Sunday, October 20, 2019

Cold War South West Lake Michigan Shore - The Nike Sites

The C-47 -Portage, Indiana Nike Missile Site from 1954-1972 was a part of the defensive ring of anti-missile batteries that garlanded the Lake Michigan shoreline. The Last Line of Defense - Chicago’s Nike Missile Sites

The threat of death by Communism was very real and its palpable, existential presence was part of every day life for people on the south side of Chicago and Northwest Indiana.

As a child, I remember going to the Museum of Science and Industry with my Uncle Bart and future Aunt Betty (c 1957) and remarking on white ballistic missiles sited along Lake Shore Drive.  “ Those are Mike Sites, Padgeen,” the recently discharged Korean War veteran uncle replied.  “They are there to keep the Reds from killing us,”. he further explained.

Sixty-two years later, I retain a healthy fear of the Reds.  They still would like to kill us, but they have chosen to legislate and tax us to death, rather than inflict thermo-nuclear war on us all - not they might not opt for that once the dough vanishes.

Last Tuesday, as our bus load of Marquette Catholic High School students returned to Michigan City from the wonderful Holocaust Museum in Skokie, passed by Wolf Lake, I pointed to the last indication of Hammond Nike Sites along Sheffield Avenue.  One of the freshmen challenged my veracity and went to Nike Sites Hammond Google.

“Yep, Mr. Hickey nailed it!  Dudes, check it out!”

The young cynic presented a number of photos from the world wide web.

These sites were abandoned in 1972 as no longer relevant.  Communism was treated very much in the same way.  Nothing to worry about.

Once the existential threat was removed, who. needs anything else?  Just like real life, “ God, get me out of this and I will be a modern day St. Sebastian!”. Threat removed and penitent goes total libertine!

I hope that teachers remind students of these sites as historical artifacts to the times when the nuclear cloud and the very genuine threat of Communism hung heavily over all of us.

My Uncle Bart fought the Reds in Korea as a U.S.Marine.  The threat of the Reds was very clear to him and my future Aunt Betty.  Sophisticated people who see abortion as a health care laugh at their  existential fears of the 1950’s & ‘60s and vote in people to Offices 2019 who may have helped take away the Nike sites with its spectral caveat concerning mad socialism and a sound wariness over a system of economics that has a history of slaughtering millions of people.

It is interesting that it took a trip to Skokie’s Holocaust Museum to jog my memories about Nike Sites.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Sadie Hawkins Dance 2019 - I’m A Goin’! Can I say that these days?

From 1934 to 1977 ( FDR -Jimmy Carter Administration), there was a comic strip that made fun of white people who live in fly-over America. These are People elites might never have encountered - persons from Lower-Slobovia and all treated with humorous respect by the creator.  Al Capp’s artistry was so popular that a  hit musical comedy was born of its celebrity.

Li’l Abner was not a Gangstah rapper gunned down at the behest of Chief Keef.  For fact, it was a comic strip theater featured the lives of white folks from the mountain hamlet of Dogpatch.  The denizens old Dogpatch were hillbillies, or as today’s PC cranks might offer Mountain Williams.

One of these Deplorables was the unfortunate daughter of the founding family, Sadie Hawkins.   Sadie was . . .homely.  One of Life’s Unplucked Flowers, like a Sister of Mercy back in the day, Sadie Hawkins, not a Mackeral Snapper, but a Bible-belted bringer-in-of-sheaves, resorted to whining to her Paw that no man wanted to her.  Paw came up with a race requiring every eligible bachelor in Dogpatch to get a running start from his homely child and head for the tall pines.  If Sadie could catch her man, she’d keep him.

Out of this misogynistic bit of patriarchal law-laying-down, arose the Sadie Hawkins Dance.  In every high school gym in America Sadie Hawkins Dances required the girls to ask the boys out to the jig.

The boys are honor-bound to accept and have fun.

Tonight, I will chaperone a Sadie Hawkins.  In English class last week, I revealed the etymology of the name of the dance, much to the surprise and delight of one and all.

The Dance is almost sold out.

My only beef is the fact that there is no band.  Kids no longer go to dances with bands.  That is a tragedy.  There will be a DJ.

I will duke the platter-spinner a double sawbuck to ensure that the following numbers are played:

Hold me

Just Ask the Lonely

Land of 1000 Dances

Devil with the Blue Dress On

A Fin a piece is a bargain to educate young American Catholic young men and women.

Monday, July 22, 2019

The Sun Times Remains a Sad Joke

“ Men in sport coats mulled about and women clutching designer navigated the second floor .  .   . “ Tom Schuba Chicago Sun Times (print edition) sentence one of paragraph one to Pot Goes Mainstream

" Men clad in sport coats mulled about and women clutching designer purses navigated the second floor of a Loop hotel hosting a major investment conference."  Tom Schuba edited after paper had gone to print. 

The Chicago Sun Times was once a local newspaper; today it is pamphlet put out by alleged labor lovers and actual Leftists.  Lynn Sweet is doing the black bag work for Mrs. Obama and DNC, Neil Steinberg has still not completed reading Dante's Divine Comedy, but mentions that he is reading it, Mary Mitchell continues to draw a salary and a pasty goof named Gene Lyons make the afore mentioned threesome seem to write like Dorothy Parker, Ted Dreiser and Audre Lorde.  The Sun Times is a pamphlet and a bad one at that.

One pamphleteer for this organ is the above cited Tom Schuba - any relation to the folks who own that fine and hip saloon on the northwest side? Schuba laced up his spikes for another Sun Times fellation  of Governor Pritzker's Weed Empire

Out of the blocks, Schuba sprints into a hurdle - words mean something.

Men is sport coats might very well mull about somewhere and at some time and in some place, but not in this instance.


think about (a fact, proposal, or request) deeply and at length.
"she began to mull over the various possibilities"
synonyms: ponder, consider, think over/about, reflect on, contemplate, deliberate, turn over in one's mind, chew over, weigh up, consider the pros and cons of, cogitate on, meditate on, muse on, ruminate over/on, brood on, have one's mind on, give some thought to, evaluate, examine, study, review, revolve; More

or to have been warmed, if liquid men, with spices and sugars added.

Lynn Sweetner, mayhaps?

I believe Master Schuba meant top say "Men in sports coats milled about . . .  the second floor of a Loop hotel hosting a major investment conference."  Millining about suggests an accurate apprehension of what was going down on the 2nd floor lobby.

Thus! mill around. — phrasal verb with mill verb [ T ] uk ​ /mɪl/ us ​ /mɪl/ (UK also mill about) If a group of people mill around, they move around with no particular purpose or in no particular direction, sometimes while waiting for someone: In the square, people were milling around in the sunshine.

Now, as to Master Schuba's missing noun ( purses - designered and clutched) we will leave that to the universally poor editing of the hardest working propaganda organ this side of NEWSPEAK.

That Tom Schuba screwed the pooch at paragraph one is clear to a reader of the print edition --the one that comes out after newsmen scream, 'Stop the Presses!' when a pooch is having been proved screwed.  Proper screwed.

That Tom Schuba would countenance the fact that he did, in fact, have his wicked way with this puppy ain't gonna happen.

Pravda never printed a disclaimer and the Chicago Sun Times will consider no such thing.

Animal Farm requires no inquiry, no memory and no conviction.

Mull that one over. 

