Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How Many Terrorists Does It Take to Free One Israeli?

Shucks, it appears it takes 1,000 terrorists to free one Israeli.

Do the math, as the snarky say. The Clueless about Gaza, like Marxist International Solidarity Movement, the media, academic charlatans, and big-hearted goofs who do not read, need to do some cipherin'.

GAZA/JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit and hundreds of Palestinians crossed Israel's borders in opposite directions on Tuesday as a thousand-for-one prisoner exchange brought joy to families but did little to ease decades of conflict.

Sergeant Shalit, 25, returned home to a national outpouring of emotion in Israel after five years in captivity in the Gaza Strip, while the first few hundred of over a thousand Palestinians being freed in stages from Israeli jails were greeted with kisses and flags in Gaza and the West Bank.

Moshe Dayan was once asked, "How is that you win every battle you fight?"

Dayan cocked his good eybrow and rejoined, " I fight Arabs."

My goodness, some might call that response 'hurtful'. . .well, not as hurtful as was to gents who attacked Israel.

Let's see now, let's tally up the wars, not to mention the conflicts and Raids on Entebee and such -

•The 1948–49 War
•The 1956 War
•The 1967 War (The Six-Day War)
•The 1973–74 War (The Yom Kippur War)
•The 1982 War

Israel 5 and Pan Arab Attackers 0 - That's Five to Naught.
Must be something to that. . .well, not to a Progresive John Dewey Hegelian.

Welcome home, Sarge!

God Bless Israel!

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