Wednesday, September 30, 2009

CPD 6th Respond to Fight on 87th Street - Last Night Rev. Jesse Jackson & WTTW Make Police Goats for Fenger Murder

The great officers of the 6th Police District* responded to a fight that I witnessed on the way to Leo this morning. At roughly 7:50 A.M. east bound traffic on 87th Street stalled near Loomis as a fight between about twelve young men took place in a lot on the south side of the street.

Before I could pull over and call 911, Blue lights flashed westbound toward the fight. I saw at least six CPD SUVs and cars race to the scene.

When I arrived at Leo, administrators told me that at least that number sped west on 79th Street -obviously destined for the brawl.

Last night I witnessed Race-baiting Professional Rev. Jesse Jackson serve up more nonsense to the ever supple-spined Phil Ponce on Chicago Tonight. In essence, the arch-race-baiter and Cop Hater, Jesse Jackson, parsed the Fenger murder into a 'Lack of adequate Police' nonsense. Jackson even blamed Burge for the Fenger beat down - click my post title for the WTTW Jesse Fest. Ponce could not be anymore amoeba-like in his Bill Moyers cupped chin-gee-whiz Jesse affection.

WTTW - where Winnetka Talks to Wilmette - adds more elbow room for gang-banging thugs in Chicago's Thug Comfort Zone. The namby-pamby Cheese Cube Gulpers who skew the news and parade on rhetorical stick-up artists like Pops Jackson to toss gasoline on Race and Law Enforcement are real the 2X4 swingers and do more for thug-violence than a GD operated free guns program.

BTW - The Men of Leo High School exceeded their quota in blood donations to Life Source in the Leo Blood Drive only yesterday. Chicago can use his kind of blood
letting. The imbeciles in the News Media help the other all too familiar blood flow

* I had drafted merely a shout-out to WTTW and Pops Jackson for their Cop Bash on WTTW last night, but irony and God's magic eye helped re-draft this note.

Well done Lions!


Rita Man said...

Same garbage that "Voiceoffire" (from Beverly) has been posting on ChicagoNOW all week. This mornig he stepped it up and implicated St Rita for being safe.

pathickey said...

Yeah, that having a safe school is the height of systemic racism.

The problem, My Mustang Friend, is these media mopes taking the side of the thugs in all things -graffiti; beat-downs; drive-bys; dope-slinging -you name it.

Tamara N. Holder said...

As you know, I greatly respect Rev. Jackson for his work. This time, however, I cannot agree with him. The black-on-black crime has to do with many other issues, most importantly, the lack of money, attention and education given to our kids in the inner-city. Derrion didn't have a chance and yet he did everything he was supposed to be doing: school, sports, church, honor roll. Chicago Police presence may have stopped that fight but what about the fight before that or the shooting before that?

Margaret said...

Trillions of tax dollars have been poured into the Inner City in the War on Poverty since the early 1960s and what do we have to show for it? A total meltdown of the black family in these area. This has led to a lack of basic civility among black young men due to a lack of strong, good fathers.

The black families in the suburbs do not display these deadly behaviors because they are intact families who expect their children to behave and succeed in school and the parents demonstrate the virtues that they want their children to learn.

Once Jesse Jackson exhorted his followers in Operation Push to excel; now he makes excuses for thugs. Shame on him.