Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Obama Learns Russian -"Nyet!'

Three weeks after giving the store away (Czechs, Poles, Lithuanians, Georgians - Europe) on the missile defense system, four days after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize and swell Atta Boy from Vlad Putin, President Obama learned the meaning of Nyet.

“At the current stage, all forces should be thrown at supporting the negotiating process,” he said. “Threats, sanctions, and threats of pressure in the current situation, we are convinced, would be counterproductive.”

While Mr. Lavrov’s skepticism about sanctions is not new, his comments came just three weeks after President Obama canceled an antimissile defense system in Eastern Europe that Russia had strongly objected to, raising hopes of cooperation on Iran. Two weeks ago, President Dmitri A. Medvedev told President Obama that “in some cases, sanctions are inevitable.” Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin, who was in China on a trade mission Tuesday and missed Mrs. Clinton, has spoken out against using punitive measures against Tehran.

Jimmy the Two Headed Boy could see that one coming. President Obama is Jimmy Carter in Hart, Schaftner & Marx.

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