Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Morning Joe - Mika is as Dumb as a Box of Rocks and Mark Halperin Squirts Tears.

I got struck with MSNBC for morning news this A.M. - the cable was wacky. No wackier than the Zoo Crew of Morning Joe.

Mika Brzezinski is a busty babe and daughter of Henry Kissinger Never Could Be -Zbigniew Brzezinksi.

Mika is UmmmmDay - lacking in the old thought fuel - nine cents short of a dime - not the fullest can in the cold-case -bereft of original synapse pop.

A really smart kid who's married to CNN Harpy Campbell Brown commanded the show -Dan Senor. His new book Start Up Nation touts Israel's growing power as an economic force.

Anyway, Dan Senor said he agreed with Cheney's assessment that the Obama White House is 'Dithering' on Afghanistan in order to help keep New Jersey and Virginia in the control of the Democrats - the Good Taliban. Pop went the Weasels!

Mika went Third Grade - "Are You Kidding? You Really say you agree with Cheney? How can you say that?" Well, maybe not Third Grade but Graduate School Progressive - For Sure! Repeatedly! and with Prejudice - Extreme Prejudice.

Someone makes a statement. It is good grace to accept that statement.

"Hickey, you are putting on weight."

"Do you believe that? How Can you say that? Who told you to say that, Blind Man?"

The correct response would be - "Why how nice of you to point that out! #$%^ You!"

Mika went all 40 Watt Interrogative on Dan Senor. Indicative of a really challenged intellectual capacity, that gambit ( very Progressive).

Not to be outdone, Obama White House Cheerleader Mark Halperin looked like Dan Senor had taken his Raleigh Hot Rod 20" Big Guy Bike when Senor thumped Halperin repeatedly on the molasses like decision making of the Commander in Chief and a complete unwillingness to play in the "Bush Fault" Jungle Gym.

Halperin is 'so' in the tank that even the Obama people laugh at him - Davis Plouffe once said, "If Politico and Halperin say we’re winning, we’re losing." That does not stop MSNBC from tossing Halperin who writes for Time Magazine - also deep in the propaganda MINITRU of the the Obama White House.

It seemed that Mark Halperin squirted Real Tears, because a tough independent thinker would not cave in or play ball with cheerleaders. Mika is still having things explained to her through visuals and treats.

MSNBC - More Tools Than True Value!


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