Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vice President Biden Calms the Poles

"Did you hear about the million-dollar Polish Lottery?
You win a dollar a year for a million years. "

"How about the Polish car pool?
They meet at work. "

[Deafening Silence]

"“We appreciate Poland has stepped up and agreed to host an element of the previous missile defense plan, and we now appreciate that Poland’s government agrees with us that there is now a better way … with new technology and new information, to defend against emerging ballistic missile threats,” Biden said. . . . Continuing The Vice President offered, "Knock knock."

"Who's there?"
"Polish burglar."

[growing discomfort]

Discussing Cap & Trade and Global Warming, Vice President Biden then - Licks the cover of a book of matches, bends it back so the matches are exposed, and sticks it to His forehead.

The Vice President turned and Asked Polish President Donald Tusk "What am I?"

[Stoic silence]

"A Polish miner."

Re-turning to Foreign Policy and Afghanistahn Biden asked,

"What would you call a bunch of Polish guys wearing turbans?
A Pakistanleys. "

"Hey how bout the two biggest lies a Polak will tell? ' The Check is in your mouth . . . Hey, I better stop there! Goodnight Folks!"

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