Friday, September 04, 2009

Another 'Teachable Moment' Van Beck Beer Summit

Now here is a 'Teachable Moment' - Every time President Obama has stepped on the old John Dog, he has seen fit to make a collective guilt trip for all Americans.

Van Jones - a middleclass punk loudmouth like Billy Ayers is giving the Amateur Hour Obama White House the miseries. Czar Jones is not new. In fact, he mirrors the President in so many ways - handsome, well dressed, verbally gifted and insulated. President Obama is a middle class kid who eased into power through the board rooms of monied 501(c) 3 Boards - not precinct captain level Chicago politics. The Progressive route buys power and influence and never admits an error, sin or mistake

Personally, I'll take a few cuts from the flails of fortune for my own idiocies - gambling, getting gin-drunk, and acting the Corinthian with the Fast Smart Set. On me, whip away!

However, President Obama has made a career out of collective work - 501(c)3 Foundations headed up by the Barney Google of Leftist Terrorism - Billy Ayers and then using the funding from Woods Fund with State multipliers as a State Senator to offer 'systemic' changes, like tossing bucks to collectivist lawyers and real estate HUD swindlers ( Tony Rezko/Allsion Davis/Cullen Davis & etc.). It's all good.

You see Obama Power is Progressive Collective Power ( Lefty PACS/SEIU/ACLU?Planned Parenhood? & etc.)! Everyone is involved -whether they like it, suffer under it or profit by it. President Obama is no Chicago politician. He is the Progressive Collectivist.

He acts and you feel. Van Jones is a punk with whom Americans have become all too familiar with since meeting Barack Obama - an insulated, middle class, radical loudmouth with Foundation money. He is a handsome black Billy Ayers -kind of like Taye Diggs meets Gabby Hayes - they are very much the same. Punks they be - protected and insulated by fortune and the laws they wish to destroy. Czar Jones it seems just might only have hours left in his mastership of the Obama Green Suzerain.

Now, Labor Day Weeekend, might be just the time - again- that our Collectivist Progressive President calls another beer summit with Glenn Beck and Van Jones beer bonging for All of America's Collective Guilt.

Everything is just a distraction.


Jim Bowman said...

Excellent summation and profiling.

Bill Baar said...

Nice job Pat

Tanner said...

Progressives buy their way into power? Through nonprofits? Thanks - I was wondering how that worked.

Bill Baar said...

Well Tanner, you won't find non profits working at a loss...not for long anyways.