Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tribune Editorial Board's Hack Priority at University of Illinois

In the wake of the scandal, there's a lot of talk about building an impenetrable firewall around the U. of I.'s admissions system. One set of rules for everyone. No exceptions. But as long as the cheaters are able to hide, they'll always be looking for a way over, under or around that wall

Even You goofs? Sweet Suffering Sally! Can the Tribune add a little more hair to that shirt?

First off - The Chicago Tribune is blessed with great and talented working journalists. It is anchored by -not the looniest group of hypocrites, but they'll do -an Editorial Board that Warner Brothers Cartoonists could not have dreamed up.

This hypocritical howl on today's editorial page is just one more in the string of the Tribune Editorial Board's "We Want Stan Ikenberry" Campaign - you got him. You got him.

The Tribune Editorial Board launched a full-court press on Cook County Sheriff Mike Sheahan a few years ago with a wonderfully fabricated tale of Corrections Abuse at Cook County Jail that took less than twenty minutes for a jury to toss. Sheriff Sheahan mocked the rock-solid hypocrisy of the Bruce Dold Dolts.

Stan Ikenberry was trotted out during the Tribune Editorial Board Tsunami blown against the University of Illinois Trustees and Leadership - they all had to go in order to clear the way for Compliant Gov. Pat Quinn's selection of rocked-ribbed Illini Chris Kennedy - no dodgy carpetbagger he and all the other plum cupcakes for the Clean Board. Most of all the Tribune Editorial Board needed room for Stan Ikenberry.

Stan Ikenberry is their kind of hack. The kind who Clouted a Domestic Terrorist Billy Ayers -into a job at UIC and Laundered His History.

Stan has yet to divulge just how he minced along the path strewn with ComEd petals and danced a hearty jig for Thomas Ayers - giving "My Son Bill!" a no-cut contract at Cement City (UICC). Now that's Clout, Girls an Boys!

Nope - the tweedy goofs on the Tribune Editorial Board want to make war on common sense with Hegelian Hurricanos of Hypocrisy. Yes, yes ( in hushed tones and nods of puritanical assent).

State Legislators make recommendations for scholarships according to Illinois Law.

Congressmen make appointments to American Service Academies according to Federal Law.

The Chicago Tribune/Medill 501(c)3 Industries at Northwestern Law and School of Journalism practice 18th Century Hack politics. Nothing more and nothing less.

The Tribune Editorial Board recently hacked James Tyree, who had the purpose and resources to by the Sun Times.

The Tribune Editorial Board needs 'more' light shed on its practices.

Stan! Fess up on your hiring of Billy Ayers! Let's get that balloon head out of news.

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