Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Priest Hits a Rabbi

An Irish priest and a Rabbi

A middle aged south side Irish priest and a young Rabbi get into a car accident on Western Ave. Father Marty O'Hara of St. Philerup Parish of Over -By- There T-boned Rabbi Ezrah Mendel of Temple Bar Beth Israel from Out-by-Flossmoor at 108th street when the Rabbi was pulling out of DiCola's Fish.

Both clerics get out of their cars and stumble over to the fish market parking lot.

Rabbi Ezrah says, "My God, What a wreck!"

Father Marty asks him, "Are you all right, Rabbi?"

You see they had met at an inter-faith breakfast at St. Nick's Greek Orthodox on 103d this summer.

Then, the dazed, bruised and wronged Rabbi Mendel responds, "Just a little shaken."

The Canaryville raised priest pulls a Half Dog of Powers Irish Whiskey from the deep right-hand pocket of his De La Salle Meteors Windbreaker and says, "Here, drink some of this - it will calm your nerves."

Rabbi Ezrah takes the flask and drinks it down and says, "Well, what are we going to tell the police?"

"Well," The formerly red-headed Stiff-colar says, "I don't know what you're gonna say to the Bulls, Bub - But I wasn't the one drinkin'."

. . . The Blue Lights rushed down Western.

Teasing hurts . . . but it's funny as Hell!

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Anonymous said...

As they didn't say often enough in Chicago this year, "Hickey was just a single away from hitting the Cycle in today's game!"

Francis of CT