Monday, July 15, 2019

I.C.E. ! Wolf! Hysterics of the Media and Real People

Dick Durbin goes Matlock in solidarity with people who will not be swept up by I.C.E.

I live in the real world.  I work in the real world.  I work at a huge Bakery/Packaging factory in Alsip, IL.

So & So Snacks makes cookies, pretzels and wildly over priced gluten free crackers for affluent, mildly educated white people.

In my time with this company, I have made the gluten free 100% cheese crackers and now package and pallet them for shipping.

I an one of three non-minority majority ( African American, Latino, or Mexican) workers among the more than 100 in Gluten Free ( aka 'Nasty Crackers") production and shipping.  The vast majority of workers are Mexicans and most likely immigrant - I have no idea, much less care about their legal status - Mexicans are the greatest workers. 

By greatest I mean this.

  • They struggled to get to this country by the most perilous path and many lost loved ones in the process
  • Mexicans sing while doing the most dull, onerous, difficult and messy tasks
  • They use break-time to help out their 'neighbors' on other lines - pretzel and cookie dough workers help the cracker stackers
  • Mexicans do the work sniffed at by black and white Americans as 'too degrading' until the native born get shamed into picking up their end of the tasks
  • They never drink, smoke dope, or snort cocaine during working hours
  • Mexicans stay until every aspect of the job is completed and the work stations are properly cleaned for the sanitation crews to come along and prepare for the next shift
  • They sing and laugh - Americans piss and moan
These past weeks the American media ( papers, cable, TV and radio) shrieked about Immigration ( I.C.E.) raids, not unlike those black and white images from Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List -colorized of course, blared from every outlet and useless idiots like Senator Dick Durbin
moued before the cameras wearing Matlock Suits, while hair-gel'd dimwits like David Muir warned that jack-booted Trumpian thugs were coming for brown residents - ON SUNDAY!!!!!

I went to Mass on Sunday and our altar boys and their parents were on hand.  Pout of curiosity, I took a swing by the Cracker Factory and Mexicans showed up for over time work, as well as the Blue Hair-netted Line Bosses ( Mostly African American).  

I was off work today, as I needed to repair an Apple I-Pad that I will need when I begin teaching in three weeks.  Before, I drove to Jet CO Device Repair on North Wells, I popped over to work - there were Lette from Durango, El Padrone from Mexico City, Jospehina from Durango, Emma, the opera singer, from Vera Cruz, Matin from Toluca, Martina from Sonora and the balance of the gang.

I was greeted with, " Oye abuelo ¿Dónde está tu ropa de trabajo? ¿Vas a ir a Indiana de nuevo?

In my best Spanglish I replied, "¡No, bebés! Quería ver si Trump te atrapó a ti y a los niños."

They laughed and waved me off on my way. 

Our news media will turn this country into a fascist state before too long.  

It operates on fear and hysteria and depends upon un-inquiring minds and nodding caitiffs to fulfill its mission to make America an oligarchy. 

Americans are most certainly the least inquiring of minds. 

Let us pray they retain some courage of genuine conviction. 

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Shrimp Cocktails and The Colonies of Liberty!

Happy Fourth of July!

I spent the day fishing the Kankakee River at Custer Park along Route 113 and had only two lackluster tugs by a denizen of the deep, or cresting waters.

My boon chum and I gave up the lures and headed back to Cook County before the next phalanx of storm clouds pelted us with hail and silver dollar sized droplets.

We had a great time cast-drifting for small mouth and snagging driftwood. The piscean Illini of the mighty Kankakee remain unhooked and free!

We stopped at the Rocketship in Wilmington for a celebratory pot roast sandwich.  I had a GreenRiver and my pal a cold Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer,

Our table talk centered on foods, dining, America's Youth, our shrinking cultural contexts due to my allusion to young African Lad with whom I labor at J & J Snacks ( formerly Labriola Bakery) in Alsip, Illinois.   I explained.

I work on the packaging and shipping line for the Parm Crisp Division of this worthy firm.   I had worked making Parm Crisps - a gluten free lure for white people with more money than taste.  These 'sophisticated' snacks come in three ounce packages and sell for a husky $ 4.95 at most marts.

Here is the recipe:

  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
  • Pour a heaping tablespoon of Parmesan onto a silicone or parchment lined baking sheet and lightly pat down. A silicone baking sheet is highly recommended. ...
  • Bake for 3 to 5 minutes or until golden and crisp. Cool.
J & J Snacks uses only 40 pound wheels of delicious Belgiosio Parmesan and quarters, chops shreds and particles the dairy delicacy into a  very fine dust and bakes accordingly.

The product reminds me of particle-board - De Gustibus Non Est Disputandem.

Tony Marxist Oak Parkers flock to Whole Foods and other outlets and lay down a fin per package - that's $5 for twelve crisps weighing in at 3 ounces.

Go figure.

A month ago, I requested transfer to shipping and packaging where I am delighted to work with African American working women and gents and a legion of Mexican immigrant Americans.  These people humble me.  They work long hours for an average of $11 per hour and never fall out and always over compensate for inferior equipment and understaffed crews with hard labor, grit and great good humor.

I package between 600-900 boxes ( 7-9 pallets) per shift, Our labeling machine has a faulty closing arm and now have an 18 year old Temp named T working with me.

He is a baby face with a very sweet nature - guileless and respectful of women and  his aged white co-worker and shipping mentor.

He tasted our product and concurred with my judgment that you will never go broke underestimating rich white people. " Cracker's nasty!"  he exclaimed.

This cracker cab be nasty, but I am generally sweet natured.

Our bonding took a turn toward tastes in food.  I told him that any great dinner out should include and appetizer of shrimp cocktail.  T had never heard of this hors d'oeuvre.

I began, " This seafood specialty originated in Great Britain and consists of cooked chilled prawns      ( large shrimp) arranged and dolloped with a sauce consisting of catsup, mayonnaise and Tabasco - in Old Blighty and Ketchup and horseradish here in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave - served in a chilled martini glass on both sides of the pond.:

" Pond, Old School?"

'The Pond refers to the Atlantic Ocean, Young Folks."

These days young Americans have a very diminished capacity for confronting cultural contexts.  T had never heard of Sarah Vaughan, Joe Williams, or Miles Davis, let alone understood my reference to a co-worker taking a Steve Brody off of the railroad bridge crossing the Cal Sag.

America should be big enough to school our young 'uns in matters of taste.

Our elites eat gluten free 'nasty crackers' that cost $ 5 a dozen.  Eighteen year old African American Lads who work 40 hours a week for $11 should be directed to enjoy a shrimp cocktail, for the love God, His Holy Mother and All the Saints.

Our Founding Fathers would concur. I think.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Asses and the Pig - Illinois Re-Fabled

Thus oft the industrious poor endures reproach
From rogues in lace, and sharpers in a coach;
But soon to Tyburn sees the villains led
While he still earns in peace his daily bread
. Thomas Bewick
BUT never in Illinois 2019 - thus oft and always!
Illinois' first statewide capital plan in 10 years will include spending on everything from an expansion of high-speed broadband internet to sewage system development. The bulk of the money -- $33.2 billion -- will be spent on transportation projects. An additional $4.3 billion will be spent on state facilities, $3.5 billion on education projects and $1.2 billion on environmental projects.
To pay for it all, the Democratic-controlled Legislature approved the expansion of gambling around the state, including new casinos in Chicago, Rockford, Danville, Williamson County and a yet-to-be-decided site in a Cook County suburb south of Chicago. Supporters say the state's share of gambling revenue will be $2 billion in one-time licensing fees and an additional $400 million a year when all the casinos are up and running.
"We're responsibly expanding gaming at the request of cities that want to make sure that they have the resources to pay for police and firefighter pensions, and to fund vital services," Pritzker said. Daily Herald

Illinois is a kleptocracy.  Aesop, and other dead white males. warned of the looming moment when Venezuela will make Illinois look like Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.   Illinois has reversed the morals taught by Aesop, Phaedrus, Croxal and Beckwith, as well as the diversity demanded Munika-Jakata fables of the Buddhist traditions.   In Illinois, Pigs prosper and working stiffs prove ourselves Asses.

