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'Shoeless' Joe Took the Dough and Only Buck Weaver Died Game

Two more lawyers have joined the Progressive chorus to Free Shoeless Joe Jackson from the bribes that he took while helping Ed Cicotte of the Chicago White Sox and Arnold Rothstein of the American Gaming Interests fix the 1919 World Series.,0,556801.story

Swell. You guys are a few months late - Studs Terkel is off the air.

The late loud-mouth and Chicago buried treasure Studs Terkel was a huge advocate for the Free Joe Jackson movement. He did so only to sully the name of White Sox Founder and Owner Charles Comiskey and push victim politics. There are victims, but Progressives tend to make perpetrators ( Mumia, Most Gang-bangers, Libya, ACORN and Van Jones) appear the victim by heaping more horse manure into a moral mountain.

Yesterday, I passed the gates of Mount Hope Cemetery, where last week families and investigators were looking into allegations that more African American families had deceased loved ones disrespected by persons tasked with keeping their burial plots. Chicago White Sox Great and the only member of the 1919 Team tainted by the FIX and absolutely innocent of taking bribes from Rothstein, George Daniel 'Buck' Weaver is buried at Mount Hope.

Buck Weaver does not enjoy the 'victimhood' anointed to the eyes, mouth, temples and ears of Shoeless Joe.

Buck Weaver was a stand-up guy and would never rat-out his teammates, let alone help fix a game in anyway. George Weaver took his infamy with stoic heroism. Shoeless Joe has lawyers, crumbs and money.

Shoeless Joe was a dumb-as-dirt phenomenon. He sold his gifts and talents for the coin of the corrupt. However, he wanted his bat and ball back.

Judge Kennesaw Mountain Landis ruled. Baseball, from Judge Landis on down to Bud Selig, has denied attempts to clear anyone that the Landis Ruling banished from Baseball. In 2005, then-Senator Barack Obama wrote to Commissioner Selig in attempt to clear Buck Weaver, but that was before he became President of the United States. I'll bet the President could clear Buck. It was damned great of Sen. Obama to try and right a genuine wrong in 2005.

Shoeless Joe took the money and Buck Weaver did not. Joe Jackson got exactly what he wanted and immediately. Only Buck Weaver is Pure. I hope his grave remains as unsullied as his great heart and soul.

In 2004 Tribune Sports Legend Dan McGrath conducted a forum along with Dr. David Fletcher of the Baseball Museum at the Chicago Historical Society to clear Buck Weaver.

Chicago Treasure Studs Terkel, a Shoeless Joe Confederate, did not participate. Buck Weaver did not inspire Folk Songs on Public Radio and Dirt-Poor, Dumb-as-Dirt Shoeless Joe certainly did. You see clearing Buck Weaver would also clear Charles Comiskey -owner of the 1919 White Sox who is the goat in all of this Progressive Clap-trap.

Here was what the late World Class Word Moocher StudsTerkel offered to the New York Times following the Chicago White Sox 2005 Championship - "If there had been real justice after the scandal of 1919, Charlie Comiskey, the Sox owner, would have been the one kicked out of the game. That year, the star pitcher Eddie Ciccote had been promised a $10,000 bonus if he won 30 games; as he neared the mark Comiskey had him benched for the remainder of the season rather than open his wallet.
But there was nothing the players could do. Most weren't very worldly -- Shoeless Joe Jackson couldn't sign his own name -- and they couldn't change teams. They were serfs of the owners. "

Hoist the Red Flag, Studs, you mope. The serfs took bribes, all but Buck Weaver. Baseball as Class Warfare - and this goof is an icon?

Well, now Studs is stealing ideas and stories from Gunga Din while he pours drinks to 'poor damned souls.'

Charlie Comiskey paid his players according to the contracts that they 'in good faith' signed after they agreed to comply. Comiskey has been tarred by the Progressives as a tight-wad. However, Comiskey cared more for the people who came to the games than the sociological implications of Shoeless Joe's poverty and ignorance.

George Daniel 'Buck' Weaver was the only pure Chicago White Sox Player in the 1919 Scandal. Charles Comiskey was a victim too.

Cincinnati Post
October 10,
By: Ross Tenney
Though they are hopeless and heartless, the White Sox
have a hero. He is George Weaver, who plays and fights at third base.
Day after day Weaver has done his work and smiled. In spite of the certain fate that closed about the hopes of the Sox, Weaver smiled and scrapped. One by one his mates gave up. Weaver continued to grin and fought harder. Cicotte and Williams fell and the Sox were two games to the bad. Weaver’s smile never faded. His spirit never waned.
Cicotte tried again and failed. Williams made his second game ttempt butthe Red Juggernaut rolled on. In that sixth inning when Moran’s men sluggedand pounded the Sox into submission, Weaver pulled his cap lower over his eyes and grinned. Two of the Sox hits were lined out by his bat.
The Reds have beaten the spirit out of the Sox all but Weaver. Buck’s spirit is untouched. He was ready to die fighting. Buck is Chicago’s one big hero; long may he fight and smile.

George Daniel ‘Buck’ Weaver “A joyous boy, all heart and
hard-trying. A territorial animal…who guarded the spiked sand around third like his life…”
- Nelson Algren,“The Swede was a Hard Guy” in “The Last Carousel”


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