Friday, October 02, 2009

Cook County Commissioner Gainer Slaps Video Poker

Cook County Commissioner and 19th Ward AlumnaBridget Gainer* - well, she grew up here in St. Barnabas Parish on the east side of Western- took a tough position against 'easy money' and the one-armed bandits.

Slot machines are the crack cocaine of gambling addiction. Go to any casino and smell the desperation. The atmosphere in a casino or a corner of 'gaming friendly' bar is thick with desperation.

"We have time to bring all these other cities and communities along to ban it and basically make Springfield look at this differently and find a better way," she said.

Some Republican commissioners sought to defer on the Gainer effort until leaders of township government, which also exercises authority in unincorporated suburban areas, could weigh in.

The State of Illinois is again taking easy road to quick bucks. The poor slob feeding twenties and saw bucks -until he, or she is down to wrinkled and wadded dollar bill is the patsie in this Entertainment/Revenue gamble.

Cook County Commissioner is lauded for her role trying to slap at this foolish and essentially vicious and sad piece of legislation.

We have more than enough casinos to allow sad folks the opportunity to develop into bridge jumpers. That is what the State Video Poker gambit will do.

Well Done Commissioner Gainer!

* Bridget Gainer, 10th District

Main Office:

118 N. Clark Street
Room 567
Chicago, IL 60602
phone: (312) 603-4210
fax: (312) 603-3695


Phone: (312) 603-4210
From the Commissioner's Website:

Committee Memberships
Environmental Control
Finance - Labor
Finance - Litigation
Health & Hospitals - Stroger & Cermak Hospitals
Human Relations
Law Enforcement

Committee of the Whole Membership (comprised of all commissioners)

Criminal Justice
Health & Hospitals
Legislation, Intergovernmental & Veterans Relations
Roads & Bridges
Zoning & Buildings

Committee Proceedings - For information on the activities of the Committees of the Board of Commissioners, visit the Secretary of the Board website.

Forest Preserve District Board - All Cook County Board Members also sit as Board Members for the Forest Preserve District. Please visit the Forest Preserve website for more information on their board activities.

Education University of Chicago, M.B.A.
University of Illinois U-C, B.A. - Political Science
Current WorkCorporate Strategy
Prior Work History
AON Corporation, Director of Public Strategy
Chicago Park District, Director of Lakefront Parks
Community Organizer

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