Friday, September 18, 2009

ACORN 8 Balls! - Meet the Acorn Advisory Board!

Meet Your Acorn All stars!

. John Podesta, President and CEO, Center for American Progress
• Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Board Member, RFK Foundation, former MD Lt. Governor
• Andrew Stern, International President, Service Employees International Union
• Henry Cisneros, Executive Chairman, Cityview
• John Banks, Vice President of Government Relations Con Ed
• Eric Eve, Senior VP of Global Consumer Group, Community Relations, Citigroup
• Harvey Hirschfeld, President, Lawcash
• Dave Beckwith, Executive Director, Needmor Fund

John Podesta is the Bubba Clinton Vet who was tasked with the waterfall of pardons by Bubba and keeping a lid on the UFOs - I imagine we will learn more about the Spacemen in Rosewell than the synergy between SEIU/ACORN and the DNC.

Kathleen Kennedy -Townsend, The Old Lion's Niece and a Kennedy - touch football, sailing, PT Boat accidents, water hazards, annulments and the poor and down-trodden.

Andy Stern . . not enough space here . . .the man who is killing organized labor and the American Middle Class. Andy will try and muzzle Bertha Lewis before she shoots her mouth off on Fox Sunday.

Henry Cisneros was Bubba's running-with-britches-down mate in the early Clinton White House Housing and Urban Development who paid off one of his skirts, lied to G, did a guilty plea and pardoned by Bubba and John Podesta.

John Banks - Up and Coming New York Government Relations fizer with MTA and Con Ed. Traffic and lights.

Eric Eve another Clintonista who found a home with CITI Group who made out handsomely on bad loans and Federal Bailouts!

Harvey Hirschfeld is Pay-to-Play Player in the Easy Loan Get Fed Money Finance World now with Litigation Lawyers CashLaw!

Dave Beckwith is an AllStar Community Organizer Like Jesus Was! Like Jesus, Dave plays to win Dig it!" Unless the organization wins concrete, measurable benefits for those who participate, it will not last long. The groups that content themselves with holding endless meetings and plod along involving everyone in discussions that never lead to action or to victory are doomed to shrink into nothing. People want to see results. That's why they get involved. There is a theory (isn't there always?) that says that folks join up if two things are true. First, they must see a potential for either benefit or harm to themselves if the group succeeds or fails. Second, they must see that their personal involvement has an impact on the whole effort. This makes sense to me. Winning is critical, but if the group's going to win whether I get involved or not - if my personal involvement is not critical - then I can stay home and watch TV."

Better stick to MSNBC Dave, because everywhere else ACORN and your work with them ain't looking too good.


Tamara N. Holder said...

Wasn't Obama a "community organizer" too? I believe I recall him using that term during the campaign. Please define the term.

pathickey said...

Why yes, Yes He was! Which was most disconcerting to my brother Whitey ( only blond in a black Irish family) who wanted to follow Christ as a union Carpenter - He always said 'My Boss is a Jewish Wood-butcher.'

Now, I realize that he meant Nate Teitlebaum.

ScienceofOne said...

ACORN is anti-Union. I am pro-Union and Jewish. Sorry, not a Carpenter. Actually, a Community Organizer is a professional activist that mobilizes people politically, such as registering voters. Either that, or a pimp.

If you want to learn more about the ACORN/SEIU/DNC trinity, check out Solidarity for Sale by Fitch.

ScienceofOne said...

ACORN is anti-Union. I am pro-Union and Jewish. Sorry, not a Carpenter. Actually, a Community Organizer is a professional activist that mobilizes people politically, such as registering voters. Either that, or a pimp.

If you want to learn more about the ACORN/SEIU/DNC trinity, check out Solidarity for Sale by Fitch.

ScienceofOne said...

ACORN is pro-Union in the sense that they have a left-wing political alliance with SEIU, or in other words, on paper. They are anti-Union in the sense that they have been convicted of violating US Labor Law in firing their own employees for exercising their rights to form and join a union: union organizing.

If a union leader wrongly defends ACORN, he is towing the party line for the Democrats. If he or she tells you the President is being guilted by association, they are downplaying the President's level of involvement. If this offends you, speak out at your union meeting or even run a different candidate for union office.

Community Organizing is inherently a very positive thing, as James and Hannah have demonstrated. The problem is abusing the office as a cover for crime, or goldbricking is the problem.

Professional community organizers do the legwork for politicians because they have an alliance ideologically and for an endorsement. They have common ground on certain issues which favors one side of the spectrum, or the other. When groups such as ACORN, the biggest for lobbying for affordable housing, accept grant money from elected officials, they are breaking the law if the grantee is partisan.

When (your) tax money is used to be funneled back into either party, that is illegal. Basically, its an end run around campaign finance reform. Campaign finance reform was initiated by Senator McCain to reduce influence peddling.

SEIU has been implicated in money laundering for the DNC. Now ACORN is implicated in money laundering for a child prostitution ring. SEIU and President Obama are implicated due to their level of involvement at ACORN and the money that keep changing hands back and forth. I wouldn't say that the DNC is implicated, because they staffers don't come right out and suggest which party to affiliate with in the scheme, though all the players are left wing. We may conclude that the DNC would be involved, but that is not evidenced on the tapes.

For some reason the past administration was reluctant to investigate ACORN.

If the liberal agenda conflicts with your version of the future, community organizing is the way to go.
Get involved in the political system. The great thing about the system of government in this country is that it is participatory. Regular people like you and me can affect major social change by lobbying politicians. Essentially, organizing is about consolidating people power.

I believe it was Nixon who dubbed conservatives as the "silent majority." The fringe of the left wing is far more vocal, so much so, that the term "activist" is practically synonymous with liberal. Hippies in the '60s changed America by changing the laws.

There are two sides of politics. One side is about power and money, the other side is about values. The far left is interested in social engineering in this country. Most Politicians are more interested in
power and money. So, they trade your values for their own personal greed.

To me the liberals social engineering agenda looks tolerant. Unfortunately, the word "tolerant" has a positive connotation automatically in politically correct newspeak. In fact, some groups of people who are different from you should not be tolerated, such as child molesters and whoremongers at ACORN. The far left is forgiving of that pedophile Michael Jackson. The far left is forgiving of terrorist detainees. I find these realities quite disturbing. The DNC is moving more to the far left.

If this concerns you, get active. I see protests going on by these tea party guys and its a step in the right direction. I have been involved in politics, as you may well have surmised. The left is FAR more organized in the community. We can change that by getting organized.

SEIU is in the healthcare business. What will they be getting out of socialized medicine? Probably power and money.

Government belongs to the people.

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