Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rev. Jesse Jackson Will Pay Fenger Parents!!!!!! For Real? He Says they Must Be Paid!

The Operation PUSH leader suggests, in the meantime, that parents from Altgeld Gardens be hired to safely ensure student safety to and from school.

In a bold and unfamiliar move, Rev. Jesse Jackson says that parents 'must be hired to ensure student safety!" The Rev is sincere. He's paying? Lord Save Us From All Harm!

The REV is bucking up! He Rides the Bus! The Bus Stops Here, Y'all! The Bus is Bucks! Bucks Back Bold Boycotters! Boycott Brutality! Bucks Buck Brutality! Buck Me!

Rev. Jesse Jackson is paying parents to patrol! He can not mean anything less . . .you think? . . . and folks call him a race-baiting phony!

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