Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mayor Daley Follows Eric Zorn's "Civility of Abortion Rule"

The mayor said protesters can express their opinions but “should not harass and scream and yell” at people going into medical facilities. “There has to be some civility left in our society," he said.

When a reporter noted that some aldermen voted against the measure, citing their religious beliefs, Daley, who is Catholic, said, “My religion is very personal.”

The mayor's decision to sign instead of veto the abortion protester ordinance comes as his office today said it would halt a telephone survey it was conducting on the controversial ordinance.

Religion is so very personal that it must shut up and be civil! There are Abortions being demanded by American Progressives.

Mayor Daley is only following the admonition of Eric Zorn's Change of Subject Guide to Civil Abortions.

So Civil! Civility demands that we toss $ 500,000 at a school to dole out to activists and Cease Fire boondogglers, when a child has his head caved in by a plank and that when Catholics try to prevent a child from having its skull crushed by a "First Do-No-Harm' physician with a Hegelian Absolute sensibility - Catholics and others must not speak. Keep a Civil Tongue!

Eric Zorn will always take the Progressive Hegelian Absolute over the doctrinal and tribal convictions of citizens who see Abortion to be the killing of children. The very best American People -Margaret Sanger, Roger Baldwin, Studs Terkel, Gloria Steinem, Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann and Mayor Daley jettison religious conviction for an Absolute that requires the death of a child.

Why only this week Eric Zorn warned Mayor Daley and Mayor Daley jumped!

Foes of abortion-rights in Chicago ought to be relieved to know that they'll continue to have the First Amendment right to "protest, counsel, shout, implore, dissuade, persuade, educate, inform and distribute literature" on the sidewalks outside abortion clinics, despite new restrictions imposed on them in a measure passed Wednesday by the City Council.

They're not.

Instead they're mounting protests and threatening lawsuits claiming the new ordinance infringes on their freedom of speech because it forbids them from getting up in the faces of patients and employees at the doors of the clinics.

Specifically, the law creates a 50-foot buffer zone around entrances to all medical buildings. Protesters still are allowed inside that zone, but can no longer come within 8 feet of people going in and out for the purpose of approaching them to offer counseling, education, prayer, opprobrium or leaflets that would fall under the loose heading of protest statements.

It is Civil to Choose to Crush a Child's Skull and Suck it from a Woman's Womb. There are T-Shirts ( sold at all of the recent Democratic National Conventions - in Hot Pink no less) that attest to the civility of Abortion.

The City Council's 'Bubble Law' that keeps Anti-Abortion far away from women getting a very civil reception at Planned Parenthood Abortion Mills and Counselling Centers is just the ticket for the Civilized Act of Killing Children in the Womb.

You see it is all about the Absolute Will of the Progressive that is important - the Will to Kill that Child in Woman's Womb is only an adjunct of the Absolute Will - This Absolute nullifies religion. It nullifies the universality of literature ( Deconstruction & etc.) God's Law becomes merely 'Your God's Law.' The same logic moves Progressives to weep unashamedly over the maltreatment of dogs and laugh uproariously at the convictions and courage of Abortion protestors. They must be silenced.

Mayor Daley's balanced political tight-rope walking requires the tight ropes ratcheted up by the Progressives who can absolutely move a crowd of activists to fill a City Council Chamber -can't have that. Keep a Civil Tongue! We Have an Abortion to do!

It is easier to insult the core beliefs of the majority of citizens who do not have the time, nor the level of inherent incivility to fill a City Council Chamber.

The Civilized Smashing of a Baby's Head makes perfect political sense - for now.

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