears Voices and Sees Visions - Give Gibbs a Fee; All Will Be Well

There are a few things I have learned while stomping on the terra these near three score years of breathing and staying awake.

1. Never take a whiff of Ammonia Concentrate

2. Never drink excessively while Sturgeon fishing

3. Never valet park three blocks from Comiskey Park

4. Never loan your debit card to a Romanian homeless man for a few minutes

5. Never work with electricity when your wife is in the basement where there is a washer and dryer

6. Never pet a snarling dog

7. Never try to reason with a skunk

Life's verities stop cold with those seven. Everything else may have metaphysical outcomes.

To that list I might add, If the Obama Administration strips your University of its standing as a Catholic religious institution, it may not be a great idea to invite Robert Gibbs to speak for some handsome fee, in the hopes that the Dept. of Labor may reconsider its decision.

That said, Baghdad Bob Gibbs, former Obama White House Press Secretary, parser extraordinaire, Stephen Root look-alike, and Obama 2012 front dude, will speak tonight at Chicago's oldest Catholic university ( until April 2011 that is) as part of the Voices & Visions Speaker series. Click my post title.

The stated mission of the SXU Voices and Visions notes "In spring 2007, Saint Xavier University began the SXU Voices and Visions Speaker Series as part of the school's yearlong 160th anniversary celebration of education, faith and service. The series is dedicated to bringing respected public figures and the highest level of discourse to the Chicago area."

Cokie Roberts, Kofi Anan, Colin Powell, Elie Wiesel, Jim and Mary ( Matalin) Carville, Madeline Albright were past speakers.

Baghdad Bob?

This was the gent who said that Ahmadinejad was the elected leader of Iran following the Green Massacres in that disputed election. There are some Islamic Seasons of the Year that Obama's White House does not recognize - just like Easter, Christmas, . . .& etc.

Most of all, Robert Gibbs was an adept in making Obama Care the stealth vehicle for Planned Parenthood's continued American genocide.

SXU can invite any one they please. As they are no longer recognized as a Catholic university by the Obama Administration, why the hell not invite Bob Gibbs, Ahmadinejad, Vernon Supreme of the Occupy Wall Street Journal, or the gals of Planned Parenthood themselves?

Saints heard voices and visions. The odd thing is that Saints never heard "Abortion is a Woman's Choice," or saw visions of a world without children, or the unhealthy and bothersome elderly.

The persons who heard, "Let's have Robert Gibbs!" might be the type of persons who think sniffing ammonia concentrate, boozing while ice fishing, valet parking at 36th & Lituanica, waiting for the sparks when wifey throws the circuit breaker,loanin the Visa to troubled-soul Dragos, petting a pitbull while its choppers are bared, and reasoning with skunks.

Who's to say?


K T Cat said...

OK, what's your definition of "excessively"?

pathickey said...

Well, Brer Cat, Old Pal, this I know . . . . it's an adverb . . .uh.

Enough is not a feast?