Saturday, October 03, 2009

MSNBC Always Wrong and Mayor Daley is not the goat on the Olympic Bid

TODD: But the biggest political loser here is Mayor Daley in Chicago. Nobody had more on the line than Mayor Daley. He was pushing this, this was his pet project. He's the one that just put so much pressure on the White House to get the President out there. He worked this White House, every contact he had here, harder than anybody.

Nice try Chuck!

The Olympic bid by Chicago was solid.

Pat Ryan has never drawn a stupid breath in his life.

Mayor Daley's game was on.

Chicago's media was schizophrenic - "Corruption/Taxes?Machine . . .Oh, but Oprah likes it and the Obama White House is behind it . . .sort of."

As a guy who rides on financial fumes at the end of every pay cycle and prays the Memorare every half hour so that my City Parkway Maple Tree Roots ( Oh, Green Raptures!) do not insinuate their way into my sewer discharge pipes until a rich relative leaves me a check to cover the Roto Rooter costs in a will, the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid is about as important to me as the Mega Millions Jackpot. I stand to benefit from neither such bonanza.

However, I admired the gusto and verve that our Olympic 2016 Committee put out to nail the bid.

Mayor Daley should be applauded and loudly.

MSNBC - the General Electric Megaphone - wants cover for its political Brahma Bull - President Obama.

President Obama looks bad - real bad; Comb Over Dave Axelrod, Rahmbo, Valerie 'Green Jones' Jarrett look silly. THe Olympic 2016 bid was their pooch to screw and screw it they did.

Chicagoans know that the Boiled Beet Progressive amateurs in the Obama White House could not fix a Red Light traffic beef, let alone be players on the International scene. They called the shots for equally inexperienced Chief Executive on this one and on so many other pooches on the front pages of America.

Mayor Daley's power and leadership remains undiminished.

Chuck Todd and MSNBC cheerleader tried to shift the blame on Mayor Daley.

No Chuckie boy . . .this one is on the children of privilege - the Hyde Park mafia weaned on 501(c)3 money and appointed posts in government.

President Obama's approval numbers will be in the Marianas Trench of public approval by Columbus Day - which real Chicagoans celebrate with gusto and verve.

The Boiled Beet Progressives hate Columbus Day - mercifully they have nothing to do with it.

Nope, MSNBC -wrong as always - this one is on the Obama Amateur Hour White House. It's their jacket to wear.

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Opus #6 said...

They are wrong. Every mayor with an Olympic bid lost, except Rio. Nothing unusual there.

What was unusual was for Obama, Michelle and Oprah to throw themselves into the fray.