Sunday, September 24, 2017

N.o F.un L.eague ? - Watch High School Sport

Image result for Providence Catholic football Brother Rice Football

The Autumn wind is a pirate
Blustering in from sea
With a rollicking song he sweeps along
Swaggering boisterously.
His face is weatherbeaten
He wears a hooded sash
With a silver hat about his head
And a bristling black mustache
He growls as he storms the country
A villain big and bold
And the trees all shake and quiver and quake
As he robs them of their gold.
The Autumn wind is a Raider
Pillaging just for fun
He'll knock you 'round and upside down
And laugh when he's conquered and won.  Autumn Wind - Oakland Raiders Hymn by John Facenda

John Facenda was the narrator for the wonderful NFL promotional videos decades ago.  Many of us still cling to the mythopoeic phrasing offered by the poetic Mr. Facenda as reason to continue watching, following and tolerating the National Football League and the overpaid myrmidons sporting its logo on all over-priced products, posters and on the field.

John Facenda was the poet of the National Football League

The NFL is now a robot on FOX Sports - fitting and proper.Image result for fox nfl robot

Knots of players have consulted with their agents and PR flaks and decided to sit during the National Anthem, a s means of insulting police, denouncing racism, genocide, sexism. date-rape, drug abuse, sugary beverages and Donald Trump.

I'm fine with that.

I'm tired of the hypocrisy.

Yesterday, and the day before, I had the pleasure of watching sport live at Providence Catholic High School for the freshman football squads and the sophomore/varsity battles on the grid-iron at Brother Rice High School.

All three games were exciting, inspiring and satisfying.  I can not say the same about my Bears, my Packers, my Colts, my Falcons, my Redskins, or my Cowboys - live or on television.

Yesterday morning , in New Lennox, home of Providence Catholic Celtics (btw - no soft C in the Keltic language), the temperature was 94 degrees at 9:30 A.M.  and combat between the respective 40 and 20 yard lines was even more intense.

Celtic quarter Ryan O'Neill # 16 was sensational.  I have never witnessed a QB with such speed, accuracy and poise and I have witnessed Bishop Mac's Kelly O'Connor and Leo High School Amir Holmes.

Brother Rice Crusader quarterback Ben Somers has wowed me for the past five weeks, but this kid
is amazing!  All of the freshmen play with heart and are well coached and highly disciplined.  The Celtics had Ryan O'Neill *and put an end to dreams of an undefeated season. 4-1 is something to be proud of gents!

The defensive squads on both teams were as tight and courageous as any infantry square facing Murat's dragoons and lancers at Waterloo - an homage to Facenda.

Were he still with us, the late John Facenda would fix his eyes on the genuine athletes and avert his gaze from the preeningly artificial thugs dominating professional sport.

Nothing heroic going on in the NFL, NBA, MLB.  Just pirates.

* Ryan O'Neill: Providence Catholic High School - New Lennox, Illinois
Jersey #: 16
Positions: QB, SS
Height & Weight: 5'9" 151lbs
Class of: 2021


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Saloon Dominos in the 19th Ward

Image result for closed saloon
Ubi Sunt?  

The old watering holes of yore are going the way the way of the buffalo, two-tone wing tips, wing tips and 8-tracks.  Every time I read the news another hoary saloon with deep roots in my neighborthood's history is either closed, closing, or up for sale.  

A micro-brewery opened and Jack Kelly's cardioversion of the fabled Dubliner Pub are oddities among the closings and sales of saloons, pubs and taverns in the 19th Ward.  

The passing of the other joints into history's mist is sad, but not mysterious.  The bar business is tough in the best of times, but in an age that scorns the morning cocktail and salon as deplorable uses of time and money it is not surprising.

Working men and retirees often would gather in the mornings and early afternoons for a cold one and to catch up on community chatter.  This phenomenon has died out, due in no small part to the dangers of driving to a watering and hole and making one's way home.  Also, the stigma of meeting up for a pint before the sun's shadow went past yard arm brands a tippler as pathological boozer.  As such, bars open later and close earlier than did in days gone bye.  Tough to build a decent night deposit on that. 

Anyway, saloons are closing all over the Ward.

Maybe that is a good thing.    Maybe not.

