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Lions of Laughter -Leo H.S. Alumni Stand Up Night at Beverly Arts Center

May your troubles be as few and as far apart as my Granny's teeth. An Old Irish Toast

You can major in communications in college, but it's better to learn it by six or seven
Leo Alumnus Paul Kelly

I applied for admission at Leo, because it was easy to spell. An anonymous Leo Alumnus - now a $ 500 an hour Personal Injury lawyer

Leo High School is home to captains of industry, military heroes, sports legends, men of the cloth, civil servants, and four of the funniest men in America. On Saturday, November 19th at 8 P.M. the Beverly Arts Center will roar with humor sparked by Four Lions of Laughter. Chicago's own Paul Kelly, Bill " Soups" Campbell, Kenny Howell and John Caponera will give one night tutorial on Stand Up Comedy. Each gifted man entered the crucible of high school years, through the portals of Leo High School.

Joseph Addison wrote that laughter is "the bringing together of images which have contrary additional ideas…” My all time favorite joke that never fails to get me giggling like the class jerk runs," An elegantly dressed woman walks into a loud crowded bar with a mallard under her arm. The bartender shouts above din and roar, 'Hey where'd you get the pig?'
The grand dame frostily replies with dignity, ' This is a Canadian Mallard, you lout . . .a duck.' The bartender waxes chastened . . .for moment, while the noisy bar quiets and awaits his snappy rejoined. 'I know, Toots, I was I talking to the Duck!'

Some days, it takes every once of human will to manage a smile. Thank God for the people in our company who not only coax the corners of our mouths heavenward, but also squeeze the bladders of our humors so hard that not only laughter gushes forth, but every muscle is taxed to keep human fluids where they belong.

The four Leo Lions of Laughter are as different as our senses and sensibilities.

John Caponera is not only a great Canaryville Wit ( tall task that in itself), but a spot-on mimic:

Bill "Soups Campbell, now settled in Boston, MA, offers a family friendly cerebral consideration of laughter:

The youngest and the edgiest of the four Lions of Laughter is Kenny Howell. Kenny has comic chops honed sharp and is everywhere

Beverly Stand Up Stand out Paul Kelly is known as the comic laureate of Chicago is known for his offbeat perspective and a unique physical style. Audiences see themselves in his hilarious real life routines. Paul is a master story teller and a quick ad-libber. He is the winner of the WGN Comedy Bowl and is proud to have a bratwurst sandwich named after him.

The Chicago Tribune recognized Paul Kelly's genius -

"A lot of comics know what they're going to say before they get on stage, but I don't," added Kelly, who said he likes to start a show by "spritzing" (Yiddish for making it up as you go along).

"I try to clear my mind of all thought before I get started," said Kelly. "I have routines I do over and over again, but I'm always looking for the optimum way to do them. I believe in something James Wesley Jackson (a Chicago comic) once told me. He said, `Being a comedian is not the study of what makes people laugh but the study of the laughter itself.'

"I want to get to the laughter that comes from way down inside," added Kelly. "I don't do a lot of snappy one-liners because I want the laughter that comes out of a relationship or an emotion. Why sit around trying to think up jokes? Simple everyday reality is funnier."

Much of Kelly's stage persona came from growing up a South Side Irish Catholic. "I come from a family that had a lot of humor," said Kelly, whose sister Elizabeth Dadd of Los Angeles married another standup comic, Terry Dadd.

After graduating from Leo High School in 1966, he saw a different view of the world when he attended Michigan State University in East Lansing. "The main thing that was shocking to me when I first left the South Side was finding out that St. Patrick's Day was not a day off from school," said Kelly, whose family used to celebrate the holiday at St. Sabina Catholic Church.

Paul Kelly was the mixmaster of the Lions of Laughter and helped Leo Alums, John Gardner -Alumni President, Bob Standring, Mike Nix - Director the Beverly Arts Center, Public Relations Mogul Bill Figel and Leo President Dan McGrath offer a night of laughs and love for Leo High School.

This Stand-up, Knock-down, Drag-Up howl fest begins at 8 P.M. in the Beverly Arts Center on November 19th.

Lions of Laughter: A Night of Comedy wiith Leo H.S. Grads:
John Caponera, Kenny Howell, Soups Campbell & Paul Kelly

Beverly Art Center
2407 West 111th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60655
7 P. M.
November 19th 2011
Tickets - $40 in advance and $ 50 at the door

Tickets Available at Beverly Arts Center -Call (773) 445-3838, or buy them on-line

Leo High School ( 773) 224-9600, or from a Leo Graduate with a wad of them in his mitts.
For added ease, join the Leo High School Family in honoring our Veterans on Friday November 4th at 11 A.M. for the Annual Leo Veterans Observances in the courtyard War Memorial on 79th Street

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