Saturday, October 29, 2011

Abortion Nutty Nun-Skull Joan Walsh Whacks Her Ruler on Billy Daley's Noggin

Sr. Joan would sicken a mad dog raised on a diet of barbed wire and broken beer bottles - Lawd, Ha' Mercy!

Nothing is more repulsive than a thick ankled old Irish Harpy with all of the worst and not one of the positive aspects of a caricature Nun. Joan Walsh, editor of Salon and MSNBC Whack-job goes off on White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley. Joan Walsh would have made a splendid goof-ball nun, doing liturgical dance, and helping Planned Parenthood kill more kids.

Sister Joan hates arrogance and puffery so much in people who think that they have the salt to stand in Barack Obama's shadow.

Truth to tell, young Barry Obama would have cashed in his future Nobel Prize just to get in the same elevator as Bill Daley in 1995, when he was tagging along with Billy Boy Ayers at the Woods Fund.

Bill Daley gets cracked in Cankle's review of Roger Simon's Politico interview with the Chief of Staff. Simon was a laughable entity years ago in Chicago a

President Light Weight is bullet-proof, because of Harpy's like Walsh and the Mules of MSNBC.

Sr. Joan gives Billy the Full Bush -

My favorite part comes when Simon asks Daley how the White House keeps politics and policy separate. “They can be separate, yeah,” Daley says. “You can say, ‘Look, this may be good policy, but the politics of it may be shitty.” Simon asks which Obama will go for, and Daley’s answer may well find its way into a 2012 GOP ad. “He’ll try to find that middle ground,” Daley says. “How close can we get to it being really shitty policy or really shitty politics but getting something accomplished?’” (For the record, Politico used dashes to denote the dirty words, but I think the quote is most honest if rendered the way Daley said it.)

That’s a deeply stupid remark, but Simon plays it straight; in fact, the profile comes off as worshipful. The Politico veteran relates that Daley used to keep an old “Help Wanted: No Irish Need Apply” sign in his Chicago law office, as a typical Daley reminder, in Simon’s words, “of where they came from and how far they have gotten.” Oh please. Sure, generations back Daley is said to be descended from famine Irish, but where Bill Daley came from is a place of privilege: He is the son of perhaps the most powerful mayor in America.

Daley is a Democratic version of George H.W. Bush as described by the late Ann Richards: someone born on third base who thinks he hit a triple. He used his family background and political connections to take part in today’s quintessential Democratic get-rich-quick scheme, corporate law and investment banking. It’s always shocked me how a certain type of affluent Irish Catholic can excuse his work on behalf of the wealthy as long as he has a “No Irish Need Apply” sign in his office, which puts him on the side of the underdogs. Daley is an overdog who represents the interests of overdogs.

Have fun reading Joan Walsh's dried up and nasty point of view by clicking my post title.

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