Friday, October 16, 2009

Richard Heene - Time's Man of the Year!

Balloon Boy's Dad - Richard Heene - is a walking metaphor of our times - Nobel's for nothing and Chick's for Free!

As adrift as the Obama Amatuer Hour White House( Cap'N Trade; Unstimulus Package, Good Taliban, Copenhagen Snuff-outs, Katrina Junkets, GITMO Weeger Giveaways to Tropical Islands, ACORN in My Shoes and 'SEIU and Raise You,' Janet Napolitano, Van Jones, Anita Dunn, and Nobel's for Nuthin' as well as Blago whack a mole updates), young Falcon Heene and his balloon-flight in the rafters of a garage stand as a metphor for Hope and Change.

TIME Magazine ?

Colorado native and Chicago Legal Expert Tamara Holder notes this about Young Icarus in the Rafters and his Old Dad:

The balloon boy story must go down in history as one of the most bizarre events EVER: Six-year old boy detaches homemade hovercraft "vehicle" slash helium balloon from back yard...climbs inside...takes off through the Colorado sky...stops all news on Obama, health care, Rush Limbaugh and the war in Afghanistan...only to find out boy is not inside the "craft" but is really in the family's attic! Fox News article here.

I called my dad after the boy had been found alive but before it was reported just where exactly Falcon Heene was found. My dad said, "I am sure the boy said to himself, 'Oh s**t, my dad is going to kick my a** once he finds out I let the balloon loose. I better go hide.'" Well, my padre knows best; moments later it was revealed that is exactly what happened: the boy hid in the attic because he knew his father would yell at him!

But wait, the story gets better. The boy's father is a total wack job. He is a mad-scientist type...oh wait, I mean "psyientist" according to dad, Richard Heene, who has his own web page:
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Never gets too weird for me.


mrs dewiggins said...

The Sheriff's Office should charge these people, and they should be responsible for the waste of taxpayer funded resources.

pathickey said...

For starters . . .!

However, this Human Bagpipe Heene Clan seems subject to culling by the media - like Master Levi Johnson and the Two idiots with a ton of kids on that reality show Goslings or whatever.