Monday, October 17, 2011

The Fist of Worker Solidarity OWS Chicago & A Working Man's Hand

If the Occupy Wall Street Movement and its rehearsal the Madison Wisconsin Sideshow last year have done anything it is making us all aware of the importance of bongos, drums and other percussion instruments.

Though I expect that there will not be a wild revival of Sandy Nelson, Buddy Rich, or Gene Krupa record sales, those kids can beat.

But consider Sandy Nelson:

And the OWS In-a-gadda-davidas!

More significantly, the fist thrust heaven-ward has become an all too frequent semiotic tool.

There is nothing so impressive as the calloused hands of a man who actually works for a living with skill, professional piety, and determination.

There is nothing so laughable as the milky white digits of a latter-day Hero of the Proletariat.

Man, put them back in the pockets of your North Face, son.

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