Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tamara Holder and Pat Hickey Think Congressman Jackson is Having a Job Done on Him. It Don't Seem Right.

Congressman Jesse Jackson appears to be the only genuine victim of the Blagojevich Corruption Roller-coaster. Congressman Jesse L. Jackson who was named in the Criminal Complaint and subsequent indictment of Blago by the Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has now been piled on out of the blue with an additional set charges.

One accusation at a time Fitzy; One person at a time, one allegation at a time, Fitzy." My attorney pal. Tamara Holder said to me "It looks like they veered off the yellow brick road. Just an opinion, but this was about BLAGO. How did the arrows all of a sudden turn to JR?!?!"

Well, Tamara, from my front porch way down here in the 19th Ward, there appears to be some wiggle enough room for Paddy Fitz to drive a semi-trailer towing a Wide Load slab house. Seems like everyone Blago touched is now subject to a probe by the G.

This marriage of true minds brought together two polar opposites - me and Tamara Holder.

Two of God’s Creatures – Ms. Tamara Holder an athletic 'twenty something and change' beauty and attorney, activist, and legal affairs spokesperson for Fox News and CNN and me, a runty, old south side school teacher, who sits on the porch with a quart of Green River ( at minimum) jawing about politics and ‘those damned kids’ with my 19th Ward helot neighbors – polar opposites have come to the same conclusion that Congressman Jackson seems being fitted to wear a jacket that he just might not deserve.

Together we hope to raise some questions for our neighbors - Tamara's around Lincoln Park and my own around 108th & Rockwell -consider -

1. Why is Congressman Jackson being targeted with such vigor, while Blago goes on the Media Circuit, hawks an unreadable book and plays to his upcoming jury pool? And while Obama, Axelrod and Emanuel get to be tight-lipped too. "The Presidential Protection!"

2. Why are Feds Changing the Game? Are they dropping the Senate Shenanigans for Congressional mailings? Who benefits by Fitzy nailing Congressman Jackson's pelt to the shed?

3. Who's driving this railroad? Which Justice Department?

How's that?

4. As Ms. Holder mentioned to me -"How about we ask about how much money this is costing? Remember the Jesse Jackson investigation has been 5 months long with the Ethics Committee! TWO investigations, Fitzy's and Congresses. I wonder how much money Jackson used to allegedly have a staffer send a mass email to constituents regarding his desire for the Senate seat? All the while, the other leaders are flitting around in private jets and 1st class, reading his financials instead of the health care bill."

Fair questions in deed.

Full disclosure - I met Congressman Jackson on two occasions - back in 1993, Jesse Jackson, Junior was on the School Board for LeMans Academy in Rolling Prairie, Indiana along with Bulls Boss John Paxson. He impressed me as a well-read and very nice guy. Twelve or so years later, I met Congressman Jackson and his two adorable kids at Rainbow Cone, Ice Cream on Western Ave. and he did not seem bothered in the least that I had referred to him as Kid Staples - following his dramatic weight loss. I think his Old Man is a Race cottage industry stick-up artist, but, then again, my Dad is a gifted tradesman.

Watch Chicago Daily Observer for future thoughts on the Jackson issue from Beauty and the Beast.

Click my post title for Attorney Tamara Holder's sharp take on this issue


Tamara N. Holder said...

Readers beware: I saw Mr. Hickey on Friday night and slipped a special pill in his beer. My intent was to get the guy -- who likes to blast me for some, er, I mean most, of my positions -- to see my side of the Jesse Jr. case. Alas! A victory!

pathickey said...

Mein Gott in Himmel!

Well, I'm drug free since 12:14 p.m. today anyway.

Loooooooooook . . .its' beautiful man . . .Andy Devine Revelation!

Anonymous said...

If Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. has nothing to hide then he should contact Carol Marin and appear on Chicago Tonight and answer every question posed to him. I doubt that he will do this.

It has been refreshing though since his problem first surfaced in December we have had not had to listen to he or his father spouting off about every issue that appears in the media.

I would guess that transparency from our elected officials does not apply to him!