Friday, September 04, 2009

EU Green Dictates Kerry Fishermen Starve - Our Green Planet Terrorists and Regular Folks

Ireland joined the European Union some time ago and only recently the effects of that union are being realized. Ireland has a growing drug problem that has paralleled the 'Compassionate' immigration and safe haven sanctuary for political refugees who seem to be active heroin dealers from the Mid East, Africa and the former Soviet Union. Now Green Mandates threaten the livelihood of Kerry fishermen - especially the mussel fishers of Castlemaine.

Mussels - yes, the cockles and mussels, Alive, Alive O' variety - have been used as food and export commodities for centuries. Mussels are steamed and the broth -'Bray' serves as a nutritious tea in Ireland and Europe. They are damned tasty bivalves sold on the streets of seaside towns in Ireland and dashed with vinegar make a good meal.

I ate bags of mussels in Ireland. Now, it appears that the Green Mandates of the EU will smother families into poverty once again in the Celtic Tiger.

I read Ted Creedon's warning in The Kerryman and was sickened by this idiotic One World Green fiat. ( click my post title for the full story)

The mussel fishermen of Cromane are angry that there was no consultation prior to their industry being closed. Since the government's decision they have been unable to contact the relevant authorities, whose silence on the issue has been deafening. Maybe they are not worried if the people of Cromane and beyond lose their livelihoods. The government's only correspondence to the people of Cromane is that they are carrying out baseline studies.

So far the only actual study carried out regarding whether this industry was causing any damage to the harbour was independently commissioned by the fishermen of Cromane.

This rash decision of this government cannot and should not be accepted. The government is playing a game of roulette with a coastal village that depends on the mussel industry. It is inconceivable to think that they will not be able to continue in their chosen industry.

The bottom line is this: If the government refuses to re-open the Cromane mussel fishery a village in rural Ireland will die.

President Obama's idiot Green Czar Van Jones is a fine example of the Green Death Mopes who dictate such Mandates - God Help us!

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