Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Olympic Gutterball Shooting Down The Lane?

I could care more about Chicago's 2016 Olympic Dreams if I could, in any way, shape, or form work myself up to a lusty 'I could care less!' Or, as we say on the south side - I just don't . . . Shive a Git!

Sorry, it's a temperment thing. This is not new or limited to President Obama's decision to go 'all in.' - click my post title.

Not since Hands Across America shilled a generation to sell more bottles of Coke to end poverty and misery forever have I been less enthused.

Charlie Olson and me were the only two adult males in America to ignore the pleadings of their young wives ( we were told with no uncertain fury and moral indignation) and join the Many Millions of Anabelle and Lillians and their sweaty palms that joined Route 45 in Kankakee County with Our Diverse and Ever So Wonderfully Human World!

Charlie and I swilled iced Augsberger beers and watched our Brides link-up with the world! Our cynicism no doubt queered the deal and thus poverty and hunger remain a part of the Human Comedy. Coca Cola's doing fine but We Are the World Songsmith Michael Jackson is not feeling all that well from what I gather.
Any hoo! Chicago's Olypmian Dreams rank right up there with Hands Across America .

The President and Mrs. President; the Mayor and Mrs. Mayor; The Governor and the Guv Consort; Oprah and Mrs. Oprah and the whole White House Mob are winging it to Copenhagen to lobby for the Olympic Ideal Payoff! Pat Ryan will be able to bribe Rockne off of the Stadium in South Bend, if he rakes in this one!

However, I got a feeling about Rio.

Rio would have crossed the palms of the IOC -who make the Chicago City Council seem like Poor Clares -months ago.

I got a feeling that come Friday - The First Bowler and Lobbyist-in- Chief will be bowling a gutterball on this one.

Next to the IOC, Chicago Machine Democrats are Campfire Girls.

Win, lose, or draw - hey nice job - I couldn't be more excited.

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