Monday, October 03, 2011

Big Shoulders City? For now.

Soon, Progressives will be Chicago's Sole Demographic - a real celebration of Diversity.

I had a wonderful dinner conversation with friends on Saturday night. Conversation can be a 'remember when' litany of my past sins, crimes and misdeamenors; that is generally an element of family gatherings.

Good conversation and great conversation is participation of insights and observations that each member at the heaping board brings like the covered dishes, salads and desserts. I made Caldo Verde and it was SENSATIONAL! The final application of finely chopped mint and cilantro pumped up the spicy sauage chunks, pureed spuds, and minced kale. This breeder can work a skillet and sauce pan.Not much on desserts, though - I eat them like a man going to the chair, but generally louse up a recipe. Go figure.

The post-prandial chat was sweet and spicy!

My friend Elias Crim, Chicago Director of Res Publica America, an upcoming multi-disciplinary think tank, pushed the chat out of the local political sphere with his recent studies of Detroit and other American cities.

Detroit is no longer in the top 20 American cities and neither are St. Louis, Buffalo, Kansas City and Cleveland. Elias refered to a study conducted on the 2007 census by Scott Summer for Wall Street Pit - Global Market Insight.

Here is an interesting tidbit:

In addition to Detroit, here are some other cities ( here's the payoff!)where residents can enjoy more open space, uncrowded streets, nice museums and symphonies, and beautiful old homes at rock bottom prices:

St. Louis: 857,000 to 319,000, Cleveland: 915,000 to 397,000, Buffalo: 580,000 to 261,000

I was born in 1955, so to me those three will always be big cities. But they have fewer people than Mesa.

These cities are not in the top 20:

Baltimore, Boston, Seattle, Washington DC, Nashville, Denver, Milwaukee, Portland, Las Vegas, Kansas City, Atlanta, Miami, Cleveland, Oakland, Minneapolis

And these aren’t even in the top 50:

New Orleans, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Buffalo

Prediction: Austin will be the fastest growing big city in America over the next 50 years.
(emphasis my own)

Austin? That's in Texas.

On Sunday, I read that Chicgo Board of Options Exchange is planning to move from Chicago's Loop. , , to Texas! Austin, n'cest pas?

CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago-based CBOE Holdings Inc., parent of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, is holding talks with officials of several states about a possible move of its headquarters.

With its action, the CBOE joins the CME Group Inc., the world’s largest futures exchange operator, in considering relocating its headquarters because of an increase in Illinois’ tax rate to 7 percent from 4.8 percent.

CBOE chairman Bill Brodsky told the Chicago Tribune the exchange does not want to leave, but the state’s tax structure as it relates to the exchange “is virtually punitive.”

CME Group has held discussions with at least five states about moving its headquarters and several hundred staff members. However, its main trading floor and other functions would remain in Chicago.

Both exchange operators are talking with Illinois officials.
Texas for the Chicago Board of Options Exchange? What about that HUGE real estate property dominated by Trading Companies? Texas?

That's that goat-roping, Aggie Guv Rick Perry's state, is it not; the one that is called business friendly? For real?

Perhaps, this announcement is merely the fabled motor oil soaked 2 X 4 that will be brought down hard on the bridge of the nose of Governor Pat "Ralph Martire Said More Taxes" Quinn, in order to get that worthy's attention.

Perhaps it is all part of the plan to provide more open space, fewer children. sweeter police, an abscence of minority folk and white ethnic worker bees, Catholics and breeders from the City of Big Shoulders.

I think it is more the later than the former.

Evidence? Well, instead of the Virgin Mary Blue Recycling truck crews at Karin's Dunkin' Donuts at 104th & Western ( a bell weather of City employees) there was a thick squad of Waste Management gents ordering Coffee An' - Waster Management is part of the smart sizing of Chicago's Middle Class. The big Rook taking out thousands of jobs will be the Grid System, replacing the Ward City Services ( Snow Removal, Tree-trimming, Waste-Hauling & etc.).

The Middle Class will have fewer minority and white ethnic breeders able to afford life in the City of Big Shoulders.

Cops and Firemen will be asked, by the Mayor's Vox Progressive Editorial Boards and WTTW nodders - Chicago Needs Fewer of you anyway, or Freedom to live outside, this our City? After all EVERYONE knows Chicago cops are brutal, corrupt, racist and mostly breeders; firemen are racist, corrupt, breeders. Keep enough to make Block 37, Lakeview, Boystown and Loop safe and banish these children of Eve to some Rube hinterland.

Tempting? You bet, if you are single, without children, homosexual, affluent, health doctinal, secular and Progressive. Chicago would be just ducky without all those mustachioed, low-brow, beer swilling, Marlboro men and their baby machines.Museums, Planned Parenthood outlets, a Child-and Smoke Free Millenium Park, Dog Walks, Flashy Entertainment Venues, Green Open Space, River Walks, Bicycling highways to replace the Jane Addams and Dan Ryan, and organic food everywhere will replace churches, schools, office buildings, and whole neighborhoods.

Chicago commericial real estate possibilities are smaller than Congressman Mike Quigley,

There are seventy empty storefronts on Western Ave. between 87th & 155th Streets. The Loop itself is a mirror of Western Ave. - ask any commercial real estate expert about space available. There's plenty. Commercial now mean away.

It will be a Progressive Paradise enjoyed by . . .Progressives!

Pack your bags, or get serious.

We seriously discussed the future of the American City. Maybe, the worker bees and neighborhood breeders will consider the changes a'coming.
Smart Size!

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