An Ass is an equine working quadruped - bears burdens and is rewarded with carrots, sugar cubes and is pensioned off.  A Pig eats, rolls in filth, defecates, procreates, eats more and is slaughtered for his bacon & etc.

Aesop wrote of The Ass ( us) and The Pig (0ur Elected and Protected Elites) as a cautionary tale for men and women.

A Pig ate everything that came within his sight and snout, not unlike our Governor and most elected legislators, mayors and trusted public servants.

The Ass returned from his labors and refused to eat goodies left behind by the demised porker, believing that devouring everything was somehow bad.

In WOKE Illinois, we know that the opposite is the fact.

Facts are what are used by public school educators to support any conclusion determined to be satisfactory, like gender neutrality, pension jackpots, weed is not dangerous, gambling is good, gas should be unaffordable, the poor will have more company,  State controlled apprenticeships and severe punishments for nonconforming citizens of unprotected races, genders and colors.

Facts fatten Pigs and have nothing to do with what was at one time referred to as Truth, but is now dismissed from Free Port to Cairo.

Pigs prosper and Asses vote them into power.

Pigs never die in Illinois.  Babies do in Illinois at State funded Abortion Mills ( aka Planned Parenthood).

They'll never pay taxes, or drive petroleum fueled vehicles.

Drive a car?

I filled up this morning at Thornton's on Western Avenue; next week, in Hammond.

Saturday, June 08, 2019

Adieu, sophistique de l'Illinois - I'm A By-Gawd Hoosier Chawbacon!!!!!

Come August, I will again reside in the great State of Indiana.  From 1988-1999, I spent many happy years in the Hoosier State.

Now, I am only too happy to bid farewell to Illinois.

I loved Illinois.  From Freeport to Cairo and from Momence to Quincy the plain people of Illinois lived up to our homeliest and most beautiful of American Presidents - for whom our auto licence plates pay homage, if not the antics of our homegrown and imported elected officials.

I no longer choose to reside and pay taxes in a State that is dedicated to Infanticide, Weed and the economic Genocide of the Middle Class.

I am no where near sophisticated enough to do so.

I am no Kelly Cassidy, let alone a Heather Steans ( even if I willed to either one avail myself of a gender ambiguous water closet).  Them gals are Sophisticates!

No, I am an urban rustic at heart, a helot, a Hoosier, if you will.

A Sophisticate has no qualms about equating health care to the slaughter of innocents and a sophisticate can watch the Rev. Michael Pfleger dictate doctrine to Chicago Cardinal Cupich with homiletics gleaned from the editorial page of The Sun Times without pisser lui-même, ses chaussettes et ses birkenstocks.  Hell, I can't!!!!!  That race-baiting Cracker in the Collar kills me!!!!!

A Sophisticate understands that Blue Collar values are always wrapped in a Rainbow Flag ( 100%, 24-7 and Siempre!) and I just don't see that.  Euclid works fine.  I believe that treating everyone respectfully and kindly is the thing to do, but that two gents will never require an obstetrician's talents even with Bill Nye the Science Guy bulling away for them at Monsanto Chemical.  Rainbow Flags are terrific, by the way and so are Pride Parades - taking a florist, a baker or anyone to court to score points and punish people is not so prideful.

A Sophisticate can parse the news to browbeat millions of people into voting for a bloated billionaire with most of his dough socked away in Caribbean off-shore tax-havens, while keeping his 'walking-around money' to face the Illinois tax-handlers of the very friendly Susan Mendosa, Comptroller of Illinois for the Fair Tax pruning. My large extended family, who voted lustily for JB Pritzker and all he stands for, will be plucked like feathered Perdue unfortunates and abused at the gas pump, like Fair Oaks Farm animals, until last week.

A Sophisticate from Illinois voted in every louse who voted For and Present on the Kelly Cassidy and Heather Steans ( Governor JB Pritzkers Weed Go-to-Gals in the Illinois House) monstrous Infanticide legislation and only raised an eye-brow when Cullerton and Madigan sneaked in a $1,600 bonus pay raise for their loyal Assembly creeps.  Baal is smiling all over Illinois.

Health Care is a euphemism for murder in Illinois.

My watch is over.

I was a high school teacher and I watched many kids get fouled up on Marijuana and a good number of those very sweet souls died taking the drugs that Weed gatewayed their foolish exits. Booze is bad. Weed is worse. Like I said I am not sophisticated enough to admit otherwise, having witnessed the empirical truth.

Illinois is for sophisticates only.

  • Illinois will have zero Middle Class very shortly
  • Illinois will no longer boast talented artists, writers and public spirited philathropists
  • Illinois will resemble Cairo on the Ohio River,  by 2020 and Caracas, Venezuela by 2025
  • Illinois will be comprised of people of great wealth and those to serve them
  • Illinois will tolerate no conversation - Lynn Sweet, Eric Zorn and SEIU will determine all future conversation
  • Illinois will be a national Abortion Mill, Weed Dispensary and Casino
  • Illinois will be governed by theft

I am a by-God Hoosier Chawbacon, come August!!!!!

Friday, June 07, 2019

Illinois Oblivion Gets a Splash of Holy Water


          All Novelty is Oblivion - From Sir Francis Bacon On Life's Vicissitude

"and those who were not saved by wisdom drank more than was necessary; and each one as he drank forgot all things." Plato - The Republic

The Greeks believed that there were five underground rivers in Hades and one of them was Lethe - Oblivion. This was forgetfulness. The dead were forced to drink waters from Lethe in order to forget the wisdom of Life.  The really stupid drank deeply of this river.

Illinois is Oblivion.

Illinois is the State , where a bloated billionaire, who hides most of his wealth in Caribbean tax shelters in order to fair tax his walking around money, was joyfully elected Governor over a Harley riding poser Republican Governor whose sole role in life was to hold the Governor's seat for the bloated billionaire, where infants are to be served up hot to the knife of abortionists, people already dazed and confused by reality can purchase marijuana cultivated and retailed by the bloated billionaire Governor and his family and celebrate the $.19 per gallon tax to the tank in their Lexi with night of expanded gambling.

This is Illinois - not a wide awake State.

You may have forgotten that Illinois was the home of the Illinois Confederation - Aboriginal tribes of folks ( the Ojibwa, the Pottawatomie, the Sac,  & etc. who welcomed the Black Robe from France and the message of Christ's Gospel that he brought with him and not scalps, cholera, or syphilis as Howard Zinn educated blowhards teach our children these days,

No, Pere Marquette was welcomed and heartily so and in 1645 the Jesuit priest and Illinois Confederation celebrated the Mass - The Eucharist near Starved Rock in present day Utica, Illinois.

