Wednesday, September 30, 2009

South Side's Billy Dec - Billy Hill - Kickin' It Mad for Olympics - Just Not in Copenhagen

Hat Tip to Steve Rhodes' Beachwood Reporter for an insight to the unsightly and unctuous Billy Dec whose south side counter part oozes down Western Ave. -Meet Billy Hill -again
Peabody nominated former Children's TV Cast Member ( Chuck Bill's Adventure Theatre - Voice of Herman the German Moose) , Dis-barred Illinois Attorney, Harvard Il.Business School.Llp, Chicago 2016 Olympic Committee Director of Way Too Human Relations, Slept with Elke Somer in 1978 when she appeared in Please Don't Eat the Daisies at the Martiniquel owns top Chicago Beverly/Morgan Park & Mt. Greenwood venues ,D.B.Mc Spitsteeth; Suds & Underwear Pub and Laundrymat, & won US Coin Operator of the Year! Check him out on the Yellow Pages, The Sign Over Fox's Pub & his blog

Twitter Titter from Billy Hill Y'all! Props to my man president obama… knew he would bow down to the Boss… as a city, we are all making history…we are just all not gonna make money. I hope you are as proud and excited as I am!

As for St. Christina Gym , it is absolutely beautiful… so much history, the architecture is outstanding, the people are great,… well, I wish I had a video to spill it all… and btw, I keep doing these because of requests on twitter… if think I look like a big nerd as much as I do… I apologize… don’t watch. It's like when Dude. And as promised, will continue to keep you in the loop or in back o' the yards step by step on way to Copenhagen on twitter (click here to follow me). That's my light switch. o snaaaaaappppp!!!!!!! Day-em!

Most important, please take a minute today to tell all your friends, coworkers, contacts, family,… to share these celebrity messages from me and all the olympc supporters at Father Perez Knights of Columbus Council and the Magic where breakfast starts early and stays late - like tommy fitzgibbons -(shout out TF!) what's with the babe at Kean she's all pippy longstocking and never gives me the time of night - i mean day - Old habits are hard to break and new britches are tough to crack !Yeowww! billy you is baaad! with all so virally the rest of the world will know how great our country is an that we stoked the cabbage and how ready we are to welcome guests from around the globe (and the 4.4billion watching us sick groove on tv) as the sick nastiests host of the greatest sport, cultural, and friendship strengthening event ever! Bourbon Street Rocks Y'all!! (who knows, maybe they will get to one of the members judging us and it could all turn in our favor!) or not. Kickin' it at the evergreen plaza all this week!

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BillyFish said...

Looks like the I.O.C. doesn't like the culture of violence in Chicago. Especially in the community where our president gained his experience to lead us!