* editorial ht/to Jack Kelly!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

A$$holes are as American as Baseball and Witch Burning, Denouncing People and Whining!

The banner is displayed at Fenway Park during the MLB game between the Boston Red Sox and Oakland A’s.

Activists, a synonym for a$$holes, unfurl a banner at a recent Boston Red Sox Game. Why did these White Supremacists not allow even one person of color into their fine  moment?

Dogmatic Dicky Durbin Does Doctrine Duty - Abortion Doctrine

Image result for Dick  Durbin - Dogmatic Demagogue

  • Dogma - “a doctrine or body of doctrines concerning faith or morals formally stated and authoritatively proclaimed by a church.” 
  • U.S. Constitution - “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Officer or public Trust under the United States.” Article VI
  • Dick Durbin - “Do you consider yourself an orthodox Catholic?”
  • Cecile Richards - Planned Parenthood Harpy - “In times like these, you can’t underestimate the importance of leadership.  Planned Parenthood thanks Senator Durbin for fighting for a woman’s access to essential health care no matter where she lives,”
Senator Dick Durbin is nothing if not a clown; an oafish clown at that.

Even the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board of Bruce Dold has been forced to offer a very grudging and tepid criticism of Senator Dick Durbin's oafish treatment of a candidate for the Federal Bench.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., told Barrett that “the dogma lives loudly within you” and worried that it might take priority over the impartial administration of justice. Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois asked, “Do you consider yourself an orthodox Catholic?”

It may seem out of bounds for senators to raise the matter of how a judge’s Catholic faith would affect her decisions. But the senators didn’t raise it; Barrett did, in a 1998 law review article examining the obligations of Catholic judges in death penalty cases. It concluded that judges faithful to church teachings “are morally precluded from enforcing the death penalty.. . . Given that Barrett said judges shouldn’t let religious faith dictate their decisions, the exact content of her Catholicism, which Durbin wondered about, is irrelevant. He and Feinstein also erred by putting the issue in terms that could easily be interpreted to mean they distrust devout Catholics. That gave Barrett’s supporters room to accuse them of indulging bigotry and imposing a religious test for office.
It’s an implausible charge on its face. Both voted to confirm John Roberts and Sonia Sotomayor, who are Catholics. So, by the way, is Durbin, and Feinstein graduated from a Catholic high school.”

Without offering the slightest suggestion of Progressive Secularist Orthodoxy within the twin Senators' Inquisition, the Chicago Tribune  failed to call-out real bigotry. Feinstein and Durbin 'tested's.Barrett's faith in order to block her appointment to the Federal Bench.
Image result for Duick Dogma Durbin
The official religion of the Democratic Party and a very husky hunk of the GOP is Progressive Secularism and worship at the altars of Diversity, Mother Earth, Abortion, Globalism and Oligarchy is all but legislated.

Chicago Tribune columnist and political Latitudinarian John Kass, honestly reported and commented on the oafish and obvious dogmatism of politicians in the pay of Planned Parenthood. This writing savaged the bumptious Durbin.

Bruce Dold seemed compelled to toss out some dish water prose to wash away the blood on Durbin's face.

Durbin went all witch-hunt on Ms. Barrett, in order to show fealty to Planned Parenthood's blood money.

Arthur Miller would have shivered the timbers of the Commonwealth were he alive to pen a new Crucible.

You see, Durbin, is a renegade.  He took the coin of the industry most out of orbit of the Roman Catholic Church - the Abortion Industry.  He not only took the coin but used the office of United States Senator to further its power and influence.

The Catholic Ordinary of the Diocese of Springfield, Bishop Thomas Paprocki noted this in 2014 -

“Senator Durbin was informed several years ago by his pastor at Blessed Sacrament Parish here in Springfield that he was not permitted to receive Holy Communion per canon 915 of the Code of Canon Law,” Bishop Paprocki reportedly wrote in response to a pro-life activist's query, the Illinois Review reported. “My predecessor upheld that decision and it remains in effect. It is my understanding that the senator is complying with that decision here in the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois.”
Canon 915 states that those who have been "obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to holy communion."
No taking of the Eucharist for Durbin in his home diocese, but I am certain he will be admitted to the rail at Holy Name Cathedral, where Pastor Pfleger-approved Cardinal Cupich welcomes political powerhouses.  Take that like  doctrine, brothers and sisters, because Cardinal Blase Cupich will offer no criticism of Durbin, Emmanuel, Preckwinkle, Pfleger or Duckworth.  He will offer no reminders to his media friends, Michael Sneed, Carol Marin, Mary Schmich, or Rex Hupke that the media must afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.

