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St. Xavier University: Why Robert Gibbs, Now? Why Anytime? Dick Walsh and Americans for Life Will Ask These Question on Thursday Night -October 20

St. Xavier University sits in the middle of Chicago's Catholic Ground Zero - a blue collar, ethnic land of tax-paying helots who still pack the pews every Sunday.

This neighborhood is about to witness a diminished 19th Ward due to remapping. There is about to be enacted an ordinance that takes what little autonomy aldermen still retain - the Garbage Grid debacle, that will lay off hundreds immediately and thousands more up the street, not so much to save pennies, but to chase the middle class out of Chicago.

Catholics keep having children and that is anathema to the Transformative Progressives.

Only a very few months ago, St. Xavier University, in this Chicago neighborhood, was slapped out as a Catholic University by Planned Parenthood's 1st President of the United States, Barack Obama's Department of Labor. St. Xavier University, they determined, should Not be considered Catholic, because non-Catholic students attend and there happens to be a Rainbow of Diversity on its staff.

Not only that, there are too few Sisters of Mercy on its Board.

The Obama Administration, not the Ordinary of Chicago, Cardinal George, determines what is Catholic. Why have a bishops, when Captain Hope and Change is doing pay-back to Planned Parenthood?

To some baptized Catholic Democrats this is a "No Biggie." deal. All the White House wants is for adjunct faculty to unionize. Adjunct faculty are part-timers.

To celebrate this installation of Planned Parenthood's 1st President and his transformation of America, St. Xavier University has invited former Press Secretary Robert Gibbs to collect and pocket $200 a pop (ticket) speaking fees and shill for more transformation.

I am sure that Bahgdad Bob will be . . . Bahgdad Bob.

You can't fault Baghdad Bob, as the gent was known by the White House Press Corps, after all a buck is a buck in this lousy economy.

What is St. Xavier University thinking?

Make nice and the White House* will reconsider? Sisters, Please!

Robert Gibbs was an adept at keeping the Obama Transformation at chameleon levels of transparency.

Here is Gibby, at his best from November 9th, 2009. I have done a kind of intrusive way-back machine and interrupted Gibby's exchange with a reporter (Chip) with the actual Transformation from Jeff Zelney of the New York Times and William Saunders of the National Review.
Okay, set way back dial to November 9th 2009. The White House Press Room - Here's Gibby!!!

. . .Mr. Gibbs: Yes,Sir!

Q Thank you. On the health care bill, does -- the President supports, endorses, whatever you want to call it, the House bill. He's made that very clear. Does he support the abortion funding restrictions in the House bill?

MR. GIBBS: The President, Chip, as you know, went to Capitol Hill to rally support for the bill. That bill is now through the House, which we're quite pleased about. The Senate, once we get budget numbers from CBO, will become -- that will move to the Senate floor. I don't doubt that you'll have a somewhat different bill. That's the way this process works, and we'll iron out differences as they come.

Fast Forward to January 5, 2011, 9:56 am


Gibbs to Leave as White House Press Secretary
10:30 a.m. | Updated Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary and close confidante to President Obama, said Wednesday that he was stepping down to become an outside political adviser to the president and his re-election campaign.
The New York Times)

Yep, I remember,now; Gibby is working to re-elect Planned Parenthood's 1st President of the United States. Back to 2009.

Q What's his position on abortion funding restrictions?

MR. GIBBS: I think you heard the President in front of Congress several months ago, and we'll continue to make progress.

Q So then he wouldn't support anything like the provision that's in the House bill?

MR. GIBBS: I'm not going to become a negotiator from Capitol Hill -- on Capitol Hill from the podium.

Q Would he accept something that goes beyond what the Hyde amendment does?

Obamacare passes! Now let's see how Gibby did. What Happened:

The answer is yes, Obamacare did mark a significant expansion of abortion. It violated one plank of the “Hyde Amendment principles” (Hyde itself does not apply, since Obamacare is funded outside of Health & Human Services appropriations): no federal funding of insurance plans that provide abortions. The state exchanges established under Obamacare will certainly include plans that cover abortion. These plans will receive federal subsidies, thus violating Hyde principles. The meaningless “restriction” in the law is that the subsidies go to the insurance provider, not the individual, and that the abortions are paid for from a pool established by mandatory monthly payments by insurees. And even this restriction lapses if Hyde itself is not renewed (it is subject to yearly renewal).

Beyond this, there are virtually no restrictions on abortion in Obamacare. Funding streams such as those through Community Health Centers were thus unaffected. And while that particular problem was addressed in Obama’s executive order, the order failed to address anything else.
Saunders National Review)

But back to Bob Gibbs 2009-

MR. GIBBS: We will wait to see what health care reform brings.

Gibby resigns and remembers -(Jeff Zelney NYT: “This has been an extraordinary journey, an amazing privilege to serve the country and to serve this president. It’s an opportunity, quite frankly, of a lifetime,” Mr. Gibbs said. “But it’s important to take a step back and recharge, ahead of 2012, when we transition to the task of re-electing the president.”)

Back to Chip's question in 2009

Q So there could be something then in the end that goes beyond current law in restricting abortion funding?

As we know for sure from William Saunders-

For instance, one loophole left open by the EO involved the high-risk pools. In fact, HHS would have directly funded abortion thereunder but for the protests of pro-life advocates. But HHS’ initial decision came as no surprise. As both the Congressional Research Service and the pro-abortion Center for Reproductive Rights pointed out, there was no legal restriction against HHS approving such funding since neither the law itself nor the executive order forbade it.

Another loophole left unclosed by the EO is the meaning of “preventive care,” which must be covered by all private insurance plans under the new law. The government can define it to include abortion. If so, every insurance plan — not just those on the state exchanges — would have to cover it. This is a hole wide enough to drive the proverbial truck through.

Finally, one thing we know from court decisions in many circuits is that unless abortion is expressly prohibited, courts will read it into laws providing for health-care services.

In short, Obamacare marked a decisive pro-abortion shift. Representatives who voted for it should not be surprised if their constituents hold them accountable for doing so.

Yet, Gibby got giggles to Chip's question in 2009-

MR. GIBBS: Chip, I wish we were having this conversation as the last part of this process, but as your network and others have pointed out, there are miles to go before we sleep.

Back to Jeff Zelney's article in the New York Times -a quote on Gibbs' departure from Planned Parenthood's 1st President's Transformative Administration:

(“Robert, on the podium, has been extraordinary,” Mr. Obama said, declining to answer questions about who he intends to hire for any position. “Off the podium, he has been one of my closet advisers. He is going to continue to have my ear for as long as I’m in this job.”) You may say, Sir.

The long sleep. Abortion, Euthanasia and more attacks on Catholic institutions are getting voice from Robert Gibbs, by invitation from St. Xavier University.

For Christ's sake, wake up.

Americans For Life, led by Dick Walsh, a Lion for the Unborn, will be outside of St. Xavier University to question the University's decision to invite Planned Parenthood mouthpiece in purple.

I am going to get off of my comfortable rump and join them. Click my post title and Occupy your hearts and minds with the link to Americans for Life.

* Also three ago - Obama ordered Georgetown University to cover up all crucifixes -

Obama requested no crucifix in sight before he spoke at a CATHOLIC university?…

I cannot figure out which is worse...the stupidity of the university..or the arrogance of obama..

either way...this is very disturbing
You think?

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