Monday, September 14, 2009

Seth Moyers -Birkenstock of Huffing Let's Me Have It!

I dare you to print this -
Seth Moyers -Birkenstock*

Hickey , if that is really your name,

You are one of so many urban Catholic racist relics. You think that life is like a 1930's movie. Well it's not.

Life is like a real way for active citizens to get real in the dynamic world of social justice.

Sarah Palin hates Kanye West and so do you and you think that Tea Baggers and Birthers are not the same people who make nooses in trees on schoolyards in Louisiana and that Rev. Wright makes you nervous so must destroy him like you would Robert Gabriel Mugabe or Bobby Kennedy.

Well, maybe if you tried reading something other than the TV Guide you'd know that Obama was elected by the hugest mandate in American History by a broad coalition of faith-based initiatives and working people who bowl. Yeah, that's right we bowl. President Obama is now bowling a steadying 302.

The thing with diminished returns is that you need time. You need time to have a beer in the White House Rose Garden with cops and soul stirring black historians. But the only cops that matter to you is Jon Burge and his midnight crew of white Nazis who never really actually had the testicle tingler box but Sasha Abramsky wrote that there might have been one in Vietnam in 1967 and so G. Flint Taylor had one built and brought it into the court-room and wowed every reporter there - but that is lost on you. That's right it's all in Mother Jones (Do Clique my poste Title)!

America will be a better place when people like you appear before the Death Panels that do not exist.

Let's have a civil debate built upon reason you toxic fascist.

This is a facsimile of an actual comment that was deleted by me due to homophobic, anti-Semitic and howlingly funny idiocy.

* Seth Moyers-Birkenstock is writer/activist/Falatalist-Falangista/actor/ and grass roots organizer living in LaJolla, CA and Custer Park, IL.
Moyers-Birknstock played Danny in the 1970's Quinn-Martin (QM) Production of Mom's Gums. He was recently quoted by Senator Al Franken (D.MN) as saying 'This Obama Health Plan . . .Dude!' He is a regular contributer and member to the Pasedena Men and Boys Bell Choir.


BillyFish said...

Yeah,come on read a book sometime Hickey!

GO IRISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Going to Floggy Molly in Vegas 9/24to celebrate, my birthday, and the Irish victory!!

pathickey said...

Oh Billy. . . them words is so bothersome!

Bishop Mac Irish! They looked small but very, very tough.

Alas, the Leo Lions werfe soundly bethumped by the Meteors of DeLaSalle 41-0 - I wondered if Mike Holmes ( Leo HC) owed Dan O'Keefe ( DLS HC and Leo Class of '91) any money.

BillyFish said...

That's us Irish small and tough!
slante ye

BillyFish said...

I can't even gloat about a score like that. Sounds like the Lions are in for a tough year. Good Luck!