Cardinal Cupich wants to be loved, by the powerful and their stooges - he is. He banned guns from Catholic Churches.  This Sunday I will leave my 9mm on the kitchen counter where it belongs, Priase Jesus!
The Rev. Michael Pfleger, pastor of St. Sabina Catholic Church and a prominent activist against gun rights, said after surveying clergy, the late Cardinal Francis George chose to leave it up to priests to ban firearms from individual parishes. On Tuesday, Pfleger praised Cupich's decree.
"There has been this kind of madness, in my mind, a growing obsession that guns are needed to be safe," he said, adding, "With that reality growing day by day, it is a tremendous statement for the cardinal to say for the church, we are not buying into this madness. In our buildings and our properties, we are not going to allow guns."  
Guns kill people, like pencils flunk tests.

Cupich sought and received the imprimatur of Pastor Pfleger and wears it like his pallium.

Even Mary Schmich, aswell as The Seeker Manya Brachear,  says nice things about Cardinal Blase.

Cardinal George afflicted the powerful and comforted the powerless.  Cardinal George acted more than he proclaimed.

Cardinal George did that and the stooge media detested the man.

Durbin is living Progressive Secularist Dogma.

He only turns to the faith of his fathers when he needs a photo op with some Knights of Columbus.Image result

Dogma Dicky Durbin does doctrine.  He is clown, but a very dangerous and powerful clown

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Chance the Rapper Cleaned My Gutters and Made Me Breakfast This Morning!!!!

Image result for Chance the Rapper on the roof

I have been really cynical.  That's harsh.

I read most papers and most Chicago papers offer at least one account of Chance the Rapper

  • Hands out money for arts programs at 20 CPS schools
  • Raises $ 2m for CPS
  • Grand Marshalls the Bud Billiken Parade
  • Grills Chicken at Nando's for charity
  • Explains 'becoming upper-management' to CNBC
  • Announces free concerts ( hourly)
  • Lectures Rahm Emanuel at La Lapalooza
  • Gets Props from Obama as needed
  • Changes the trajectory of North Korean missiles away from Guam, Japan and the Philippines.
  • Swims the English channel
  • Cuts every tree in the Sahara Forest
  • Eats Kyptonite with soy milk
He does these mighty deeds and produces many dope tunes and videos

The guy is prodigious and what do a I do with my life?

Teach.  Go to Mariano's and Brother Rice Freshman football games.

I thought that Chance the Rapper was merely the figment of a public relations man's genius.

Was I wrong. 

This morning I woke to the sound of footsteps on my roof.  No it was not Santa!  It was better.

Chancery Bennett, better known as Chance the Rapper was atop my home in the Morgan Park neighborhood of Chicago, armed with 55 gallon plastic garbage bags and cleaning my gutters of branches, Maple tree whirlybirds, bottle rockets from 4th of July and other air-born gutter chokers.

The young man worked my roof like the crowds at the Apollo in Manchester, UK on November 26, 2016.

I called up to him, " What are you doing up there, young fella?"Image result for Chance the Rapper on the roof

He smiled, " I think it's so dope that I'm here in Chicago and contributing to the music scene that's thriving. People are so happy Chicago's shining that everyone is willing to say 'I represent Chicago.' That wasn't always the case."

" No, I meant specifically, Kid.  Why are you doing my gutters?"  I replied. 

The Rapper shrugged, "Music can kind of make you one-dimensional. People see what's on the surface and what you rap about, and they make their decision on who you are from there." He finished the job, emptied the plastic bags into environmentally friendly brown yard waste bags, placed the black plastic bags in a haversack for re-use, carefully took down the extension ladder and attached it to the frames of his Escalade and asked to use my bathroom.

