Friday, September 25, 2009

Once Lincoln Is Ridden Out on Rail, Let's Hire Stan Ikenberry as U of I President!

That's Stan chillin' with a little pocket-pool -digging for change while he awaits another Clout Proper Pay Day!

As long as the hypocrisy that is Progressive Illinois Politics never runs out of steam a self serving clown like Stan Ikenberry will find a pile of dough! This lastest parlor drama, starring the wistful carpetbagger from Camelot - Newly Appointed U of I Clean Guy Chris " I'm Runnin'" Kennedy; Governor Pat Quinn; The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board; Billy Ayers and his odious Old Lady; and the star of our Let's run Lincoln Out of Illinois on a Rail, because He Split 'Em - Clout Meiester and Eltist Cheese-Eater Stan Ikenberry - is the Absolute Limit, Sally! The Mutt's Nuts! The Snakes Hips! A Must See!

This clown Ikenberry ( onlimitly a few weeks ago) went before his old pal Abner 'Clean Plate" Mikva and railed against Clout. Clean House and Slop Some Stan all over the Stains! This same Seer Sucker Slim Stan took in all the Moolah from ComEd back in the day ,when Stan was Lord of the Campi of U of I -Circle and Beyond!

This is the goof who has yet to pick up the Buck about hiring the Barney Google of Domestic Terror - Bookless Billy Ayers!

Get this!

The university board is expected to name a temporary successor to President B. Joseph White within weeks. Ikenberry, the university's 14th president and a professor at the Urbana-Champaign campus, appears to be at the top of the list.

"If I were asked to serve and thought I could help, I would help. I haven't been offered anything. I haven't accepted anything," Ikenberry said.
Board Chairman Christopher Kennedy declined to say whether he was one of the two trustees who spoke with Ikenberry. But he acknowledged there are some obvious places to find a short-term leader to guide the school through its recent admissions scandal.

"I think looking at former presidents of the university is one place. Another is senior leadership at the university, and a third would be recently retired university presidents," Kennedy said.

Ikenberry oversaw the university's three campuses from 1979 to 1995, leading one of the largest building booms in its history. He was the U. of I.'s youngest president when he stepped into the role at 44.

Stan, come clean! You hired Billy as Pay-back to Billy Daddy -Old Tom Ayers - for shifting United Way and all the other coffers your way . . .Right? You, Stan Money Laundered a Domestic Terrorist - Didn't you Stan? Fess up! You did -didn't you?

Billy Ayers was hired on your watch, Stan, Clout Matters.

Let's have a Moratorium of the Illinois BullShit - $hall we?

Just Saying Stan - just asking - again. Hey it's not like I tried to blow up a barracks or a police station - but, then, maybe I too would be a Distinguished Professor of Sinecure Illinois.
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Jim Bowman said...

Stunning, as usual. Note also the B. J. White-watch battening down hatches of the Daley library collection that showed the Obama-Ayers connection in giving $ to undeserving recipients for the Whats-it Foundation. This during last summer and fall's campaigning.

pathickey said...

Thanks Jim.

Stan is one of the best of these eels.