Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Boss Toni Preckwinkle's Vindictive Firing of John O'Sullivan

Rule 5: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It’s hard to counterattack ridicule, and it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage. Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals

Okay, so let's take a page out of Old Saul's playbook. Progressives ridicule. They ridicule anyone and everything in order to gain power. Once in power, hold the phone.

I'd have to call Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle a real Progressive, because all of the Progressives call Toni a Progressive. More so, Toni Preckwinkle acts and speaks like a Progressive - fell into an open sewer on the way to City Hall, called Nobel Literary Laureate Saul Bellow a racist, after he died, begged Regular Democrats for help in getting her elected and then turned on one like rabid skunk with the miseries. Progressive.

A Progressive is not a politician, even when a Progressive uses politics to get elected. A Progressive uses elected office and the power that comes with office to make Policy in order to build more power - civil unions, no goose guts, bullying mandates, abortion and contraceptives for pre-schoolers - all the real meat and potatoes issues that improve our little lives.

Toni Preckwinkle's public costume ( like Lady Liberty in the photo above) is that of a person who shuns the old ways of the Bossism in politics and operates only with the purest of motives and without any personal opportunity to make money, or influence.

Yet, we voters not only read, but we also work, play, worship, love and share our small gifts and fortunes under the rubrics of policy.

I read last week, in Abdon Pallasch's October 4th Chicago Sun Times article, the saga of the Cook County Democratic Party's slating festival.

The Cook County Democratic Party may decide to endorse one of the three Wednesday.

In the past two weeks, Mayor Rahm Emanuel headlined a fund-raiser for Justice Mary Jane Theis, and Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle headlined one for Justice Joy Cunningham. Justice Aurelia Pucinski is gathering signatures and has not scheduled a fund-raiser yet.

Theis serves in the seat now by appointment. Cunningham and Pucinski sit on the state appellate court where Theis served for 17 years before being appointed to the high court last year.

Emanuel was joined by state Senate President John Cullerton at Theis’ fund-raiser at the Berghoff Restaurant, along with current and former members of the bench. Former Mayor Richard M. Daley has also endorsed Theis. He was represented by his brother Michael Daley and his nephew Patrick Thompson, who co-chairs Theis’ campaign.

“Mary Jane Theis and I co-chaired John Cullerton’s first campaign for state representative,” Thompson’s co-chair Tom Moore said in introducing Theis. Cullerton said he met Theis when they both applied for jobs at the Cook County Public Defender’s office after getting out of law school.
( emphasis my own)

The next morning, Voila! Abdon Pallasch reported the votes of the Committeemen.

A Cook County Democratic Party committee Wednesday recommended the party endorse Mary Jane Theis for the state Supreme Court in the March primary election.

Theis was appointed by the other six members of the court last year to fill out the term of Justice Thomas Fitzgerald. She is running with the support of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, former Mayor Richard M. Daley, and, based on Wednesday’s vote, the support of enough Democratic committeemen to run as the official party candidate.

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle supports Justice Joy Cunningham for the slot. She made a motion to endorse Cunningham or make no endorsement. But as it became clear that Theis’ supporters had more votes, the committeemen opted for a nominally “unanimous” vote for Theis. (emphasis my own)

The full party is expected to ratify the decision Thursday.

They did and Judge Theis won and Joy Cunningham joined Aurelia Puchinski for some sour grapes. Looks like Boss Preckwinkle fired John O'Sullivan more for the way he 'didn't vote' than for what didn't show up on a well-vetted resume.

I have not spoken with John O'Sullivan. He has enough on his plate, having been fired for political reasons. I wonder if Shakman is awake? Nah, not his rice bowl taking care of helots.

Okay, let's jump to Friday. Worth Township Democratic Committeeman John O'Sullivan was fired by Cook County Board President Toni "The Boss" Preckwinkle. The story of the firing was smeared by Dane Placko of Fox Chicago all over the evening news and the narrative was continued over the weekend. Dane Placko used all of the euphemisms employed by Progressives to ridicule people.

Chicago - Political clout may have helped him land a county job. But in the end, clout couldn't save him.
FOX Chicago News has learned Worth Township Democratic Committeeman John O'Sullivan was ordered to resign today from his 85-thousand dollar a year job at the Cook County Forest Preserve.

Last June Fox Chicago broke the story of O'Sullivan's questionable hiring.

The former state lawmaker got an 85-thousand dollar a year supervisor's job despite having been fired by the county a couple years ago for time card fraud.

Forest Preserve Superintendent Arnold Randall says they looked further into O'Sullivan's background and found discrepancies in his work history, which led to his termination.
Progressives and their media hacks always ridicule little people, never powerful folks. They'll go after a Todd Stroger, once they get green lighted and he is already politically dead, but they'll never take on the powerful. They use the powerful.

Dane Placko and other media hacks go after truck drivers, plumbers, cops, firemen and political foot soldiers in their EXPOSE!!!! of corruption. While they get the 40 Watt intellectuals snarling and snapping, the real thives are taking not only the vaults of loot, but the fixtures and toilet paper rollers.

Well Dane, John O'Sullivan, a working man, challenged the charges and was not only re-instated to his job, but received all of his back pay.

It sure does look like John O'Sullivan voted for Justice Mary Jane Theiss. I would not know. I am sure there were plenty of folks who do know - John O'Sullivan knows.

It is not about a resume, or being the 'right fit' for the job with Cook County Forest Preserve - Boss Preckwinkle said that Johnny O' was just swell for the job from June all the way until the vote at the Democratic Slating Party. Shuck's Boss Toni even compared John O'Sullivan to Forrest Claypool - I told you she was mean; John O'Sullivan actually worked for his pay.

I have known Committeeman John O'Sullivan for a very long time and I know him to be a generous, thoughtful, and hard-working man.

I have known about Boss Preckwinkle for even longer and consider her to be a model Progressive - angry, smug, arrogant, not real bright, ill-humored, vindictive, petty, and lousy at whatever task lands in her lap.

Progressives can mouth platitudes, but never ever speak with people.

The Democratic Party lost its effectiveness and integrity, when it opted to play ball with Progressives. Progressives always end up taking home the ball, the bats, the bases, the coolers, the chalk-liners, the wads of gum stuck under the benches, the benches and the grass.

Toni Preckwinkle is as much of an angry, vindictive, daffy hack as Todd Stroger could ever dream to be.




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M McKenna said...

John O'Sullivan is the most honest elected official I know, I could not even classify him as a "politician".