Friday, October 09, 2009

Rio Names President Obama 2016 Decathalon Winner

Nobel Prize tosser Thorbjørn Jagland* declared "You, sir, are the World's Greatest Athlete"

Mooching a Square! Gold!

The First Wright Pitch! Gold!

Pitch Too Mah Loo! Gold!

Toss Like a Girl in Moms Jeans! Gold!

Virtual Hoops! Gold!

The Hurdle Stretch! Gold!

Paw Shake! Gold!

The Hokey-Pokey! Gold!

The Oprah Carry! Gold!

The Sharpton Finger Poke! Gold!

* This guy Jagland - The President's Nobel Chinaman- headed up the Herring Choker ACORN back in the day - dig this:

Also in 1998, four leaders and treasurers of Oslo AUF were convicted of fraud and jailed as part of the Workers' Youth League membership scandal. They were found to have filed excessive membership numbers in order to receive increased municipal grants, and the court case revealed that most youth parties and their leaders had been engaging in this practice since the 1970s.[27] Jagland testified in the case and said it was not necessarily wrong to "advance" money for memberships, provided the members in question reimburse this fee later on. But he did testify that it was unacceptable to transfer money from AUF's main bank account to pay for membership fees. When pressed by the prosecutor, he also agreed that membership numbers were too high when he was the leader of AUF. In his defense, he said if AUF were to follow the law too rigidly, they would only have ended up with a quarter of the membership numbers that the Norwegian Young Conservatives operated with. Jagland has later said to the court that AUF should have received even more subsidies, referring to some of the other political youth parties that used similar methods for calculating membership numbers.[28]


Tamara N. Holder said...

The Sharpton poke seems kinda sexual to me. Gross!

LL said...

None of the Gay/Lesiban community have given him an award for being the first bi-sexual president. (See the tell-all book by Larry Sinclair) Why have they held back? I think we need to give Barack Hussein Obama awards for ALL his misdeeds.

Publia said...

This Wednesday I will be throwing my weight behind the Vote for Obama to win the Heisman Trophy. Do get on board!