Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Leo High School site of Veterans Observance 11/06/09 at 11AM

Leo High School, Leo Alumni Association, The Burbank Marine League Color Guard, Windy City Veterans, The Veterans Leadership Program, American Legion Giles Post #87& especially Mrs Rochelle Crump of Chicago Department of Child and Family Services will hold a special Veterans Memorial Observance at the Leo War Memorial in the school's courtyard. , Leo High School President Robert W. Foster & Principal Phil Mesina ( USAF ret.) and Vice Principal Frank Wilson (USMC ret.) will direct the observance which features presentations by Veterans, wreath - laying by Richard Furlong, President of the Leo Alumni Association. Leo Man David McKee ('46) always pipes in the colors and opens the ceremonies on the Irish War Pipes.

Leo High School erected a memorial in 1965 to the many Leo men who have died serving
America in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam and the Windy City Veterans of Chicago
updated the engraved names and constructed permanent lighting for the memorial. Last year more than two hundred persons joined the 220 Leo students in honoring America's war fallen. The War Memorial was dedicated by General Thomas Gerrity USAF ( Leo 1930) - a hero of the Fall of Bataan who escaped to Australia and returned to destroy 28 Japanese ships from his B-25 in the Bismark Sea and New Guinea. (click my post tite for more on Leo Man General Thomas P. Gerrity!

John Fardy (Leo 1940) was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroic sacrifice during World War II. Mr. John Houlihan (Leo ?41) served in the Marine Corps as did Mr. Dick Prendergast and twenty (20) more of his classmates from the Class of '43. Many Leo men have been decorated for heroism, including Mr. Jim Farrell (Leo '61), Mr. Jack Farnan, (Leo '63), and Mr. Jim Furlong ( Leo '65), all members of the Leo Hall of Fame and highly decorated Vietnam Veterans. The late Mr.Thomas Stack (Leo '61) organized the first welcome home to the Veterans of Vietnam. Mr.Tom Stack won two Silver Stars and three Bronze Stars in Vietnam.

Another highly decorated Vietnam Veteran, Gen. George Muellner, USAF (ret.) graduated from Leo, flew more than 600 combat fighter missions, commanded many fighter commands, and developed the STAR communications weapon system for Operation Desert Storm. Gen. Muellner is now the VP for Boeing Corporation's Stealth Projects.

The Veterans Memorial Observance will be held in the school courtyard located on 79th Street. The Public is invited to share in this Observance.

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BillyFish said...

I doubt the Mojave Cross ever comes down. There are alot of trained snipers out here in the desert.
This was in today's Examiner.
Americans need to stop using race and discrimination as crutches and excuses for failure and start emulating the Irish for embracing this wonderful country as the land of opportunity it has always been.