Thursday, September 10, 2009

Are They, Whoever They Happen to Be, Afraid of Dan Proft? Yep. If Not, Why Do They Seem To Be?

Last weekend, The Belleville Democrat News laid out a great scratch sheet for the February Gubernatorial Primaries. In that menu of candidates, the paper presented the touted Democratic and Republican ‘front-runners’ as Governor Quinn, naturalment, Comptroller Hynes for the Democrats and Republican State Senators Brady, Dillard and Murphy.

Far down the line is Dan Proft of Wheaton – a citizen activist and news commentator. Quinn and Hynes are in a pillow fight for the Primary and have staked out positions on just how much more taxes will be heaped upon the backs of Illinois voters and citizens. Brady, Dillard and Murphy seem to angling for the position to be the candidate to dangle a reason for people to cast Democratic votes for Governor in the General Election. Each GOP Senator/Candidate appears to be following the Mark Kirk Brand of Illinois GOP White Flag hoopla with all of the vim, vigor and vitality of the Italian Army in Libya in 1943.

Then early this week Eric Zorn decided to go "birther" - a dodge by Progressives while screwing the pooch on all matters to change the subject - on Dan Proft and Proft would have none of it. Click my post title for the pencil neck geek demographic's morsel of derrision.

Since July, Dan Proft’s Campaign has stung the tender rumps of Illinois’s most Progressive columnists, editorial boards and mouth-organs like SEIU’s Progress Illinois and Arianna Huffington’s Chicago Huff Po – an absolute howl of sheet. Dan Proft has Progressive Tit-Mice screaming like drunks at closing time. I like that. Dan Proft’s positions are not Progressive. Progressive Positions gave us the Cook County Board Punch and Judy Show and Blago’s Travelling Snake Oil Tour. Programs developed by policy wonks like Ralph Martire and other 501©3 Systemic Change Fountainheads have placed Illinois in a financial jackpot unseen since 1839, when Illinois Auditor General (Comptroller) James J. Shields* saved Illinois from bankruptcy.

I am a Democrat. I voted for John McCain in the Presidential election of 2008, because Barack Obama did not seem to be any where near prepared to be President and was surrounded by the 501©3 Larded Progressives of Illinois, who disdain precinct captain, door-to-door Ward level politics to the Tsunami Sweep of Program Padded and PAC foot-soldiered crowds of shouters who play the lazy and willing Illinois Media. Eric Zorn do what he do. Lawd Ha' Mercy!

I’m an anti-Abortion, School Choice (Vouchers), Pro-Real (Skilled Trades Union) Labor, Law and Order Democrat of the 3rd Congressional District, 23rd Precinct of the 19th Ward Variety Democrat. I have spent most of my career in education in Auburn-Gresham neighborhood.
Dan Proft is running for Governor as a Republican, but he speaks to Democrats on issues that most affect them – on taxes, School Choice, Abortion, and cutting the Illinois budget.
Here are the candidates for Governor as listed by the Belleville Democrat News in Brian Brueggemann’s fine piece:

Pat Quinn: He became governor in January, after Gov. Rod Blagojevich's ouster. He had served as lieutenant governor since 2003. He previously served as state treasurer, beginning in 1990. He's a lawyer from Chicago.
Dan Hynes: He's serving his third term as state comptroller. Says his tenure has focused on "consumer and taxpayer advocacy, government accountability and long-term budget reform." He's an attorney from Chicago.
Jack D. Franks: He's a state representative from Marengo who was first elected in 1998. He said recently that he's not yet decided on whether to run for governor.
Bill Brady: Brady's a state senator from Bloomington who joined the Senate in 2002. He previously served in the Illinois House, from 1993-2000. He's a businessman who has been involved in home construction, real estate development and property management.
Kirk Dillard: Dillard, of Hinsdale, has been a state senator since 1994. He previously served as chief of staff for former Gov. Jim Edgar and has served on the Illinois Court of Claims.
Matt Murphy: He's been a state senator since 2006. Murphy says the state needs to reduce corporate income tax to attract businesses and jobs. He's a lawyer from Palatine.
Bob Schillerstrom: Has served as DuPage County Board chairman since 1998. Boasts that he's cut property taxes in that county seven of the past 10 years. He's a lawyer and resides in Naperville.
Dan Proft: A Wheaton resident, Proft is a political commentator and consultant who has worked on numerous candidates' campaigns.
Adam Andrzejewski: It's pronounced And-jee-ef-skee. He's a businessman from Hinsdale who started a phone book company, then established an organization that promotes transparency in government by encouraging government bodies to post their checkbooks online.
Frank Edwards: Edwards has been a Springfield City Council member since 2002. He previously served as the city's fire chief and owns an automotive shop.
Randy Stufflebeam: Stufflebeam is a retired U.S. Marine Corps gunnery sergeant who resides in Belleville. He says both of the established parties have managed to produce a string of corrupt governors for Illinois, and that it's "time for something different." He has served as the state chairman of the Constitution Party.
Rich Whitney: Whitney is a lawyer from Carbondale. He was a member of the Socialist Labor Party from 1975 to 1993, but has since rejected socialism. He proposes increasing the income tax for wealthier people and favors a single-payer health care system. His memberships include: American Civil Liberties Union, Greenpeace, and Illinois Coalition for Peace, Justice and the Environment.
Michael White: He's a Gulf War veteran from Lindenhurst who is retired from the military, having served 22 years combined in the Illinois National Guard, U.S. Air Force and Air Force Reserves. He's a manager for a speech therapy clinic.

Dan Proft has no friend in Planned Parenthood which owns a hunk of most Illinois Democrats –Sen. Durbin, Gov. Quinn, and Comptroller Hynes. Dan Proft has no friend in the Illinois Education Lobby (Teachers Unions & Program Larded Industries) and has not only called for the creation of more Charter Schools but continues to advocate vouchers – Real School Choice – for all Illinois families. Dan Proft has no friends among the tax-salaried PACS like SEIU that spend millions on buying candidates, but not nickel one on vocational training for the rank and file, but ensure that an SEIU member remains a low-paid serf for life. Real Labor (The Skilled Trades) provides the path to the American Middle Class, which Andy Stern’s SEIU is hell-bent on destroying ASAP.
Dan Proft has no friend in the editorial board grandees who take policy dictates from Planned Parenthood, The Education Lobby, and SEIU. So far I am more than friendly to Dan Proft’s positions on most things. There are more than a few Democrats in the 3rd Congressional District like-minded in voter affection. Dan Proft has made a great beginning toward February and more than a few friends.
*In 1839, Douglas helped Shields gain appointment to the post of Illinois state auditor. Shields insisted that debtors pay the state's bank the face value on money they owed it and not the devalued price. This stance angered Lincoln and the Whigs, but saved Illinois from economic ruin.

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Publia said...

Dan Proft was up campaigning in New Trier Township tonight where he was in fine campaign mode. I decided to support him, but that is not too hard since I have known him for many long years. His views are longstanding.