Sunday, October 09, 2011

Chicago Tribune Shout Out for Football Prep Week # 6 Goes to Leo High School's Keith Harris!

Coach Mike Holmes and Leo Teammates surround # 20 Keith Harris after meeting Dr. Terry Barrett of University of North Dakota ( Fargo) at the John Fardy Memorial in August.

Yesterday, I supervised my youngest child's painting of her room. I was there for sic and fetch and possible paint knock-overs ( I am a past master at that); therefore, missed the victory of my beloved Leo Lions up at Luther North. Gordon Tech is one tough team and both Catholic League Red Division schools needed the win.

The Lions, behind the great running of Keith Harris, managed to beat the Rams of Gordon Tech 39-19.

Last year the Rams gave us a thorough Catholic League schooling at Gately Stadium.

Go Rams! Like every school in the Chicago Catholic League, parents can expect that their young women and men will have the bar step up above them and that they will learn to exceed as well as succeed.

A success that has exceeded a young man's dreams is the focus of today's post, before I head to Mass. Keith Harris, Leo 2012, who has had many colleges interested in his matriculation including Yale, received 60% of the fan votes in the Week # 6 Shout Out Polling.

Keith Harris is an exceptional young man, gifted scholar and a beautiful athlete to watch. Not only that, the man can dress like Cary Grant!

Well done Lions! Thank You Voters! Keep exceeding your grasp, Keith; God's has your back!

Shout out | Who was your top performer in Week 6?
Who was your top performer in Week 6? Check out all the stats here and let us know who was the best of the best.
Abdullah Alghazali, Pritzker (5 responses)
Matt Alviti, Maine South (72 responses)
Danny Arden, Antioch (18 responses)
Aaron Bailey, Bolingbrook (23 responses)
Anthony Craft, Collins (5 responses)
Matt Cullen, Conant (10 responses)
George Edlund, St. Charles North (13 responses)
Josh Elliott, Lyons (49 responses)
Jordan Getzelman, Prairie Ridge (297 responses)
Keith Harris, Leo (110116 responses)

Ryan Meyer, Marist (71144 responses)
P.J. O'Connor, Ridgewood (7 responses)
Alex Short, Payton (4 responses)
Andrew Sledd, Highland Park (88 responses)
Stefan Skoneczka, Elk Grove (13 responses)
Michael Thomas, DuSable (3 responses)
Martez Walker, Brother Rice (53 responses)
Jeremiah Westbrook, Hope Academy (3 responses)
Tim Williams, Homewood-Flossmoor (14 responses)
181937 total responses
(Results not scientific)
This poll is closed to voting.

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ef said...

Just pointing out a slight mistake. UND is in Grand Forks, not Fargo. No biggie, it's a small, overlooked state. Just wanted to let you know.