Illinois Oblivion, or our Zinn trained educators and the Media have erased our collective memory in order that our elected officials, like the bloated billionaire for whom I cast a vote in order to help erase the memory of Bruce Rauner who would rubber stamp laws ushering in evil, folly and fun, just got splashed in the face with holy water by Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield.

Bishop Paprocki has denied the Eucharist, welcomed by the Illinois Confederation in 1645, to Illinois Speaker of the House Mike Madigan and Illinois Senate Majority Leader John Culerton, because" They have obstinately persisted in promoting the abominable crime and very grave sin of abortion as evidenced by the influence they exerted in their leadership roles and their repeated votes and obdurate public support for abortion rights over an extended period of time.”

Already the media is howling venomous outrage against Bishop Paprocki, but Catholics find comfort that at least one Catholic churchman is sticking his neck out to save lives.

I hope other prelates follow his example and refuse Communion to elected officials who support abortion.

Perhaps, Illinois may wake up altogether.

Bishop James Paprocki may have roused Illinois from its deadly slumbers.  Maybe not.

Chicago's Cardinal Blase Cupich has not been allowed by Rev. Michael Pfleger to stray from Democrat doctrine. Those two clowns drank very deeply from Lethe's waters, 

Friday, April 05, 2019

Happy Birthday to Bill Koloseike and Michael Moriarty

Happy Birhday to Two Great Americans  - Bill Koloseike '92 and Michael Moriarty in the neighborhood of Ageless.  These pals of mine have helped untold thousands of people.

 Bill Kay - yeah, that Bill Kay: Mr. Chrysler, Ford, Chevy and Nissan Illinois - built a school and church in Uganda that flourishes.  At the age of 78 Bill learned Spanish in order to teach ESL to hundreds of people in the Aurora area and Bill has donated Millions of Dollars to assist Leo High School families meet the cost of Catholic high school tuition.

Michael Moriarty, a gifted athete,  is not only one of America's greatest actors, but also an accomplished pianist and composer.  He has roots in Chicago's Canaryville Neighborhood and his uncle Albert Died fighting the great Chicago Stockyards Fire of 1910.  His Grandfather played for the Chicago White Sox and the Detroit Tigers and Umpired the American League all through the 1940's and 1950's

Michael is and has been fierce enemy of Abortion -The American Holocaust and has fought bigotry and small-mindedness against gays, African Americans, Jews and women.  No progressive phony, Michael Moriarty battles evil from Euclidian principles and appeals to universal truth.

These two gents deserve huge cakes and drifts of ice cream!

Happy Birthday Lads!

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Good :Steve McQueen's Kid Sues Mogul; Better: Dumbo Crashes

  Thumbing through the Internet, or whatever the Hell they call it, I came upon the  Hollywood Reporter

This news aggregater is chock full of stuff like

  • Did "the Mattrix" Teach Hollywood the Wrong Lessons?
  • The Tiger and the Tragic Trick: Siegfried and Roy's Animal Handler Speaks
  • Big Bang Theory Writers on Mystery They Left Unsolved
All of which I know absolutely not the slightest bit about, or care whatever.  Hollywood is a nuthouse sans rubber rooms for its denizens. 

Movies are awful. 

Remakes of everything, or Marvel Comics involved in socio-political engineering.

Stars are prissy flannel mouths and Starlets are tattooed foulmouthed dimwits.

Television ,and those who populate it, only worse. 

Two items in Hollywood Reporter managed to get my attention.  Steve McQueen's son is suing clothing designer Tom Ford for his dreams and the remake of Dumbo cork screwed into the loam. 

Steve McQueen made cardigans cool and Tom Ford is trying to capitalize on the late actor's fame, according to a lawsuit filed Friday by the late actor's son.
Chadwick McQueen controls his father's rights of publicity and trademark rights, along with City National Bank, and claims Tom Ford's line of "McQueen" sweaters are infringing them.
At the height of his career, which included starring roles in 1968 films The Thomas Crown Affair and Bullitt, McQueen was among the highest paid actors in the world. He died in 1980 but, according to the complaint, commercial use of his likeness is still in demand. In addition to being known as a box office boosting bad boy, his son claims, McQueen was also known for his style.

Steve McQueen is cool.  Tom Ford ?  The fop outfitter wants to sell cardigan sweaters to tiny brains with fat wallets for $3, 500, but will get to use the late great actor and icon's name.
McQueen's son claims the companies are trading upon the actor's reputation and giving the false perception that the sweaters have been authorized by the family. He's suing for trademark infringement, false endorsement and unfair competition, among other claims.
He's seeking disgorgement of all profits plus at least $2 million in statutory damages for each registered trademark and punitive damages — plus an injunction barring the companies from using his trademark, name, persona or likeness or implying an association with the family and an order that all marketing and promotional materials bearing his name or likeness be destroyed. 

Heavens, Gertrude!   Hard to get happy after that. Steve McQueen hung out with stage hands and tradesmen.  He mocked the pretences of 1960's Hollywood and played heroism with grace and dignity.  Watch him mount a horse.

Now about the Disney Mafia's flop
Disney's Dumbo had trouble gaining altitude at the North American box office, where it opened to a disappointing $45 million from 4,259 theaters.
Tim Burton's live-action update of the classic 1941 animated film about a baby elephant with magical ears had been expected to cross $50 million in its domestic debut. Overseas, Dumbo opened to $71 million, including $10.7 million in China, for a global start of $116 million.
Dumbo still easily won the weekend ahead of holdover Us, but it's the lowest start among Disney's high-profile, live-action updates, prompting some box office analysts to question whether there is a built-in fanbase for the nearly 80-year-old property.
Poor reviews didn't help, although audiences liked it far more than critics, bestowing the film with an A- CinemaScore. In 2010, Burton and Disney's live-action Alice in Wonderland overcame a 51 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes to earn $1.02 billion at the global box office in 2010 (Dumbo's RT score is currently 50 percent).
With Easter approaching, Disney is counting on the movie having sturdy legs. "We're very encouraged. We are the middle of rolling spring breaks and we think Dumbo is a good option for families," says Disney distribution chief Cathleen Taff.

The original Dumbo was a brilliant fable for all ages and absent of PC.

Dumbo confounded prejudice without being preachy and offered witty and wholesome direction to six generations.  The animated horror show called Dumbo looks like a trainwreck. It should never have been remade - live action, or cartoon. Hollywood is fetid pool of unimaginative cowardly nodders.

Hollywood Reporter affirms just that.

To Help End Abortion:Leave the Gore on The Cutting Room Floor

There is nothing so horrible as America's love affair with abortion.

It is not something for children - despite the Democrats push to allow babies to kill their own babies without the approval of parents like Illinois' idiotic "Third Reich Imitators of the Legislature - Senator Heather Steans and Representative Kelly Cassidy.

I read Cardinal Cupich's tepid and perfunctory Statement in the St. Cajetan Parish Bulletin

As citizens of a state and people of faith who care about the common good, I urge you to join me and my brother bishops in an effort to defeat this radical departure from current law and practice in our state. Please reach out your State Representative and Senator to urge defeat of these bills. 
This milquetoast in a mitre waited far too late ( March 23, 2109) to say something about the state of Illinois legislating an open season on the innocent and then said nothing.

Real hearts have been broken by these evil bills long ago and thousands of people have taken action and packed the Illinois Legislative Building in Springfield to try and halt this evil long before the Ordinary of America's largest Catholic population opened his thin lips.

