Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Carly Simon Sues Starbuck's 'Spresso Swillers Scorn Stax of Wax by Star with a Mouth Like a Firebucket

From Rolling Stone - no less ( clique me post title) and check out this comment*!

Hag-like has-been, Carly Simon is a suing a coffee shop because her records are not selling all that well.

Carly Simon was the hippie chick who hooked up with Mick, Cat, Sweet Baby Ray, er James, Warren, Frank, Eddie Carroll ( three times at Keegan's Pub), the 1973 Leo High School Basketball Champs, USS Daniel A. Joy(DE 585), the fat Greek who ran the Fields on Wood Street & 79th Street ( "Ged Oudda Hee Leo Shea! Mollacka! Leo U Leedle Bastahd!" and sang some forgetable songs.

She had huge knockers as I recall and a mouth like a firebucket. De Gustibus Non Est Disputandem.

Now the old Harpy is suing Starbucks. Lawd, Lawd.

The Four Tops never disappointed their fans; nor did Mitch Ryder.

*One Wag Weird Waldo got in this lick before any one else!

WeirdoWaldo | 10/13/2009, 12:43 pm ESTNow she really has some clouds in her coffee!!


19th Ward Republican said...

Has anyone noticed that the 19th Ward "Service Office" is located at 19thwarddemocrats.com. It also has links to contribute to the "19th Ward". The ward (or the Democrats) also publish a newspaper that they sell ad space. Where does that money go? The ward democrats or the Ward office? Are ward offices supposed to go into business for themselves?

I think there is a conflict of interest here.

Furthermore, the Democratic Committeeman (O'Shea) is also listed on the site. If the Democratic Committeeman is on the "Ward" site shouldn't the Republican Committeeman also be on the site - if there is one.

It looks like the 19th Ward can't differentiate between the Ward Office and the 19th Ward Democrats Office.

What if you are a Republican or an Independent, or you never voted in your life but you pay city taxes. Shouldn’t the constituents of the 19th Ward be able to request city or ward services without having to go through the 19th Ward Democrats?

LL said...

Carly Simon is a billion-heiress. As in Simon and Schuster publishing.

AND, of course a hag-bitch has-been.

Then again, I'm SO vain...

pathickey said...

L Squared,

You'd need to put in longer hours and use cheat sheets/cribs/ponies/& Cliff's Notes - to out Vain this serial-skank canary.

B_4 said...

What a bunch of lowdown mean-spirited juvenile comments and blog. Does it make you all feel good to be so ugly?

pathickey said...

Yes, Carly, it makes me feel Pretty!