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OWS Movement, A Serious Consideration: Consider Vernon Supreme and The Fogartys

Finx -Vernon Supreme

“We’re here for justice — our sign says it all, and our sign says, ‘Stop government crimes,’” said Chris Fogarty, as he stood with his wife, Mary O’Sullivan, on LaSalle Street. “And the other side says, ‘Restore our laws.’” Chicago Tribune Oct. 5, 2011

For weeks we have been treated to daily infomercials about the Occupy Wall Street Movement in the media, salted and sugared with proclamations from Nancy Pelosi, Eric Zorn, and Kanye West attesting to the sober and serious activism of our youth and even younger greybeard activists.

I had occasion to witness OWS Chicago at the Federal Reserve Dugout Campsite in the Loop. The only serious activists present were septuagenarian Human Rights legends Chris and Mary O'Sullivan-Fogarty. Chris and Mary are the real deal. I was hoping to catch-up with these two on-level and warm people, but Chris was making a statement for WGN TV. I had Leo business and needed to occupy different pavement.

The Fogarty's were charged with murder by the FBI in 1995. Pan-media icon Carol Marin (NBC 5, Sun Times, WTTW) made her 'bones' with her breathy report that Mr. & Mrs. Fogarty were an IRA ( Irish Repbulican Army) hit squad who murdered a couple in Wilmette. The Fogarty's had their fortune depleted clearing their good names and the murderer turned out to be a teenage goof Ala-Columbine who lived next door to the couple. Carol Marin has yet to apologize to the Fogarty's but that is merely blood under the bridge. Carol's mill grinds other corn.

Aside from Chris and Mary Fogarty, the OWS Chicago activists were kids bedecked in the very best quality Hipster fashion-wear and outfitted with camping gear that would make Babe Winkleman tear up with envy. They were earnest and that is what is really sad. Aside from that poignant reminder that American suburban youth seem unable to articulate a complete thought themselves, I was amused by them.

Yesterday, again in the downtown area I had occasion to kill some time with the Southtown Star - the south side Sun Times Lite. The take on the OWS saga featured a true believer - a man from Baltimore - a coiner of a neo-logism - a pot growing master agrarian and hawker of the Occupy Wall Street Journal: Mr. Vernon Supreme.

When I got home last night, I occupied an hour or so to the work of Vernon Supreme and I was delighted to see that no flies land on this active activist.

Ladies and gents the prodigious Vernon Supreme!

Mr. Supreme offers gardening tips, as well as insights to growing herb.

Vernon Supreme Harvest Pics
"Not too much of a harvest, but it's some bud to tide me over. I left for spring break with my grow not ready to be harvested. My buddy didn't water my plants and I came back to find some dead looking piles of leaves. My furthest matured planted was the one that really broke my heart. It looked kinda ready to be harvested though, so I cut the top of it off and put it in my bong. It was a pretty decent taste with a very trippy high that lasted for about 1.5 hours. I'm sure that will improve with curing though.

Total dry weight is 3.5 grams.

BTW, my other plants are starting to come back to life...they are looking somewhat alive now. I need to get some bigger containers for them and we might be able to pull them off in the end. Lookout for a full hydro grow next go-around. already popped the seeds for it."

A veritable Johnny Appleweed, no slouch Vernon be.

When not Occupying Wall Street or growing weed, Vernon Supreme coins a neologism ( that's singular) for the Urban Dictionary

1 definition by Vernon Supreme Finx (n):A person who could equally be described as a fox and a minx.

No, she's a finx!
buy finx mugs & shirts
fox minx mischevious coquette republican by Vernon Supreme Mar 8, 2011 share this add a video

How does the man get through the day? The labors of Hercules! The Man in Full!

Vernon and I seem to be about the same age (58 and change) and to have sprung from the decade of the 1960'.

Temperment might attest to the paths taken in life. Vernon stopped in the Frosty Woods of a snowy evening and took some herb and other brain-pan lunricants and eventually the path less travelled leading from Baltimore to NYC and that has made all of the difference. I have never in my life shouted for the shot-gun seat and that has made all of difference.

Chris Fogarty built bridges in Honduras as an engineer, fights for a united Ireland, battles all torture, government abuse and historical ignorance, writes a monthly column for Irish American News and has a history book in publication.

Occupy Wall Street? Why the hell not? Knock yourselves out, kids!

However, to employ the south side vernacular as far as activism goes - You Could Never Carry the Fogartys' Jockstrap.

Chris and Mary Fogarty protest American Foreign Policy and Human Rights Issues on Michigan Avenue every week, wind, rain, snow, or sleet . . .right after Sunday Mass. They have been there for decades.

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