House Bill 2495 and Senate Bill 1942 seek to terminate any consideration of human being in the womb, as well as give the green light to Planned Parenthood's abortion mills.

House Bill 2467 and its identical Senate Bill 1594, repeals the Illinois Parental Notice of Abortion Act sand strips parents of the right to prtect their daughters from the probes, scalpels and forceps of Planned Parenthood.

Blase Cupich, a feral political animal with a Pallium, plays coyly with politicians who take Mammon's coin like the Daleys, Durbins, Quigleys, Cunninghams, Burkes and Hurleys of Illinois and their Republican go-along mates.  Abortion is money. Money for Campaigns. Money for Ads and Money for continued self-service.

Abortion is joined at the hip with LGBTQ and Women's Issues.  "Hate abortion and  you hate gays and haughty women," runs its effective nonsequitur. Nonsense works in a non- Euclidian world.

Abortion owns the Media, as well as the politicians.

Abortion owns organized labor and union websites tout the glories of women and wonder of diversity.  Union people with large families vote for politicians who support the American genocide.

My large Catholic extended family does so every election.

I am not in a union.

I hate abortion.

Abortion owns the Arts, as well.  I know too many musicians, thespians and graphic artists who mouth Planned Parenthood platitudes, even though they are kind and generous people.

I know three actors who are fierce defenders of the unborn Mary Carney-Houlihan, her husband Mike and Michael Moriarty. The have dedicated their art and their lives to fighting for the lives of unborn children and often at the expense of lucrative opportunities.  They have been 'woke' for decades.

Pro-Life film makers are rare and generally awkward artists.  Like Pro-Life activists, they tend to be too over the top.

Pro-Life does not mean one needs to be Pro-goof, or Pro-Dilettante. A new film "Unplanned" has made something of a tiny ripple in the debate.

I have seen some scenes and decided that it will fail to help end abortion. Un Planned is the  true story of a Planned Parenthood renegade and abortion survivor, Abby Johnson, who woke to the fact that abortion is, in fact, a dollar drive House of Blood.

Hollywood panned the film and I must go along with the review - bad film, but good propaganda for the people who already understand abortion's intrinsic evil.

The gore and the horror of abortion clinic will not turn hearts and minds.  America is immune to the sight of blood and only too readily relishes hours of down-time viewing dedicated to the dining habits of werewolves, zombies and HBO ingenues and comics.

Aristotle, a dead white man, but an active member of the LGBTQ community of Athens and the court of Macedon, rightly argues in his Poetics, that violence must happen out of sight of the audience in order to effect a genuine catharthis of horror and pity.

That is why we do not SEE Oedipus put out his own eyes, or witness Medea's murder of her sons.

True horror allows the mind to work out the details.  No drama, or actual film of the Holocaust was as chilling as the sober and dreadful luncheon and meeting of Eichmann, Rheinhardt and the other architects of the Final Solution for World Jewry, as HBO's Conspiracy.

The minutes of The Wannsee Protocols was the script of the most terrifying movie  I have ever watched.

Would that a Pro-Life version of this brilliant movie get produced and abortion become understood for what it truly happens to be - the American Holocaust.

In the mean time, we must make Abortion's friends, like Cardinal Cupich, Democrat and GOP politicians who take Planned Parenthood's coin  feel very uncomfortable and ridicule - in the most loud of horse-laughs - the blood-soaked hypocrisy of Planned Parenthood.  Until then America will never be great again. 

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Why Does Cardinal Cupich Refuse to Condemn IlliNois Infanticide Legislation?

Cardinal Cupich condemns every outrage approved by the Media and colors inside the 'compelling narrative' lines.

  • The New Zealand Mosque Slaughter gets a full statement, but nothing about Nigerian Catholics slaughtered
  • Clerical Abuse is roundly sniffed at, but majority homosexual assaults on the victims brushed off
  • Anti-Semitism gets a nod, but nothing on Hamas terrorism, or fashionable Jew-baiting in the Media
  • A howler about the Protection of Minors and Testimonial Dinner for Predator Cardinal McCarrick
  • The City Club of Chicago snores through “The Chicago Story: Our History on the Abuse Crisis and Role in Shaping the Future.” and ignores Blase the Closer's Wrecking Ball Policy on Parishes and Schools
  • Mercy Hospital Shooters get a stern glance and Pfleger stays put
  • 1,000 Oaks California Shooting roundly disapproved and Pfleger stays put and flourishes under Blase the Closer
Never once has Blase Cardinal Cupich, Ordinary of Chicago, Archbishop and priest lifted a pinkie to help condemn the State of Illinois Legislature, Governor Pritzker, the Media, or Illinois Planned Parenthood for the race to Infanticide. 

The crowd gathered for a rally to oppose two bills – HB2467 and HB2495 – that attempt to repeal Illinois’ parental notification law and lift the Illinois ban on late term abortions  (in addition to wiping the law of all other abortion regulations, which extremists call “getting rid of the bad stuff”).
But don’t call it an aversion to the topic in general. On Thursday evening, one day after the event attracted historic crowds and three days after the senate version of the parental notification repeal was passed through committee, the Chicago Tribune posted a column by Eric Zorn, titled: “No, a pregnant teen who wants an abortion should not be forced to tell her parents.”

Nothing appeared in the Catholic New World by way of a nod from Cardinal Cupich. 

The most horrific and evil legislation will allow infants to be tortured and slaughtered in the third trimester of life, live-born children who survive a botched abortion will murdered, children who are not considered mature enough to see certain movies will be allowed to kill a child in their little bodies and people who object to such practises may find themselves in court.

This is America, but once states like idiotic Illinois are allowed to promulgate such savage intent on the inncent lets drop the pretence and say Seig Heil. 

Friday, March 22, 2019

Where is Beverly Review on Illinois Infanticide?

I love the the Beverly Review, but I am now worried that it has gone the way of our elected officials and most of the American media - indifferent to universal truths and values.  I sure hope not.   The loved the Beverly Review

The local newspaper has news about neighbors and especially their children in an extensive schools and local sports section.  You get a real feel for the Beverly, Morgan Park and Mount Greenwood neighborhoods that comprise the 19th Ward, for most part.

Community newspapers usually reflect the hearts of the people who comprise the target demographic.  You get a feel for the most deeply held core values.

Just north of  our lovely Beverly Park at 112th Street is a City of Chicago brown honorary sign renaming the thoroughfare Honorary Dr. Dolehide Way, named for a most gentle Beverly resident and fierce enemy of abortion.  Frequent, Beverly review Contributor Bill Figel wrote,

Although the medical field has changed drastically over the past five decades, Dr. Dolehide's compassionate and gentle bedside manner has always been a constant. He credits the career longevity to his wife, Eileen, whose contributions to church, right-to-life campaigns and family helped offset long hours and weekend rounds at the hospital.
The Dolehide couple dove deeply into the Right to Life movement in the 1960s and has never been afraid to take a stand on issues that are important to them. 
That was in 2014.

Today, our local representatives Fran Hurley and Kelly Burke and State Senator Bill Cunningham have and continue to support legislation that flies in the face of Dolehide legacy and will of local taxpayers, voters and families.

Most voters in this neck of the woods are not comfortable with abortion.   I believe that America lost its greatness in 1973 with Roe v. Wade - if you are OK with the cosmetic murder of a human being, you are probably OK with any else.

Abortion is the original hate crime.