When Chance the Rapper had given his hands a good scrubbing with Lava - the hand soap - He immediately went to my ice-box and prepared to make me a slap-up breakfast of 

  • Monkey-Bread Danish. Danish meets monkey bread. ...
  • Red Velvet Pancakes. Sexiest breakfast ever. ...
  • Onion & Arugula Frittata. ...
  • Sweet Crepes with Caramelized Pears. ...
  • Candied Bacon. ...
  • Homemade Toaster Pastries. ...
  • Yogurt Biscuits with Honey Butter. ...
  • Green Smoothie with Avocado and Apple.
I asked Chance the Rapper to join me and tuck-into the great feed that he had prepared.

With his thumb he pushed up the flat over-sized brim of his # 3 White Sox cap and with a quizzical smile said, "The whole point of 'Acid Rap' was just to ask people a question: does the music business side of this dictate what type of project this is? If it's all original music and it's got this much emotion around it and it connects this way with this many people, is it a mixtape? What's an 'album' these days, anyways?"

What, indeed?

With that, he vanished between chews.Image result for Chance the Rapper on the roof

Am I cynical?  

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Way Things Appear at the Moment.

Image result for Americans running to Communism

"To watch an American on a beach or crowding into a subway, or buying a theater ticket, or sitting at home with his radio on, tells you something about one aspect of the American character: the capacity to withstand a great deal of outside interference, so to speak; a willing acceptance of frenzy which though it's never self-conscious, amounts o a willingness to let other people have and assert their own lively, and even offensive, character. They are a tough race in this."
Alistair Cooke
 “The world divorced from the God who created and redeemed it inevitably comes to a bad end. It’s on the wrong side of the only history that finally matters.”  Francis Cardinal George
  "I am for socialism, disarmament, and, ultimately, for abolishing the state itself... I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and the sole control of those who produce wealth." Communism is the goal. Roger Baldwin - Founder of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) 
Alister Cooker saw Americans as they are meant to be.

Francis Cardinal George watched Americans turn from the things that made them tough.

Roger Baldwin planned where we now find ourselves in 1931 with the founding of the ACLU.

Old Roger had plenty of help from earnest people who despise the American miracle, but mostly from legions of cowardly and lazy opportunists. 

A Nation built upon energy and industry of individuals is quite a miracle.  Miracles are useless without faith.  

My family came to America at the very turn of the American Century.  Work in the Stockyards of Chicago, or 'cook for the rich Yanks,'  were the gender-specific options. Work they did. Between 1904, Larry Hickey and Nora Sullivan Hickey of County Kerry, Ireland, met, married and parented thirteen children. 

Larry and Nora moved from the neighborhoods adjoining the Great Stockyards to Lake Township in Chicago and built large two story home at 7535 S. Marshfield Avenue in the Highlands of Gresham.   

They made a great life for themselves, their children and their grandchildren during the labor wars of the 1920's, the Depression, World War Two when four of their seven sons went overseas and through the prosperous 1950's, the self-conscious 1960's and into the bizarre 1970's when the American Century began to peel off its clothing in public - Roe v.Wade, credit card economics, Jimmy Carter's apologetic Presidency and the birth of identity politics.

Mercifully, Nora and Larry went home to Christ, before this Nation began its three decades of public streaking. 

Naked America was told to pull up its britches in 1980 and began to get serious about itself, but then wandered off with the Bush Boys and Bubba to even more exercises of fragile individualism.

I was born in 1952 and had no part in getting America out of the Depression, stopping tyranny, or building our standard of living.  However, I was rooted in the faith and values that respect a man's right to a fair wage in union with his fellows and not to use those fellows to camouflage his sloth on the job and to honor my obligations to my wife and children. I must go to work.

In order be an effective worker, I had to take my job as seriously as a surgeon, an electrician, or a cop.  I had better be good at my job.  Know my stuff.  I did and I do. 

I have taught  hundreds of young people, via literature, history and philosophy,  to honor our civilization and America's powerful contribution to Western Civilization and to respect the traditions that allow people to come from Morocco and own a thriving business along with the Polish, African American, Italian, Mexican,Jewish,  Irish, Norwegian, Swedish and Lithuanian Americans in hot economic competition with them. 

