Saturday, October 15, 2011

Elite Class Warriors Hang a Strawman in Effigy

"Cheers: Coach Buries a Grudge " (1984)

Tom: Let's hang him in effigy.
Ernie 'Coach' Pantusso: To hell with that. Let's hang him right here in Boston.

I am neither the sharpest bulb in the box, nor the brightest knife in the drawer, but know not to dance a fine jig in a steaming and teeming cow pasture, in order to pick up an ice cold gallon of moo juice. I step lightly and nimbly on the concrete streets of my neighborhood and go directly to the dairy case of County Fair Foods.

Call me crazy, call me lazy but $ 2.24 for a gallon of Kemp's 2% is preferable to spending untold hours with a trowel or sharp stick de-defecating my boondockers.

Likewise, I enjoy a paycheck that will clear upon deposit at Beverly Bank.

When 516 City workers (laborers, bus drivers, Streets and Sanitation workers, clerks and crossing guards) stand a solid chance of layoff, I know that fewer families will be able to afford Catholic school tuition. The economic mess that is the American economy hurts the people who Ivy League Academics, MSNBC, Editorial Boards, Brahmin Appointees like Forrest Claypool, and the DNC play at helping.

The Elites build many strawmen - Chicago Progressives like Toni Preckwinkle and Forrest Claypool stay employed by attacking powerless workers in their budgets, Machine Bosses ( try and find one), Skilled Trades Leaders and middle class helots. the mantra is always It is not our Policies that Fail, You People Don't Pay Enough!

Kids and glue-sniffers love that.

The Occupy Everything Movement nonsense and the toddler Obama Administration are fast and furiously Hell bent on stringing up A Strawman. The Strawman is the mythical Rich. This strawman is a caricature like 19th Century cartoonist and anti-Catholic bigot Thomas Nast's cartoons of plutocrats.

The plutocrats in fact are creating the Strawman that people on the Left are burning in effigy. The real Plutocrats are the trust funded, insulated activists who have colluded with Bill Clinton, Goldman Sachs, Fannie & Freddie Mae, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Barney Frank and Chris Todd to force the myth of Real Estate Mortgages as a Civil Right.

Here in Illinois ten or more years ago, smart legislators saw a problem: if a man had no or almost invisible income per his Income Tax returns, how could he afford a mortgage? Former Illinois State Representative Kevin Joyce pointed that problem out. Zip codes that were home to the most impoverished Illinois residents were a signal. Rev. Jesse Jackson tossed the race card in reply. Remember?

People qualified for mortgages without any discernible proof of an ability to meet those mortgage payments. Soon, homes purchased on a promise went into foreclosure and property values took its continuing nose dive. That mortgage bubble built by the Elites burst in 2008.

Plutocrats never tend to be pipe fitters, carpenters, millwrights, machinists, cops or firemen.

Plutocrats are Kennedys, DuPonts, Rockefellers, Buffets, Gates' and Oprahs. They are unaffected by the collapse of the economy and they are just fine with Class Warfare.

The Class Warfare targets today are Capitalists, whoever they might be; billionaires with jets; 'sFat Cats and Dry Cleaners.

The Middle Class was shrunk, not because of Bush, or Pipe fitters, it has shrunk because too many of us are not only charging into, but rolling happily through the endless cow pasture, in the mistaken notion that by milking organically fed cows, one can get an ice cold gallon of pasteurized 2% Milk of Amnesia.

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