Fran Hurley cast her vote on Illinois HB 40 which would perpetuate the murder of human beings in the womb.  You know, The Vagina is a perfectly wonderful topic for what faux-sophisticates deem conversation and makes a snarky and fun hat worn to show public contempt for President Trump and all who voted for him and many who voted against him and detest abortion.

The "Womb "is a word that stands to be banned by the semiotic-totalitarians who wear pink P-hats and gush over the Personal PAC appointed representatives like Kelly Cassidy and the HB 40 sponsor Sara Feigenholtz.  Fran Hurley needs to keep her head down. Still plenty of 'unevolved' Catholics and Evangelicals in the 35th.  Vagina is Ok.

Fran Hurley voted for this horrible bill meant to overturn the 1975 legislation concerning Roe v. Wade:

“. . . if those decisions of the United States Supreme Court are ever reversed or modified or the United States Constitution is amended to allow protection of the unborn then the former policy of this State to prohibit abortions unless necessary for the preservation of the mother’s life shall be reinstated.”

Illinois stands prepared to make Infanticide the Law of the Land of Lincoln  Illinois House Bill 2495. 

The Beverly Review has yet to editorialize on this issue - the single most important and life ending legislation in years.  The Beverly Review continues to present the laudable work of our representatives on issues that they should be working on.

This week Beverly Review praised Kelly Burke and Bill Cunningham, who have avoided talking about IllInois Infanticide with their pastors and their constituents,  Cunningham on noise and air pollution and Burke on police 'harms way' benefits) which is like praising your kid for doing her homework or going to wrestling practice.

That's nice.

More nice, is the editorial that howls at the idiots who put up racist stickers on the route of the South Side St. Patrick's Day Parade.  Not what one might call Emile Zola moment.

Nothing about the impending third trimester slaughter of a living child.  Illinois Infanticide?

Where is Beverly Review on the premeditated murder of a living infant?

I suspect that Beverly Review, like the supine Chicago Press, wants a cozy relationship with politicians in power.

I would continue to purchase the Beverly Review, if came right out and said - We are for HB 2495!

It will not.

The Beverly Review, like our Quisling elected officials who are Parade Day Irish Catholics, is ducking a thorny issue.

What would Dr. Robert Dolehide say?

What do readers of Beverly Review say?

So much for the free press.

So much for the Beverly Review.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Red Carpet Kim Foxx, Mrs.Obama, Jussie Smollett and Toni Preckwinkle

 Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx in Hollywood with new friends, actresses Amber Tambyln, Olivia Munn, Melissa Fumero, and Lisa Ling - Who paid for the trip? Did the Obama's make this happen?  Ask Toni Preckwinkle!  
Foxx recused herself late in the investigation, but only after she intervened in the case by asking Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson to turn the investigation over to the FBI at the request of a Smollett relative and a former Obama administration official, according to newly-released emails and text messages.
Foxx and the Smollett relative were put in touch with each other by private attorney Tina Tchen, who served as chief of staff for First Lady Michelle Obama and as an assistant to President Barack Obama. 
In a letter to John R. Lausch, the top U.S. Attorney in Chicago, Fraternal Order of Police President Kevin Graham wrote, “private attorneys are not allowed to interfere with ongoing police investigations, particularly at the request of private individuals associated with subjects being investigated by the police.” Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown

 Eating kale chips in a downtown tea shop after a day of campaigning, Kim Foxx described the overhaul she wants to give the Cook County State's Attorney's Office if she wins the March 15 Democratic primary election against two-term incumbent Anita Alvarez, then the general election in November. . . . She pondered on the word for a moment, then smiled. "Let's go with 'transformative.' "

Whatever the proper adjective, Foxx, a 43-year-old former assistant state's attorney, chief of staff to Cook County Board president Toni Preckwinkle, and Alvarez's leading challenger, wants to end what she has called "the tough-on-crime boogeyman approach" to criminal justice that has led to a massive increase in the number of people, particularly blacks and Latinos, ensnared in the system "without making our communities safer."

"The things I'm talking about—some people might not want to [re]elect me after one term," Foxx said. "I want people to hold me accountable for that." The Reader

Toni Preckwinkle created Kimm Foxx and called the media to attention. The Chicago Reader jumped with the above puff-piece that outlined the Preckwinkle agenda to sabotage Cook County Law Enforecment and law itself,

Kim Foxx has marched to Toni's tune.

Undisturbed by media scrutiny of any kind, Kim Foxx has given career crimnals the freedom of the city, county and State, thanks to coxy relationship between the Chicago media and leftist political activists and lawyers posing as civic reform bodies like Reclaim Chicago, the People's Lobby, and the Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice which all take marching orders form Jaimie Kalven's Invisible Institute. 

Money goes to money.

Toni Preckwinkle knows money and took Alderman Burkes filthy lucre, as well as G. Flint Taylor's public support in the fight against Law Enforcement officers universal.

Now, thanks to Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass and independent crime bloger Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown, the Foxx/ Preckwinkle press and legal scrutiny holiday may be over.

John Kass, unlike the Chicago Tribune editorial culture, went after Kim Foxx's fealty to Preckwinkle in 2016:

Preckwinkle, moving to extend her political reach, has been pushing her for the top prosecutor's job, and publicly demanded State's Attorney Anita Alvarez resign.
In other years, perhaps, it would be a wasted exercise.
But this is the year of Laquan McDonald and all things changed.
The protests aren't spontaneous, but orchestrated, pushed by the left and labor. Much of the political theater has been race-based and reflects the legitimate anger of many African-American voters toward police. But all the while the protesters demand the resignation of two Preckwinkle rivals:
Rahm Emanuel and Alvarez.

John Kass exposed Kim Foxx as a 'beholden' vassal in the Cook County Progressive  Political Animal Farm.

In one email, Foxx told Tchen she relayed a message to Chicago PD Superintendent Eddie Johnson, pictured left, about dropping the Smollett case and turning it over to the feds.
"Spoke to the Superintendent Johnson. I convinced him to reach out to FBI to ask that they take over the investigation," Foxx wrote to Tchen.
That same day, Foxx texted Smollett's relative with good news.
"Spoke to the superintendent earlier, he made the ask," Foxx wrote. "Trying to figure out logistics. I'll keep you posted."
"Omg this would be a huge victory," the Smollett relative replied.
"I make no guarantees, but I'm trying," Foxx replied.
"I understand," the Smollett relative typed. "I appreciate the effort."
That same effort wasn't afforded to the city's poor, less politically-connected citizens, noted Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass in his column published on March 15.
Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown added this:
Foxx recused herself late in the investigation, but only after she intervened in the case by asking Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson to turn the investigation over to the FBI at the request of a Smollett relative and a former Obama administration official, according to newly-released emails and text messages.
Foxx and the Smollett relative were put in touch with each other by private attorney Tina Tchen, who served as chief of staff for First Lady Michelle Obama and as an assistant to President Barack Obama.
In a letter to John R. Lausch, the top U.S. Attorney in Chicago, Fraternal Order of Police President Kevin Graham wrote, “private attorneys are not allowed to interfere with ongoing police investigations, particularly at the request of private individuals associated with subjects being investigated by the police.”
Now, Preckwinkle is trying get votes for her designs on the Chicago City Hall 5th Floor.  Kim Foxx helped bring Toni Preckwinkle to this point.

Shortly after Kim Foxx did a solid for Michele Obama, she was feted in Hollywood at the Oscars.

Journalsy Florian Sohnke offers this:

For Foxx, the October 2018 conviction of former police officer Jason Van Dyke, her recusal in the Smollett fraud, and the excursion to Hollywood all intersect.