At this moment, I am somewhat retired.  I substitute teach.  My children are grown and making their way in the world. 

Now, nearly through the second decade of the New Millennium, we are a nation divided and sensitive to the point of psychosis. 

Some people say we have evolved. Most insist that we need to get to Roger Baldwin's end-game.

As a teacher, this saddens me. As a parent this frightens me .  As a grandfather, I have faith that maybe my kids will snap us all out of it.  

Today's gospel cheers me a bit.  It reminded me of the greatest priest I have ever known, Francis Cardinal George.  This gospel recounts the pop quiz teacher Jesus gave to his disciples near Caesaria Philippi

"Who do people say that the Son of Man is?" They replied, "Some say John the Baptist, others Elijah,still others Jeremiah or one of the prophets." He said to them, "But who do you say that I am?" Simon Peter said in reply,"You are the Christ, the Son of the living God." Jesus said to him in reply,"Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah. For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my heavenly Father. And so I say to you, you are Peter,and upon this rock I will build my church,and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven;and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."
Maybe we will be tough again. Tough enough to be kind and considerate of others without legislation, slogans, marches, or the study of poll numbers.   Image result for Roger Baldwin running to Communism

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Why do Progressives Hate Italian Americans?

Columbus - Genocidal Genoan
Democrat Ameya Pawar says that if elected Illinois governor, he would work to have Illinois rename Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples Day.

Balbo - Gotta Go!
 When a reporter demanded to know where the mayor stands on the monument given to Chicago by fascist Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, Emanuel got visibly annoyed and started to lose his cool.

“You don’t have to ask me what my position is on fascism. Thank you. I’m against fascism. Take a chill pill, will you?” the mayor said.

Why do Progressives need to insult Italian Americans at every turn?  They discovered the Land of the Free and Home of Brave.  Italian Americans  fought in every American conflict for freedom from the Revolution to today's war on Islamist Terror.  Thomas Jefferson formed the United States Marine Corps Band, "The President's Own," around fourteen Italian musicians. Italian Americans, like Brigadier General Luigi Palma Di Cesnola, Medal of Honor recipient, helped end slavery.

Enrico Fermi, Henry Mancini, Joe Di Maggio, Mother Cabrini, Frank Capra and the brilliant Camille Paglia have all added to American culture and its benefit to mankind.

In World War I, 400,000 Italian Americans went to war under our flag, though they made up only 4% of the national population and 10% of AEF casualties were Italian Americans.  They came home to Palmer Raids  sparked by the great Progressive Woodrow Wilson's anti-foreigner paranoia.

Today, in our goofy Progressive Politically Correct SJW Kutur Kampf which has but erased religion in public dialog, as had the secularist states of Progressive Europe in 1870's,   iconoclasm, intolerance and  dystopian initiatives to erase history have leaped from the Red Neck Confederacy to Italian American celebrations.

The statue to Balbo has stood on Lake Shore Drive since 1933 (seven years before WWII).  Only now, with political skinks like Terry McAullife of Virginia and Alderman Ed Burke of Chicago getting into the iconoclasm business, is Balbo's column an existential crisis.  Progressives always seem to be the most energetic when public scrutiny turns their way.

Columbus Day has long been a Progressive whipping boy - He was not the first to sail the Ocean Blue, He was a Nasty Viceroy, he hated indigenous peoples, or so some Howard Zinn contrarians decided Columbus to be.

Balbo is only the latest Progressive assault on Italian Americans, since Jane Addams erased Mother Cabrini.

Italo Balbo was an Italian aviator who flew an armada of seaplanes from Italy to Chicago. No mean feat that, in 1927.  However, Balbo's exploit helped make Mussolini Il Duce, or so say the Atticus Finch crowd.

Losers lose history. The Rebs and the Fascists are losers.  However, lost in all the fog created by the hot breath from the moral high ground is the fact that AntiFA activists support HAMAS and Hamas is a child of Hitler's favorite Muslim - Grand Mufti.

