Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Docshunds Bark for Barack!

In another indication that President 44 has morphed into Jimmy Carter ( noted for sporting a swell fireside Cardigan for image), President Barack Obama trotted out his Best in Show team of 150 Docs to bark for Obama Care!

The Copenhagen-in-Chief snapped out this command -

"we have heard all the arguments" for and against reform, citing at one point "the crazy claims" that his plans call for so-called death panels that would make end-of-life decisions for seniors.

Obama spelled out "again," as he put it, the insurance guarantees and insurance-exchange proposal that he supports in legislation emerging in Congress. He highlighted one proposal to forgive the loans of medical students who decide to practice primary-care medicine in rural and underserved communities, drawing hearty applause in return.

But his chief argument for the doctors was that his plan would allow them to better fulfill the "oath" they took as they began practicing medicine. He said that oath was not to "become bean counters or paper pushers," but "to save lives." In a reformed health care system, he said, they would have more time to do that.

Now! Roll Over!!!

Bark! Bark! Bark! and Barque!

Good Docs! You may keep the Lab Coats!

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