With sights set on higher office, Foxx traveled to Hollywood intending to create bonds of affection with the chorus line of Left-wing hedge-fund billionaires, movie moguls, and virtue-signaling actors and actresses, all of whom routinely underwrite liberal office seekers. A well-worn path for many elected Democrats with a burning desire to be seated on Capitol Hill, Foxx’s entire thrust in Hollywood was to mix with the monied elite, drum up support for her political ambitions, and engage in the closed-door fundraising efforts which characterize advance campaign activities. Unfortunately for Foxx, the deception concocted by Jussie Smollett was an unforeseen cataclysm which threatened to imperil the entire fundraising mission to the Oscars, and inspired her recusal from the case.
Regardless of the plain absurdity of his claim, in Hollywood’s prevailing wisdom, Jussie Smollett is a weak, helpless member of an abhorred group classifying him as a perpetual victim. Moreover, to Hollywood high society, Smollett is a gay man who absorbed himself in the noble gesture of staging an attack to sensitize the public to the supposed plight of intolerance faced by gay men in America. In contrast, R. Kelly involved himself in evil by engaging in the sinister act of sex with minors. While the Hollywood aristocracy’s response to the charges leveled against Kelly is proper and Kelly’s depraved actions deserve both universal condemnation and criminal prosecution, Smollett remains a victim among the celebrity circus in Hollywood. In view of the fact Hollywood envisages itself a de-facto human rights agency which brings rescue to victims of anti-gay attacks (even fictitious ones), many in Hollywood’s chattering classes are craving leniency be conferred on their latest hero, Smollett.
We know now, that before Kim Foxx went on the Hollywood Oscar junket, that Tina Tchen, Michele Obama's chief-of -staff lobbied the Cook County States Attorney.  Did Foxx tell Toni about doing Mrs. Obama a solid?  Who paid for Kim Foxx's junket? Toni Preckwinkle must be asked these questions.

Nothing is on the square in Chicago.

Foxx, Preckwinkle and Michele Obama play.  Cook County suffers. 

Saturday, March 16, 2019

How's Things in Nineva? USA Same as it was in 1919: Ripsnorter, or Sockdoligizer?

Gospel of LUKE    " Just as Jonah became a sign to the Ninevites,
so will the Son of Man be to this generation." Chapter 11, verse 30
Ripsnorter - Ripsnorter is a slang term for an active, wild or exciting person or thing. An example of a ripsnorter is an extreme sports enthusiast who loves to make a lot of noise when celebrating his team's victory. YourDictionary  

One of the morning gospels this week warned us.  We get warned all of the time and ignore it - put on weight and expect diabetes to hit the guy next door.

I listen to people.  I don't always heed what they are saying, but I sure as Hell hear them.  Some people cry, " It is the end of days!"  It is, especially for the people in the line-up of next week's obituary columns.

History teaches us that,  while everything is change and changing, the same stuff happens over and over again.

America is having problems.  We had problems and will continue to do so.

America is not unlike the USA of 1919.

We had problems with illegal immigration and our neighbors to the south.  Pancho Villa had the good grace to wait until America returned from the Great War to return the compliments of Black Jack Pershing's Punitive Expedition of 1916. How about that wall?

  • June 15 – Pancho Villa attacks Ciudad Juárez. When the bullets begin to fly to the U.S. side of the border, 2 units of the U.S. 7th Cavalry Regiment cross the border and repulse Villa's forces. Hey, Where's the Caravan?
  • Eugene Debs, like Chelsea Manning went to jail, but retained his Adam's tackle.
  • Disasters like the 2019 California wildfire were man-made - The Great Boston Molasses Flood killed 21 people and injured 150 persons
  • Women got the Vote (Women get to sue everyone within elbow distance and Bribe College Admissions yokes)
  • Booze got outlawed ( Dope Got Legal 2020)
  • Socialist made a huge splash at their convention in Chicago and splintered into three factions - even then they ate their own
  • Race riots in Chicago, Kansas City and Omaha in 1919 and Jussie Smollett remains in the news, but two black women will carve each other up in Chicago until one gets enough votes to be Mayor of this dying city with no shoulders to speak of
  • President Wilson had a stoke and President Trump is one
  • Attorney General Palmer fought Communism by harassing Italians and today Communists run most of the American Media
  • Boston Red Sox sell Babe Ruth to the NY Yankees for $150,000 and $150,000 gets short shrift from the College Office of Admissions in 2020
  • The Algonquin Round Table meets for the first time and in 2020 Rex Hupke and Heidi Stevens pass for journalists
Things are always bad.  Have fun with what you have.  I read an article from 2013 by some science editor who boasted, 

I learned a new word the other day: it's “ripsnorter”, and according to the Merriam‐Webster dictionary it means “something extraordinary”. The stimulus for its use – as communicated in an Email bulletin from F1000 under the heading ‘ENCODE: “A ripsnorter of a controversy”’ – certainly lives up to the definition: it's the paper recently published in Genome Biology and Evolution by Dan Graur et al. 1, which essentially takes the ENCODE consortium to task over the meaning and application of a single word, “function”, and its derivative “functional”.  Andrew Moore - editor BioEssays

Jesus Christ Crucified!  Imagine spending time in a stuck elevator at Daley Center with the author above posted?  With NPR piped in?

Yet, you learned the word "ripsnorter?"  Uh, no, Andy. You did not learn the word.  Pancho Villa and Black Jack Pershing were ripsnorters.

A ripsnorter is a noun used as an adjective.  A person was called a ripsnorter, because he exerted a willful delight in putting his whole body into the scrum, the ring, the pile of wood, or the pile to be driven and exuded the joy of combat.

Something extraordinary in our flabby and flatulent epoch is embodied New England Patriot QB Tom Brady and everybody with a maw, lungs, a set of teeth and some limited mental capacity hates Tom Brady with a cordial enmity rivaled only by Trumpo-phobia.  Now, Brady is a ripsnorter.

I love ripsnorters, Hoss.  Not one myself, but love one when I see one!  Trump is a ripsnorter.  Bernie Sanders is a ripsnorter,  Sarah Huckabee is a ripsnorter.   Chicago Mayoral Candidate Laurie Lightfoot is a ripsnorter.

The opposite of a ripsnorter is a sockdoliger. A sockdoliger brings about a sharp conclusion via  "a combination of sock, meaning to give somebody a blow, with doxology, the little hymn of praise sung towards the end of a church service."  A pretentious, scheming officious windbag.

Elizabeth Warren is a sockdoliger.  Felicity Huffman (Mrs. Shameless) is a sockdoliger.  The State of Illinois (elected persons) is a sockdoliger.  Jussie Smollett is a sockdoliger.

A ripsnorter is too busy to sockdolize.

The biblical people of Nineva were sockdoligers.  Jonah was a ripsnorter.  He went into the belly of the big fish, because he happily did what God asked of him.  Dick Durbin is a United States Senator and no ripsnorter and no where near smart enough to be a sockdoliger.

We live in an age that hates ripsnorters and sends sockdoligizing old man traps into public office for life.

That was fun.