The United Nations, long the darling of tinpot dictators and psychopaths issued this dire warning on American racism, “We are alarmed by the racist demonstrations, with overtly racist slogans, chants and salutes by white nationalists, neo-Nazis, and the Ku Klux Klan, promoting white supremacy and inciting racial discrimination and hatred,” said Anastasia Crickley, chair of the committee.
Image result for anastasia crickley maynooth
 Irish UN harpy Anastasia Crickly forgets that the IRA was armed and aided by Admiral Canaris all through WWII and that the IRA founder of Amnesty International was a Nazi collaborator.

No one is taking down any Shamrocks.

Italian Americans get it good an hard from the hypocrites and weasels, but Italian Americans are better people people than those who insult them

History proves that.

Bruce Rauner Runs Squarely into the Embrace of His Old Pals - Cook County Oligarchs

Image result for Rauner and Rahm best of friends

A day after crafting a controversial statement citing Gov. Bruce Rauner’s position as a “white male,” the governor’s new communications staff has been ousted — with more exits on the way, according to multiple sources. Sun Times

Those multiple sources of the Illinois Deep Stater, tagged as GOP operatives. 

Who's gonna vote for a Billionaire?  You are.  JB or Bruce.  Pick one.  Not difference between either plutocrat.  Both have made piles  of spondulix in their happy careers around the Corporate/Government trough; both want the very same thing - to maintain Illinois as a place where the many are looted by the few. 

I have delightful chats with a lovely young lady of my acquaintance who holds that " Bruce Rauner is doing everything he can to stop the madness."

I offer my patented Pastor Pfleger Rejoinder (PPR) to the the gushes of the sheeple, "He's done so much for  his people" - Examples, please.


Bruce Rauner is a place holder.  He is holding the place for JB Pritzker.  Proof, you may ask of my wild accusation, ?  The news.

Just today, we have this nugget concerning Rauner's firing of communications staff with ties to the Illinois Policy Institute.

News of the exits spread throughout the political realm on Wednesday night. One senior Republican operative called the ousting a sign the governor has realized he made a “mistake.”
The governor and First Lady have finally admitted they made a colossal mistake in hiring these right wing ideologues,” the operative said. “One can only hope for the sake of our state government they will make better choices in the future.
The Rauner administration shakeup began on July 10 when Rauner unexpectedly fired his chief of staff, Richard Goldberg. Goldberg was swiftly replaced by Kristina Rasmussen, former president and CEO of the Illinois Policy Institute. That sparked the exits of at least 20 employees, many of whom left because they didn’t believe in the direction the governor was taking in hiring members of the conservative think tank.( emphases my own) 
And horseshit remains the staple diet of Illinois!!!!

From the get-go the Democrats and their think tanks have ginned up the ire of the media to do-in all Illinois Policy Institute hires by Governor Bruce.  The Dude abides.

Thay Gone!!!!!!!!!!  Bruce is back, Baby!!!!!!

Rauner was down in the polls of GOP voters and hired people from the only accurate critic of Looting Illinois - the Illinois Policy Institute.  The Paul Simon Institute is a poling organ of the Illinois Democrat Party and sets the table for every idiotic piece of legislation rammed through Springfield with the tag line - IT CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

The cartoon accurately depicted the concerns of both house of the Illinois legislature which brought screams of racism from the race-addicted wolves of all colors.

Race is weapon of finance.  No one knows finance like Mayor Emanuel and responded to Bruce Rauner's spinelessness with audible heft, “The cartoon issued by the governor’s allies at the Illinois Policy Institute is unambiguously racist,” Emanuel said in a statement. “We can give no quarter to racism, and there can be no justification for leaders unwilling to stand up and call out racist acts. For a man so eager to speak his mind so often, the governor’s silence is deafening.”

Dance with me, Bruce!

The governor's silence is as meretricious as a Pfleger Presser!!!!  Bruce Plays.

