Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Occupy America - The Only Black Faces Belong to the Cops - What Racists!

Occupy America!

I am occupied. I need to get to Leo H.S. and help Darnell with his essay and make a couple of phone calls to see if I can get "D" some part time work. Though a remarkabley youthful and resonably fit 58 year old white Irish N-Word, me and "D" have much in common. We are not the tallest testosterone towers, enjoy reading, writing and sports and we get to work early.

The balance of "D's" time will be taken up with academics and sports and mine will be dedicated to phoning Leo Alumni, patrons and pals and writing grant boilerplate. Sim occupatus, terribiliter!

I am troubled by the affluent, youthful, pampered and badly schooled kids and adults getting too much face time away from Facebook - on the TV and Huffington Post.

Michael Moore's waves of umber chins are everywhere howling Lear-like against Wall Street - the vacant store front of American Commerce. Butch Maddow, Milky Mathews, Loopy Larry O'Donnell and the entire Ship of Fools at MSNBC -now featuring Crown Heights Al Sharpton the Jew-hating Rev -is flat out blowing kisses to the kids wearing the V Masks.

I see only white faces among the crowds of protestors. Where's the African American folks? Not invited? No. They, like me and "D" are too occupied with work.
"D" flanked by me and McG ( Leo President Dan McGrath)

The only black and brown and yellow faces I have observed in the massive coverage belong to New York Police Officers ( Love your work BTW!).

Ho hum.

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