Thursday, October 22, 2009

BGA Andy Shaw on Don & Roma: "Cops Lying Down"

On the way into work, I heard Andy Shaw, Bed and Breakfast Magnate and Better Government Watch Pup, answer a Chicago Police Officer named Nicky's question as to why the Police and Fire Department memberships needed to go two years without contracts and remain 4,000 officers understrength given the swelling violence in the City.

Andy, with his usual aplomb replied (now, this is only what I heard mind you) to the effect that Cops always get their lump sums and the reason that violence is going MadDog in Chicago has more to do with police officers shirking their duties because they do not like Superintendent Weiss than it does to anything else -Chicago's Media Created Thug Comfort Zone, Lawsuit Lawyer Lotto Giveaways & etc..

Andy went on to praise the Chicago Reporter for real reporting.

Cops don't fight crime. Andy Shaw is a great intellect and a fine human being.
That is your Better Government Watchdog!

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