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

The Spleen of the Senseless: Why AOC Matters

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has taken Washington, D.C by storm.She successfully ran an insurgent, grass-roots Congressional campaign. She is exceptionally bright. She is incredibly media savvy. She is hugely charismatic, because she is telegenic and photogenic, but also because she consistently seems to be a sincere, authentic, and truly nice and caring human being. In an age of bullshit, she is “real.” And she has the courage of her convictions. She has thus quickly been embraced by the left, reviled by the right, and treated with enormous skepticism by the centerJeffrey C. Isaac
 The left often agonizes over the choice between pragmatism versus utopianism. The “reformists” will argue that what’s important is making “real” change in the present, rejecting any larger vision as “pie-in-the-sky” irresponsibility, while the “revolutionaries” may reject all present compromise in favor of theorizing about a better future, for which the correct historical conditions are always, somehow, yet to arrive. It’s a dumb standoff; reformers need militants to scare the powerful into concessions, as the recent experience of the Fair Labor Association and USAS at Kuk Dong shows. Dissent
 "My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize." Rep. Hank Johnson D-GA upon hearing about adding military personnel on Guam

The Congress is chock-full of goofs, ninnies and grifters. Rep. Hank Johnson thought a troop build-up would capsize the island of Guam.  Congress always has been a home for cretins feebs and dummies. However, there was a time when the dim-bulbs were kept under a cone-of-silence and generally kept out of public view.

Today, Alexandra Occasio-Cortez has become a national acronym - AOC.

Like LSMFT, AOC reflects a spiritus mundi, a zeitgeist, and a political weltanschauung that makes the likes of Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren seem like Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Muriel Siebert and Mercy Otis Warren.

I began my morning with an article by a practiced ninnie and dim-bulb, Indiana University professor Jeffery C. Issacs that further boost AOC as our best hope to become the SPQR of the looming post revolutionary empire:
It is worth taking a moment to think hard about this.
To liberal friends who are pretty skeptical of if not hostile to AOC: what do you make of the fact that it is she who is being singled out for her fine performance? Many more “moderate” and more senior Democrats also had their five minutes yesterday, and yet this 29-year old “radical” would appear to have most intelligently used her time to advance the cause of the rule of law, a liberal value if every there was one, in this matter.
To left, DSA-member friends who love AOC (as I do) but disparage all of those liberals, like me, who continue to place so much emphasis on Trump’s real threats to the rule of law, constitutional due process, and liberal democracy: what do you make of the fact that AOC did not use her five minutes to talk about the Green New Deal (which she rightly talks about all the time!) or to comment on how the hearings are a waste of time and the real policy issues are being ignored (it was the lunatic Republicans who said this). She used her five minutes to ask painstakingly direct and factual questions of the witness, and thus to seriously address the issue at hand in the hearings: the issue of Trump’s unhinged and unaccountable Presidency, and the need to defend constitutional democracy by using constitutionally-prescribed Congressional authority to hold Trump to account.
AOC is much more serious, and politically responsible, and “mature,” and thus important, than most commentators, those who love her and those who don’t, appreciate. While too many, left, right, and center, are using her as a symbol to beat each other up, she is doing her job and being a role model of what Democratic politics can be.

Seriously?  Much thought there, Doc? AOC is much, much more serious?

How about these AOC nuggets? BTW -one quote is from a dead white man -guess which one and win a chance to chill backstage with AOC.
  •  Capitalism has not always existed in the world and will not always exist in the world.
  •  Congress is too old. They don't have a stake in the game.
  •  Women like me aren't supposed to run for office.
  •  I wake up every day, and I'm a Puerto Rican girl from the Bronx. Every single day.
  • To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.
  •  I was born in a place where your ZIP code determines your destiny.
AOC is no TR.

One of the above earned the Medal of Honor, broke horses, worked in Law Enforcement in Wyoming and New Yok City, authored many books and served as Governor, the other Tweets, is a Socialist and managed to beat someone dumber, but without Democratic Socialists of America backing for Congress and will serve but one term before going on CNN, or MSNBC.

AOC will do some legislative damage to the Republic in mean time.

We have given the stage of public debate to be people who could not tell you whick White Sox player in its history was a an all-time favorite, evene though that elected offical and pensioned President of the United States wore a Chicago White Sox hat at every public dress-down affair. 

I taught English for 43 years and voted in every election since 1972.   I ran and lost for Kankakee City Clerk as a Democrat.  PFH is no AOC. 

However, I was never scripted, nor promoted by a professor of Revolution from Indiana University. 

Here in Illinois we have many, many, many AOCs 
  • Jan Schakowsky
  • Danny Davis
  • Mike Quigley
  • Heather Steans
  • Kelly Cassidy
  • Blago
  • Toni Preckwinkle
  • Pat Quinn
  • Forrest Claypool
  • Deb Mell
  • Deb Shore
  • Amy Madigan
All of these People who would starve to death outside of Progressive Democratic Party politics.

Giving the microphone, or the floor, or a public office to the senseless is dangerous, no matter how much delicious spleen they vent, Tweet or . . . God help us . . .legislate. 

Saturday, March 02, 2019

Toni Goes OG on Lightfoot - Shafts Aloft!

Lori Lightfoot was portrayed Friday as a “wealthy corporate lawyer who’s defended the elites in this country” only to “recast” herself as a police reformer when the record shows otherwise. - Sun Times - Fran Spielman cozying up to one angry crone

     “Heroes, approach!” Atrides thus aloud,
     “Stand forth distinguish'd from the circling crowd,
     Ye who by skill or manly force may claim,
     Your rivals to surpass and merit fame.
     This cow, worth twenty oxen, is decreed,
     For him who farthest sends the winged reed.”


"It is a formal letter of defiance," answered the Templar, " but, by our Lady of Bethlehem, if it be not a foolish jest, it is the most extraordinary cartel that ever was sent across the drawbridge of a baronial castle." Walter Scott - Ivanhoe
Only a caitif recreant would hurl such an exraordinary cartle over the drawbridge of a baronial castle.   Straight up, G! Shafts fall!

Well, it took Toni the Phony no time to go scorched earth on Lori Lightfoot. Toni Preckwinkle, who famously dissed Nobel Laureate and Hyde Park emigrant Saul Bellow ( who parted from Chicago shortly after La Preckwinkle broad-brushed her misreading of a Bellow quote) is not even remotely a stranger to fouled waters and muddy-deeds.

Hell, ask her husband Zeus now, safe, happy and no-doubt penshioned off, in Mindanao from the 4th Ward Virago!

Ask Cook County Committeemen who were lashed thoroughly for not immediately backing a Preckwinkle selection for judge.  Preckwinkle is one humorless and nasty person with a room temperature I.Q. - such persons at one time ran the Movie Theatre Projectionists Union.  Now, they become Progressive Cook County Board Presidents and candidates for Mayor of Chicago.

Preckwinkle is painting Lori Lighfoot, a same gender householder and law enforcement misathropist, as Bill Daley, the Daddy Warbucks of La Salle Street Investors, who gave mightily to Bill's recent Leveraged Buy-out of Chicago.  Nonsense, Vieille fille Toni!

By St. Thomas a Becket, your bolts bounced benignly a boulder's toss from Lightfoot's pate.

While I am no fan of Monsieur Pied léger, I find Toni Preckwinkle to be as welcome as a rattlesnake's fangs to my more tender extremities.

I know Lori Lightfoot is a lesbian and that is just fine with me and would have no factor in my vote.  I vote for the dialectal epicene pronoun per ability.   I know Lori Lightfoot is No Bill Daley.  Who Is?

That said, ask Toni Preckwinkle to translate the more exigent sententiae- she was a teacher.