Illinois remains screwed blue'd and tattooed.  JB will picking your bones clean at the behest of the Illinois Oligarchs and Bruce will clean up.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Rainbow Fascism "You go out of your way to misunderstand each other." with help from our Media

Image result for Fluellen Macmorris jamy and gower

If, in theological terms, communism was the temptation to change stones into bread, if national socialism was a genetic and materialistic perversion of the idea of the "peculiar people" elect of God, then rainbow fascism has an aspect of a materialized Pentecost run riot, from its seemingly endless ability to incorporate subordinate ideologies (New Age, environmentalism, feminism) to its claim to bestow complete freedom within "diversity." This "white noise" babble of a multitude of voices, each in its own distinctive way expressing the same vacuity, may indeed turn out to be the "end of history" prophesied by Francis Fukuyama. That the United  States—responding to an ill-conceived summons to "national greatness"—would find itself the indispensable midwife for the  birth of such a monster should be repugnant to any real patriot,  to any true son of our fatherland. James George Jatras Chronicle, June 1998 (19-22)

 That America may soon be gone with the wind. The violence at Charlottesville, the pulling down of a Confederate memorial by a mob in Durham, the removal of four monuments from Baltimore (which has one of America’s highest homicide rates) under the cowardly cloak of night, and calls for getting rid of many more are simultaneously the death throes of the old America built on one national concept and the birth pangs of a new, borderless, multiethnic, multilingual, multireligious, multisexual, historical, fake «America» now aborning in violence and lawlessness.
He who says A must say B. When one accepts demonization of part of our history and placing those who defend it beyond the pale of legitimate discourse, one should hardly be surprised when the arrogant fury of the victors is unleashed. That takes two forms: the nihilist street thugs of «Antifa» and «Black Lives Matter», and the authorities (both governmental and media, a/k/a the Swamp) who confer on them immunity for violent, criminal behavior. The former are the shock troops of the latter.
They’ve been at it for months, well before Charlottesville, across the country, with nary a peep from the party that supposedly has uniform control over the federal government. Our First Amendment rights as Americans end where a black-clad masked thug chooses to put his (or her or indeterminate «gender») fist or club. To paraphrase U.S. Chief Justice Roger Taney in Dred Scott, loyalists of the old America have no rights which the partisans of the new one are bound to respect. Where’s the Justice Department probe of civil rights violations by this organized, directed brutality? (Or maybe there will be one, including looking into George Soros’s connection. If not, what’s the point of having RICO?)   by James George Jatras via The Strategic Culture Foundation, (emphases my own)

Henry V - the stirring and arguably the greatest propaganda drama in human letters - has a wonderful  scene where Blakanized Britons ( Irish, Welsh, Scot and English) are mining the walls of a biesieged French town.  The Welsh Captain Fleuellen, who shares the Welsh blood with King Harry, insults the Irish Captain Mcmorris:

Captain Macmorris, I think, see—correct me if I’m wrong—there are not many of your nation—
My nation? What is my nation? It’s a villain and a bastard and a coward and a rascal. What is my nation? Who talks of my nation?
Captain Macmorris, if you take my words in some way other than how they were meant, see, I’ll have to think you’re not treating me with the good will you ought to, see, since I am as good a man as yourself, both in the practice of war and in my country of origin and in other respects.
I do not know that you are as good a man as myself. So, by Christ, I’ll cut off your head.
Now, now, both of you gentlemen! You go out of your way to misunderstand each other.
The two Celts are by blood of one race and by national origin, antagonists.  The Englishman Gower sorts them out.

So it is in Trump America - a House sub-divided.

The Rainbow Fascism warned of in the post Iron Curtain 1990's has come to pass, it seems to me.  Americans are moved via the laxative of race, gender, political and cultural correctness to do harm to their neighbors - punch hate, hate hate and take it to the streets.

The Democrat Party and the Republican Party have morphed government into a later-day Wiemar Republic geldlings and go-alongs, indistinguishable and in concert.

Last night's Trump rally in Phoenix was an attempt by a ruptured President to speak his cause - whatever that is.

The reaction to the speech by and absolute moron of a journalist, CNN"S Don Lemon, is symptomatic of the Rainbow Fascism gripping the nation.

The Swamp, the Deep State  and the Media  express an opinion formed by committee and mouthed by dim bulbs like Don Lemon.

History is fast becoming and agreed upon iconography that supports the message.

My Nation?  My Nation is getting all too goofy and all too cowardly and all too foolish.   It is quickly becoming The Nation where a Don Lemon keeps his job.

A Nation where people go out of their way to misunderstand one another.  You say A and You Must say B - that is the fruit of lovely Lemon Tree formerly known as the United States.