Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rahm's Garbage Grid is Urban Euthanasia

The Garbage Grid is Rahm and his cadre of Progressive Policy appointee geniuses
(left over from Mayor Mumbles of course)pulling the plug on the bothersome, ailing, long in the tooth Chicago Middle Class. The Aldermen of the City Council will go along with this procedure especially those who will benefit by the death of Chicago's ethnic and minority neighborhoods.

Good riddance via Bad Rubbish . . .collection - The Garbage Grid.

Progressive ( affluent, childless, secular, health fascist, and degree'd) hate everyone else; especially, church going breeders and their horrible offspring.

The Urban Center is the end-game. A Progressive Playground for young, and those who think that they are youthful - you know, the Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorn human train wrecks who continue to sport ear rings and '60s rigouts.

We, all the rest of us, are breathing their air and taking up too much of their time.

We gotta go. And go we shall!

The Garbage Grid is the hearty 'GTFOOH!!!! From the Twitters et alto the Helots. This from WBEZ - the Mouthpiece of Progressives -

Chicago aldermen are very protective of their trash pick-up powers. And so, a plan to take some of those powers away was greeted a bit coldly at a city council hearing on Monday evening.

Trash pickup is now done ward-by-ward, allowing individual aldermen control over the politically important service. That goes away under Rahm Emanuel's proposed budget, which his administration tried to sell to aldermen. A handful of them weren't buying it - at least not yet.

Progressives have climbed Garbage and swam Sewage into power here in Chicago and Cook County from the day that Alderman John 'Johnny D'Pow' Powers of the old 19th Ward appointed lesbian crank Jane Addams as a Garbage Commissioner. Like every Progressive from manly Jane to Deb Shore to Forrest Claypool, Progressives immediately turned on their benfactors and the Helots.

The tasty core of Chicago -universities, medical centers, museums, parks, restaurants, theatres, zoos, conservatories, gardens, clubs, galleries would be ever so much happier without the grumpy, lumpy and dumpy cops, firemen, tradesmen, worker bees and their wives and ugly children!

The Progressive will abort or euthanize any and every troublesome burden quicker than a Preckwinkle gobbles a pension! Euthanize the old boring middle class and abort their damn children who take up table space in fine dining establishments.

Rather than come to grips with urban problems, Progressives create open spaces and volumes of idiotic regulations. The Jim-dandy is the move to create the Urban Center. Carol Coletta is CEOs for Cities and she says, "Clearly, the next generation of Americans is looking for different kinds of lifestyles — walkable, art, culture, entertainment."

To that end, the middle class must exit, because all they care about are their homes, their lawns,their churches, their neighbors and their damn kids. They have some control over their Aldermen, because he/she will get an earful and then the door. Once you take services from the Alderman, why bother? Leave.

Trade thousands of Helots for a few hundred young, college educated, affluent singles, like Cleveland:

In Cleveland, which lost 17% of its population, downtown added 1,300 college-educated people ages 25 to 34, up 49%.

"It tells us we've been on the right track," says David Egner, president and CEO of Detroit's Hudson-Webber Foundation. Three anchor institutions —Wayne State University, Henry Ford Health System, Detroit Medical Center — recently launched "15 by 15," a campaign to bring 15,000 young, educated people to the downtown area by 2015.

Among the lures are cash incentives: a $25,000 forgivable loan to buy (need to stay at least five years) downtown or $3,500 on a two-year lease.

Garbage will be collected according to a grid. Talk to the Grid! Don't like it leave!

This is all about choice - like abortion and euthanasia - kill the middle class and let the Urban Center of a smaller, smarter Chicago please the Unpleasant - the Progressive.


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